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Love Your Smile? Avoid These Selfie & Social Media Trends….

Thinking of risking your health for social media reach? Think again… These days over 3.5 billion people use social media, and that number is predicted to be more like 4 billion by 2025. It can help us make friends, share

Can You Go Too Far With Oral Hygiene Habits?

Could you be damaging your teeth with over brushing? Find out how to protect your teeth and gums from this common mistake. Oral hygiene is the cornerstone of healthy, happy teeth and gums. It is so important, and helps to

How To Find A Great Local Dentist – An Easy Guide

Are you looking for a reliable dentist? This user-friendly guide will help you get started. Here at Abbey Road Dental, we pride ourselves on being a user-friendly dentist with great staff and a wide-range of treatments. However, as an individual,

10 Tips To Help You Become More Photogenic

Would you love to feel more confident about how you appear in photos? These 10 tips will help… We say this with everything crossed, but it appears we may well be at the tail end of the Covid-19 pandemic locally.

10 Ways To Celebrate Easter That Don’t Involve Chocolate!

Looking to cut back on chocolate but boost the fun levels this Easter? Don’t worry, Abbey Road Dental has you covered. At Abbey Road Dental, you might not know that we look forward to having a nibble or three on

Caring For Your Oral Health When You’re Under The Weather

Feeling a little unwell? We can help with these handy tips on maintaining your oral health through tricky times. During winter there can be all kinds of colds and coughs going around that can make you feel really unwell. We

12 Dental Care Days of Christmas From Your St John’s Wood Dentist!

12 easy oral care tips for maintaining a beautiful smile over Christmas and into the New Year. On the first day of Christmas this blog is here for thee, to keep you festive and smiley! Our rhyming skills might not

Abbey Road Dental’s Seasonal Health Watch – 20 Ways To Get More Exercise This Winter!

Find out how to boost your immunity, oral health and overall vitality by getting more exercise this winter. As winter creeps in it can be tempting to become more sedentary. It is so much more tempting to snuggle up under

Abbey Road Dental’s Seasonal Health Watch – 20 Ways To Get More Vitamins This Winter

Find out how to boost your vitamin intake this winter to help boost your immunity, vitality, and oral health. Vitamins are important all year round, but in winter they always get some additional time in the spotlight. This is because

Halloween At Home – How To Have The Best Time During The Strangest Of Times!

Top tips, tricks and ideas to help you have a fun Halloween despite the current pandemic putting a dampener on things. Halloween is a holiday that usually involves a lot of parties, events and social activities – but sadly that