Boost Your Confidence This Summer With Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking to enhance your smile ready for summer 2022? This guide could help you get ‘selfie ready’ in time!

Smiling coupleAbbey Road Dental has preventative dentistry right at the heart of what we do.

However, we also help our patients feel wonderful about their smiles using the latest cosmetic dentistry treatments and techniques.

We know that summer is a common time for everybody to think about making improvements to the way they look, which is why we want to tell you all about our transformational smile treatments in our latest blog.

Cosmetic Dentistry For Enhanced Smiles

Cosmetic dentistry is any treatment or combination of treatments provided to enhance the way your teeth look. Of course, it may sometimes be that a dental treatment enhances both the function and the aesthetic of the smile too.

Cosmetic dentistry is something that patients choose to have with us at our NW8 clinic for many different reasons. Sometimes, it is to complete a smile restoration plan which has included lots of different treatments. Sometimes it is simply as a pick me up for a boost in confidence. This is especially common before a big event like a wedding or a big holiday where you expect to have lots of photos taken and you want to look your best. Many people also tend to naturally want to slim down, start skin maintenance and generally look their best for summer, usually because of the showing of more skin and lots of happy selfies out in the sunshine.

Here at Abbey Road Dental, we offer a range of cosmetic treatments that could help perfect your special day, or enhance your smile for summer and beyond. Here are our current cosmetic dentistry treatments on offer in St John’s Wood:

Smile Makeovers

Our skilled teams offer a smile makeover treatment which often involves the use of high-quality veneers to change the shape, size and shade of your most visible teeth. Veneers are relatively quick and require minimal preparation, so they’re a great choice if you want a breathtaking transformation with minimal time in the dentist’s chair. As a complete smile makeover we may to compliment the treatment with whitening and cosmetic bonding as well, just to ensure the entire look is complete.


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Did You Know That Abbey Road Dental Provides The Latest Implant Treatment?

Innovative Smile Restoration – Teeth Implants In St John’s Wood

Dental implantAbbey Road Dental offers leading family dentistry that helps the whole family enjoy healthy, happy smiles day to day. We provide excellent check-up services, general treatments like hygiene cleans, fillings and extractions. We also offer more detailed maintenance and preservation work like root canal therapy.

What you may not know about Abbey Road Dental is that we also offer dental implant treatment, one of the most innovative smile restoration methods currently available. Whether you have a single missing tooth, or entire arches missing, we have the right implant treatment for you. It’s particularly useful if you struggle with missing teeth, dentures or bridges and you want to get back to very natural feeling teeth once again.

Read on to find out more about our implant treatment options:

Dental Implants – Why Are They Different?

Teeth implants are perhaps the most innovative solution to replacing missing teeth currently available within modern dentistry. You may have heard of them before, but it’s good to know how they work if it is something you might consider in the future. A common misconception is that they are only replacing the tooth above the gum line, when in fact the restoration is much more complete.

The implant is a small medical grade metal device that actually replaces the tooth root, which is everything underneath the gum line. This is really important because the bone around the missing tooth gets absorbed by the body over time. It is that bone which keeps your facial structure strong and youthful. It’s the reason elderly people with lots of missing teeth lose a lot of visible facial structure when they remove their dentures.

By replacing the root with a dental implant the natural missing tooth bone absorption is slowed. The remaining teeth also stay in place and aren’t likely to move, as they would with a missing tooth that isn’t replaced. This avoids issues with misalignment and the further problems that can cause long-term.

As well as the titanium implant replacing the tooth root, it also has a little extra on top which enables the attachment of a part which connects to a fake tooth (a crown), a bridge or an implant-attached denture. This complete restoration is what makes implants so different from dentures, bridges and other dental replacements. It replaces the entire natural tooth, preventing bone resorption and also providing a strong, secure and very natural feeling tooth. With an implant, you get no wiggling or worry about the tooth falling out. It is the nearest thing to your natural teeth, which is why it’s so transformational and why here at Abbey Road Dental we are so proud to offer this option to our patients.

Why Not Bridges Or Dentures?

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7 Ways To Support Better Oral Health For Your Baby

If you have a baby and you want to help them maintain healthy teeth and gums, these 7 handy tips will help you do just that….

Dentist Dr Diana SpencerBabies are adorable little beings with gummy smiles which you only need to keep clean with moist, clean gauze or a soft washcloth. This will also help your baby get used to that kind of care from you. When their teeth come through however, things change a little and those adorable little baby teeth require a different approach to help keep them in great condition whilst baby still relies on you for complete care.

Abbey Road Dental are your local family friendly dentist and we want to help the whole family maintain beautiful, healthy, happy smiles, and that begins right from the emergence of the very first tooth. In fact, the sooner we can encourage a good attitude to oral health the better, so your baby can grow up knowing how to take care of their teeth for a strong, beautiful smile right through to adulthood.

Today, we want to help you with some essential baby dental care tips that we know will boost their smile health. We can offer you a lot more support and advice in our NW8 clinic, but for now, here are 7 tips to keep your baby’s teeth healthy:

1.  Use The Right Amount Of Toothpaste

The right amount of toothpaste for a baby up to the age of three is a small smear of a baby-specific product. This kind of toothpaste uses the right amount of fluoride for this age group and it might be flavoured in a way that the baby likes, too. If you are unsure which toothpaste is best, please ask at your next Abbey Road Dental appointment and we will be more than happy to provide you with advice. It’s usually a case of choosing a safe toothpaste your baby tolerates best.

2. Bring Them To Our St John’s Wood Clinic

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Thinking About Dentistry Abroad?

Think again – professional treatment for brighter smiles is cost-effective and safe here in the UK

Considering dentistryIf you’re thinking of going overseas for cheaper teeth whitening and veneer treatment, please read on to find out why you don’t need to and why safe, stunning white smiles are available right here in the UK!

Whiter teeth is something that many of us would like because it enhances the smile and elevates the overall aesthetic of the face.

We’re also aspiring to have the kind of smiles that all the celebrities have these days, which is especially achievable now that cosmetic dentistry is so accessible at many modern dental clinics.

One way to achieve a white smile is with teeth whitening and/or veneers, which you can sometimes get at very cheap prices abroad. Abbey Road Dental is not here to dispute the low prices compared to the prices in the UK, but it is important, as a professional clinic, that we help you to not only understand the risks of going overseas for teeth whitening and veneers, but also that you know about the great, safe alternatives right here in the UK.

There are some simple ways to get whiter, straigher teeth without having to leave the country or potentially put your health at risk. Let’s take a closer look:

The Risk With Whitening & Veneer Treatment Abroad

The problem with getting whitening and veneer treatment overseas is that it involves a lot of personal risk. Even with a really professional looking clinic, it’s difficult to know whether or not they are a legitimate company. There could also be issues with the cleanliness or service levels in that country compared to the UK, plus a real lack of aftercare too. One of the most common problems is the treatment being performed without any due care or even attention to the dental status of the patient. So veneers might be fitted with gum disease present, or whitening might be performed on top of tooth decay. When this is done, it’s like building a house on unsteady foundations and eventually it can lead to all kinds of issues.

Whether it is an issue with an unsafe treatment itself, or no help available if things go wrong, the risk of veneer and whitening treatment causing you future pain, aesthetic damage or even infection, just isn’t worth the financial savings in our opinion.

The Problem With Online Ordered At-Home Whitening & Postal Veneer Kits

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How To Protect Your Teeth From The Effects Stress

Are you struggling with stress? If you are, it could be impacting your teeth….

Worried dental patientThe world is a little stressful right now and here at Abbey Road Dental, we know that this kind of constant feeling of anxiousness and worry can have dramatic consequences for your teeth.

We want to help you to avoid those consequences so that you can keep your gums and teeth in great condition. That way, you don’t have toothache or dental damage to add to your list of things to be stressed about. Plus, you’re perfectly ready to crack open a big smile when you finally get a moment to breathe, and enjoy a moment of zen.

Let’s take a closer look at stress, the impact on your teeth and gums, and how to avoid or treat those issues:

Why Do We Get Stressed?

Stress is something that we get, as humans, as a response to all kinds of different factors. It can be an emotional issue relating to circumstance. It can be physical stress from illness, or exhaustion. It can be a mixture of all kinds of factors that cause us to feel a range of symptoms including:

  • Aches and pains
  • Issues with private lives
  • Headaches
  • Sleeping too much, or too little
  • Feeling like your heart is beating quickly
  • Feeling tense
  • Being irritable
  • Eating too much, not much or eating ‘comfort food’
  • Avoiding social situations
  • Feeling a bit tearful

These symptoms are common with stress, which as humans we are made to deal with on a short term basis. When it comes to long term stress, we may end up with more chronic or dramatic symptoms, with raised blood pressure, mouth sores and a lowered immune system – otherwise known as feeling run down.

The Impact Of Chronic Stress On The Whole Body

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Easter Survival Tips From Abbey Road Dental

Find out how to keep your smile fresh, clean and healthy at Easter when temptation for naughty treats is high!

Dentist offers adviceAt Easter, we consume around 85 million Easter eggs annually. It’s a bit of a chocolate fest, isn’t it? Not to mention all the delicious desserts, buffets and other treats we eat for the overall celebration, which can span across an entire weekend. The mountain of eggs we get can also continue to last for weeks or even months after the event too.

Here at Abbey Road Dental, we know that an Easter celebration is something everybody needs because, there are enough challenges in the world to miss out on a reason to smile and make happy memories with loved ones. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t limit the impact on your teeth and gums just a touch, to help avoid tooth decay, gum disease and other issues with the overconsumption of sugary treats.

To help you, here are Abbey Road Dental’s top tips on protecting your smile at Easter:

Switch The Focus To Decorating!

One way to add a sense of occasion to Easter without focusing on the chocolate, is to focus on the decorating instead. There are so many cute Easter displays you can have fun making these days such as:

  • Easter wreaths
  • A hanging Easter table display
  • Painted eggs
  • Painted egg baskets
  • Floral displays
  • Ribbon & bunting
  • Easter origami
  • Easter art
  • An Easter tree

It’s a great way to mark the occasion without the entire focus being on the chocolate eggs.

Make Easter Hunts About More Than Chocolate

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10 Tips To Keep Your Lips, Teeth & Mouth Feeling Fresh

Find out how to make your teeth and mouth totally fresh, clean and beautiful!

whitened smileIn the UK we spend more money than ever before on Valentine’s Day, sometimes on the other person, but sometimes on ourselves and helping ensure we are looking our very best for the big day.

Here at Abbey Road Dental we often play a big part in Valentines Day preparation for many patients because we can help you feel great about your smile, a key aspect of any date.

Today, we want to give you some helpful pointers to get your teeth and lips date ready. We can’t guarantee you’ll get a kiss on your date, but you can certainly feel much more confident about how your teeth and lips look and feel by following these 10 tips:

1. Book A Professional Hygienist Clean

One of the easiest ways to get rid of deep buildups of plaque and nasty smelling detritus in your mouth is to have a professional hygienist clean here at Abbey Road Dental, St John’s Wood. This will help you get on top of any areas of oral hygiene that you struggle with. A professional clean with our NW8 hygienist will also help to boost the overall look of your teeth by removing any recent surface stains.

2. Try Tongue Scraping

Regular flossing and brushing of the teeth is incredibly important when it comes to oral health. When it comes to fresh breath and overall oral hygiene, though, you might want to add tongue scraping into your routine.

It helps remove the bacteria and debris from the surface of the tongue, a common culprit for bad breath that often gets missed when you brush your teeth. You can use your toothbrush to brush your tongue instead, but tongue scrapers tend to be more efficient for this particular oral health job.

3. Get A Checkup Regularly

By having check ups regularly at Abbey Road Dental you can avoid having any infections, pain or other dental issues for Valentine’s Day. This will help to ensure you feel comfortable with your smile when you go on your date. It also helps you to avoid problems that can contribute to low self esteem related to the smile, like tooth decay, tooth loss or gum problems.

4. Up Your Lip Care

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Flossing Firsts – A Beginners Guide

Are you new to flossing? Don’t worry! In this article we cover the whole topic so you feel ready to take your oral hygiene to the next level.

Flossing teeth for oral healthOne in three adults in the UK have never flossed or cleaned interdentally. This is likely something to do with the fact that flossing isn’t necessarily as heavily recommended during the formative years as brushing is.

In America, nearly 50% of the population floss at least once per day, but in the UK, we just don’t seem to have this important aspect of oral health nailed just yet.

The good news is that flossing is on the up in the UK and you can boost those numbers by starting your own flossing routine. It’s a really great addition to an oral hygiene regime and here at Abbey Road Dental, we recommend all our patients start flossing even if they never have before. It’s never too late to start!

If you’re new to flossing this beginners guide will help you get a great understanding of what it is, how to do it and why you should start doing it:

So, What Is Flossing?

Flossing is the act of using a special type of tape, called floss, to clean inbetween the teeth and a little under the gum line of the teeth. It removes debris like food and plaque from between the teeth, reducing the chance of gum disease and tooth decay. It also disturbs any bacteria present, helping to decrease the chance of them causing inflammation and gum irritation.

Key Benefits Of Flossing: 

  • Plaque removal
  • Fresh breath
  • Cavity risk reduction
  • Gum disease management/prevention
  • Potential boost to heart health

How Do You Floss Properly?

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Natural Nourishment – Essential Vitamins & Minerals To Help Maintain Oral Health

If you want to boost your oral health, there are vitamins and minerals that can help – let’s take a look….

Healthy teethHere at Abbey Road Dental, great oral health is something we are proud to support with high-quality treatments and pre-emptive examinations. However, for your oral health to be optimum, certain vitamins and minerals are essential.

When it comes to your teeth and gum condition, you really are what you eat. In this article, we want to give you information about the best vitamins and minerals to consume for a strong and healthy smile, including tips on foods, drinks and supplements.

Let’s take a closer look at natural nourishment for your smile health:

Here are the essential vitamins and minerals you need:


Calcium is essential for strong teeth and bones which is why you need so much of it when you are a child and you are growing. However, as you age, it remains important because the body constantly needs it to restore and renew. This is particularly true as you age, when calcium stores can deplete.

If you are low in calcium you might struggle with enamel loss, or even tooth loss eventually.

Risk Factors – 

Certain medications can decrease calcium absorption. Hormonal changes, genes and lactose intolerance can also impact the amount of calcium you have in your body, or the amount that you absorb.

Sources – 

You can get calcium from fortified non-dairy milks, fortified cereal, green leafy vegetables, dairy and certain types of fish.

Vitamin C

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10 Health Podcasts To Listen To In 2022

Hoping to have a healthier 2022? Here are 10 popular podcasts that can help inspire you to lead a healthier, happier life….

Happy couple smilingHere at Abbey Road Dental we know that oral hygiene, teeth whitening, dental makeovers and hygiene appointments are just some of the amazing services we offer that help keep our patients healthy and happy.

We’re always here to help you boost your smile health goals, whether that is with better cleaning, more regular checkups or more substantial cosmetic work.

However, we also know that being healthy overall is great for your smile too! A happier overall body contributes to a healthier smile and vice versa. With that in mind, we want to inspire you to feel healthier and happier in 2022 with some podcast recommendations. You can listen to them hands free, they come in all different time lengths and styles, and they’re free, so why not give them a go?

Here are Abbey Road Dental’s suggestions for 10 Health podcasts to listen to in 2022:

1. Your Dream Life – Kristina Karlsson

If you are ready to make changes in any area of your life, this is the podcast for you. The host discusses various topics around building a life that you want and deserve, with some seriously impressive interviews with leaders on various topics in some featured episodes. It’s the perfect podcast to listen to if you are feeling it is time for change, but you don’t know where to start.

2. Deliciously Ella – Ella & Matthew Mills

Deliciously Ella is now a successful brand, but it all started with Ella Mills and her journey into wellness, which began with illness. In the podcast the couple interview various experts and celebrities, discussing all kinds of wellness topics in a relaxed and open-minded way.

3. Happy Place – Fearne Cotton

Happy Place is a mental health centred podcast by beloved radio presenter Fearne Cotton. It features many celebrities, thought leaders and experts who are interviewed in a frank, but refreshingly open way, with tough questions asked by Fearne, who is also very open about her own mental health journey. One to listen to if you want to get a sense of reassurance that everybody has been through mental health challenges and come through the other side.

4. Feel Better, Live More – Dr Chatterjee

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