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How Can Better Dental Habits Contribute To A Healthier Life?

Find out how enhanced dental habits can help you to build a healthier, happier life…. Have you ever wondered if your smile has anything to do with your happiness, beyond the expression of smiling when you’re happy? Actually, it can!

Thinking About Dentistry Abroad?

Think again – professional treatment for brighter smiles is cost-effective and safe here in the UK If you’re thinking of going overseas for cheaper teeth whitening and veneer treatment, please read on to find out why you don’t need to

How To Protect Your Teeth From The Effects Stress

Are you struggling with stress? If you are, it could be impacting your teeth…. The world is a little stressful right now and here at Abbey Road Dental, we know that this kind of constant feeling of anxiousness and worry

Easter Survival Tips From Abbey Road Dental

Find out how to keep your smile fresh, clean and healthy at Easter when temptation for naughty treats is high! At Easter, we consume around 85 million Easter eggs annually. It’s a bit of a chocolate fest, isn’t it? Not

10 Tips To Keep Your Lips, Teeth & Mouth Feeling Fresh

Find out how to make your teeth and mouth totally fresh, clean and beautiful! In the UK we spend more money than ever before on Valentine’s Day, sometimes on the other person, but sometimes on ourselves and helping ensure we

Natural Nourishment – Essential Vitamins & Minerals To Help Maintain Oral Health

If you want to boost your oral health, there are vitamins and minerals that can help – let’s take a look…. Here at Abbey Road Dental, great oral health is something we are proud to support with high-quality treatments and

10 Health Podcasts To Listen To In 2022

Hoping to have a healthier 2022? Here are 10 popular podcasts that can help inspire you to lead a healthier, happier life…. Here at Abbey Road Dental we know that oral hygiene, teeth whitening, dental makeovers and hygiene appointments are

5 New Years Resolutions To Begin Now For A Great Start To 2022!

Find out why it makes sense to start moving towards those 2022 goals sooner rather than later. Are you hoping to try some resolutions out in the New Year? Perhaps you’re hoping to save to get your teeth whitened with

17 Immunity ‘Hacks’ To Help You Avoid The Winter Lurgy

Find out how to boost your immune system and avoid nasty coughs and colds this winter. The news is consistently reporting on COVID-19 levels, winter flu levels and many people getting ‘the worst cold they have ever had’. The harsher

Easy Ways To Boost Your Health For Autumn & Winter

To help you thrive this winter, we have plenty of handy tips to help you boost your physical, mental and oral health during the darker months ahead. As the weather changes there are multiple reasons your health can take a