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Easy Ways To Boost Your Health For Autumn & Winter

To help you thrive this winter, we have plenty of handy tips to help you boost your physical, mental and oral health during the darker months ahead. As the weather changes there are multiple reasons your health can take a

Tooth Decay, Gingivitis & Enamel Loss – How To Stop Your Mouth Becoming A Horror Story This Halloween!

Find out how to stop your gums and teeth suffering as a result of the exciting and indulgent holiday of Halloween. This time of year is the perfect time to enjoy all the spooky things like goblins, ghouls and witches,

Lockdown Weight Gain? 10 Great Reasons To Lose The Extra Pounds

Ten ways to a healthier lifestyle after lockdown The average weight gain in the UK during lockdown was around half a stone! Add that to all the yummy treats we consume during the summer holidays and winter 2021 is set

Back To School – Helping Your Child Back Into A Term-Time Routine

As school starts again, these tips can help you get your child back into their daily routine. Summer soon comes to an end and the school term starts again. It’s a particularly challenging time as a parent because there have

10 Staycation Tips For A Healthy, Happy Smile

Find out how to care for your teeth and gums for a happy, healthy staycation with a smile to be proud of. This year, the staycation is the main option for a family holiday because going abroad is still a

All Your School Holiday Teeth & Gum Questions Answered In One Go!

To help keep the whole family smiling this summer we’ve answered the most common school holiday oral health questions for you. The school holidays are a fantastic time for families. The kids get to let off some steam after a

Love Your Smile? Avoid These Selfie & Social Media Trends….

Thinking of risking your health for social media reach? Think again… These days over 3.5 billion people use social media, and that number is predicted to be more like 4 billion by 2025. It can help us make friends, share

Sick Of Dentures & Missing Teeth? It’s Time To Consider Implants

Permanent alternatives to dentures can give you a secure, beautiful smile you can be proud of. Do you struggle with your dentures? Are you tired of struggling with one, or multiple missing teeth? If so, there is another solution for

Teeth Whitening – A Focus On This Popular Treatment

Find out about teeth whitening and how to ensure you get it done safely. The headlines are currently filled with the details of a study completed by WHICH, highlighting the dangers of budget teeth whitening kits. The study by the

Can You Go Too Far With Oral Hygiene Habits?

Could you be damaging your teeth with over brushing? Find out how to protect your teeth and gums from this common mistake. Oral hygiene is the cornerstone of healthy, happy teeth and gums. It is so important, and helps to