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Signs & Symptoms Your Tongue Needs A Check Up!

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Your tongue reveals more than you think…. Did you know that your dental health involves a lot more than your teeth? Amongst your gorgeous gnashers, there are also your gums, jaw bone, various soft tissues and of course, your tongue.

New Year, New You With Abbey Road Dental

Dentist Dr Diana Spencer

Get your oral health and smile firmly on track for 2017! Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood would like to wish all of our patients a very happy New Year! It is 2017 and we are, as always, committed

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions With Abbey Road Dental

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Get your teeth and gums off to a healthy start for 2017 We hope you have had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying a well deserved break before New Year. It is usually this quiet time, after all the crazy

Top Tips For A Kissable Smile This Christmas!

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Xmas advice from your Abbey Road Dentist. Christmas is coming, and that means whether you are single, or coupled up, you could still be kissing lots of people, on the cheek at least! Thanking friends and relatives for Christmas presents,

Enquire Now About A Brighter Smile For Christmas!

Plan ahead for a festive smile makeover. Christmas is coming, there is no getting away from it. Before you know it the Halloween aisle will be swiftly replaced with shelf upon shelf of tinsel, shiny baubles, wrapping paper and giant

Finding A New Dentist: Things To Look Out For

Dentist Dr Diana Spencer

Our modern practice in St John’s Wood fits the bill! Finding a new dentist isn’t always easy, and with increasing amounts of us not only caring about our general dentistry, but also investing in the latest cosmetic dentistry, the dentist

Did You Ever Wonder Why Dental Hygienists Are So Important?

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The role of regular hygiene visits. Here at Abbey Road Dental we really try to foster family values and every single member of the team is treasured. We are the family friendly clinic after all so it wouldn’t make sense