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The Spotlight On ‘Turkey Teeth’

What Are ‘Turkey Teeth’ & Why Should They Be Avoided? Here at Abbey Road Dental we don’t shy away from acknowledging and learning about any trends that can impact our patients and their oral health. This is so that we

The Spotlight On Oral Cancer

Find out more about the signs and symptoms of oral cancer In the UK there are over 12,000 new cases of head and neck cancer every single year and around 4,000 deaths caused by this type of cancer. It’s important

Eco-Friendly & Ethical Dental Products To Consider In 2022

Sustainable Alternatives To Traditional Dental Products Here at Abbey Road Dental we’re more than aware of the issues with dental care products and plastic waste pollution. Whilst oral care has to come first and there’s no getting away with the

A Spotlight On Oral Health Issues Specific To Women

Find out more about dental health challenges specific to women, and how to ensure they don’t affect your smile health! International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March and Mother’s Day also features in this special month. With

Love Your Mouth In February 2021

Personal oral care in February, the month of love! Valentine’s Day is the big holiday of February. Usually everyone is booking dinners and days out, looking at how they want to spend time with loved ones. Clearly, 2021 is not

Sleep Apnea? Here’s How To Sleep Better

Read about sleep apnea, its effects and how to get on a much-needed path to better sleep. As we move into a New Year it is a really good time to re-evaluate your sleep patterns. With New Year’s resolutions, health

Do You Need A Tooth Extraction At Abbey Road Dental? What To Expect….

Professional tooth removal and replacement options in St John’s Wood. If you’re facing a dental extraction, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Lots of people need to go through this procedure at least once in their life, and without really knowing

Welcome Back!

Abbey Road Dental In St John’s Wood Is Up And Running! Welcome back! As you may well have known from reading the news, there was an announcement that dental practices were allowed to reopen on the 8th of June. Although

Stories Of Hope From Around The World….

Helping you to keep smiling! Whilst we continue to try and support our lovely patients safely, and remotely, we wanted to give you something to smile about. We have found that one of the positives to come out of an

Confused By Dental Jargon?

Common Dental Terms Explained By Your St John’s Wood Dentist Here at Abbey Road Dental in NW8 we make a huge effort to ensure that we explain any dental terms we use as well as we possibly can to all