Your Complete Summer Guide To Oral Health

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Smile ahead into summer with Abbey Road Dental!

Summer is here, hooray! Hopefully it will be a really warm one like last year, hooray again! There is so much to look forward to, everybody loves these longer, lighter months.

So, why are we here talking about oral health you might ask yourself?

The team here at Abbey Road Dental want to help you care for your oral health independently, between visits to us to help keep you on track. Of course we can help with all kinds of dental issues and needs should anything arise, but ideally, prevention is always best. It saves you pain, money and time. With that in mind, we are aware that summer can be quite the minefield when it comes to oral health. Holidays, summer sports, summer food and a change in routine can all be major potential risks for oral health. There’s also something to be said for planning ahead for the cosmetic dentistry you might want later on in the year. Going into 2020 is way off, but when it comes to certain smile treatments, you need to think in advance, and summer might be your time to take that first step towards your dream smile, and book in for your consultation at our St John’s Wood clinic in NW8.

To help you breeze through the bright and beautiful months with a gorgeous smile, and support your smile dreams looking even further forward, here is our complete summer guide to oral health:

Cosmetic Dentistry For 2020, Time To Think Ahead?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments like teeth whitening may not need much advance planning, and they can be booked close to the time you want the results if you opt for our fast, in-house treatment. For at-home treatment you need to allow a few weeks for the results. Otherwise, other more substantial makeovers can take anything from weeks to months. If you struggle with insecurity about your smile, if you dream of having missing teeth replaced, or misaligned teeth being straightened, now is the time to consider a consultation at our local clinic.

For example, if you want a straight smile for next summer, you may need a year in braces, which means getting them fitted now. It does all depend on your individual needs and treatment requirements, but the first step is a consultation. We can let you know a good idea of timescale, costs and potential results after we have completed your personalised consultation with us.

Curbing Your Enthusiasm For Summer Food?

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Oral Health Maintenance And Wearing Braces

Dental braces

All about brace care with Abbey Road Dental

A wide range of orthodontic systems (braces) are available at Abbey Road Dental and are an important part of dentistry focusing on aligning the teeth and jaw correctly so that the function of a person’s smile is healthy. Braces can also dramatically improve the way that a smile looks too.

If teeth are left misaligned, a person may struggle with confidence and they may struggle to maintain good oral hygiene. Teeth that are crooked are harder to keep clean. Jaw problems can also be a problem, slowly causing tooth damage and possible issues with the jawbone and jaw joint.

Prepare For Brace Care

When you have braces you should be prepared to put more effort into taking care of your teeth. With some types of braces, your teeth will be more difficult to care for because there are more crevices to catch bits of food which could lead to decay if left. So, your dental care has to be more applied than twice a day for two minutes, which can seem incredibly laborious; but without it, your oral health may suffer. You might even need to use braces for a longer period of time as a result. Getting braces at your local NW8 clinic is a positive move to a healthier and more beautiful smile but it does come with a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously.

Removable Brace Care

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Stay Healthy….

Dentist Dr Diana Spencer

Whilst Maintaining A Healthy Smile!

The health fad that started a few years ago seems to be sticking around, as everyone and anyone seems to be doing something to improve their health at any one time. Perhaps you’re weight lifting, perhaps you are working on 10k steps a day, maybe you’re dabbling in a fitness watch and just getting to know what your peak heart rate is. Maybe you’re giving ‘keto’ or plant based a go?

Whatever your new healthy habits, we want to help you maintain your beautiful smile regardless of your activities or diet. Whilst any efforts to be more healthy are excellent and Abbey Road Dental actively supports anybody looking to improve their health in a safe way, we know that some healthy habits might not be so healthy for the smile. Certain things can be damaging for the teeth, gums or general oral area, but with a little more awareness you can make adjustments to ensure you’re smiling about your latest health scores with a beautiful healthy smile at the same time!

Here’s a run down from your St John’s Wood dentist, NW8 on some of the latest health trends and how they might affect your oral health.

Protein Shakes & Products

Protein shakes and bars are an entire industry alone now, as muscle-building has become the passionate past time of many. The problem is that lots of these protein shakes and bars are packed full of sugar, sometimes as much as your average confectionery! Even worse is that many bodybuilders are consuming these convenient protein products regularly throughout the day. So the teeth are getting regularly bathed in sugar which gives nasty bacteria a constant feast, enabling them to produce the acid that damages the teeth, eventually causing cavities. For a tooth-friendly alternative, do try to use products that have safe artificial sweeteners such as stevia or that are unsweetened completely.

Smoothies & Juices

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A Guide To Alternative Teeth Whitening Options

cosmetic white teeth and smile

Do Any Of Them Work?

Within the last few decades, teeth whitening has seemingly been positively embraced by everyone and anyone looking to achieve the perfect ‘pearly whites’, previously only associated with celebrities.

Beautiful white teeth are no longer just for the rich and famous, and in some instances, some products claim you don’t even have to go to the dentist to get your teeth looking beautiful.

But how many marketing claims of the most recent whitening options are true? Are they all safe? Can any teeth whitening options away from the dentist actually properly whiten your teeth? Abbey Road Dental is here to take a look at all the latest teeth whitening options to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about the way you brighten your smile.

Please take a look at the latest whitening options currently available to you:

Coconut Oil Pulling

Coconut oil pulling is no longer the hottest health trend but it is still being heavily marketed as a way to whiten the teeth. It is an ancient technique where you take a teaspoon or so of edible coconut oil and swill it around the mouth for 20 minutes and then spit it into a tissue and throw it away. There are also branded versions that claim to have added whitening benefits. Does it work? Oil pulling cannot replace a good oral health regime, but lots of evidence suggests that it isn’t a harmful practice when using plain, edible coconut oil. It is unlikely to whiten the teeth, but it could actively clean the teeth and remove additional plaque and surface stains, brightening the teeth. Additional health claims like improving skin are currently unproven. However, it should be said that any product of this nature is no substitute for tried and tested oral care products.

Charcoal Products

Has everything got charcoal in at the moment? It seems like you can’t buy a face mask, toothpaste or smoothie without it being full of activated charcoal right now! Activated charcoal is carbon that has been treated to make it porous and it is those pores that then suck up all the debris and other things in the mouth (when using activated charcoal powder or toothpaste). When you rinse, all those particles are rinsed away too, leaving you with supposedly whiter teeth but, does it actually work? On the positive side, it could remove surface stains and clean the teeth as well as a standard whitening toothpaste. The negative of it is that it is an abrasive and it could harm the enamel of the teeth when used long term, depending on the product. In terms of whitening, it will clean the teeth but it can’t make the teeth any brighter than they are because there is no active whitening agent in there.

Standard Whitening Toothpaste

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The Spotlight On Icon White Spot Removal

Icon white spot example

The latest dentistry treatments at Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood!

Abbey Road Dental is proud to offer patients the latest in dental technology and treatments. We have a wide range of general, cosmetic and restorative treatments that help prevent oral issues, treat any problems and to completely transform the look of the smile if aesthetics are of concern.

Cosmetic dentistry is incredibly popular at our NW8 clinic in St John’s Wood and one of the latest transformative treatments we are proud to offer, is Icon white spot removal.

Harmless white spots on the teeth can be something patients wish they didn’t have and earlier techniques to treat them was typically extensive and often expensive. With Icon, treatment is a lot simpler and much more convenient and we are extremely pleased to offer it here at at Abbey Road Dental.

What Are White Spots On The Teeth?

White spots on the teeth are extremely common and you likely have them yourself, or you know somebody who has them. They don’t necessarily tarnish a smile, but for some people they are a problem and are something they wish was not on their teeth.

It is important to note that the white spots on the teeth are not usually harmful in any way or a sign of any dental problems.  They simply signify a loss of minerals on the enamel of the teeth. When they appear, sometimes patients can opt for a teeth whitening treatment which doesn’t actually treat white spots. Teeth still become whiter overall but the white spot remains in place, whiter than the rest of the teeth.

What Is The Cause Of White Spots On The Teeth?

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Easter Smile Health

The Ultimate Abbey Road Dental Guide!

Easter is a really lovely time to enjoy activities as a whole family. There are usually lots of amazing events going on, such as Easter hunts, Easter Discos and Easter walking trails.

Here at your St John’s Wood dentist in NW8, we love Easter and wish all of our customers a great time too!

However, there is one element of Easter that isn’t so dentist-friendly, and that is the chocolate and sweeties. Sugary treats at Easter may not seem like a long-term problem, but too much indulgence can contribute to oral issues, and might even be the final straw for a painful dental problem. It could even contribute towards long-term bad habits with eating and general dental care.

With that in mind, Abbey Road Dental wants to give you their ‘ultimate’ guide to keeping your smile healthy and happy over Easter, for optimum Spring oral health:

Before Easter

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The Link Between Alzheimer’s And Poor Oral Health

Latest studies reviewed….

Here at Abbey Road Dental we are always really careful to explain that any potential links between oral health and medical issues and conditions are only ‘potential’ unless proven otherwise.

However, it is also important to understand the potential links between certain illnesses and your oral health, so you’re as informed as you possibly can be.

The more you know, the more in control of your oral health journey you are able to be!

With that in mind, we wondered if you had seen the recent news reports suggesting there is a link between poor oral health and Alzheimer’s? An article shared by The Independent recently looked into a study published in a US science paper that suggested the link between poor oral health and Alzheimer’s is present. More specifically, the link is between gum disease and Alzheimer’s with the risk doubling if you struggle with gum disease for a decade or longer. The test itself involved mice who presented with active gum disease and specific cells from the condition were found to spread to the brain, destroying nerve cells once there. The evidence was so strong that human drug trials will begin later in 2019 for additional evidence.

The article continues on to explain that gum disease is thought to potentially act as a factor (along with lots of other factors) and not a complete cause at this stage.

This isn’t so much of a surprise because it is known that gum disease can be a contributory factor to lots of medical issues such as heart disease, although the evidence isn’t final.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a condition that occurs when plaque and tartar builds up on the teeth and the naturally occurring bacteria contained therein, produce acid bi-products which irritate the gums. The early irritation can cause swollen gums, red gums, bleeding gums and in some instances, minor symptoms that may not be noticeable at all. Once developed, gum disease can progress to be periodontitis which can eventually cause tooth loss.

Gum Disease Risk Factors

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Spring Cleaning For Your Smile

Healthy teeth

Top Tips From Abbey Road Dental!

Spring is the time of year most of us will spend time clearing away those cobwebs in the home, making the decor feel fresh and renewed ready for sunnier weather and lighter days. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to focus around your home though, in fact, this time of year is a great time to think about improving important areas of your life too.

In not too long you will already be a quarter of the way through 2019! Time goes so fast, it makes sense to think about your goals and direction regularly, and especially in Spring when everything feels so full of new opportunity.

With that strong sense of renewal and improvement in mind, Abbey Road Dental wants to help you focus on spring cleaning your oral health regime. Your smile is an asset and it pays to take care of it in spring and all year round. Here are our top tips for ensuring your smile remains fresh and beautiful for spring, and the rest of 2019 and beyond:

Check You Are Using The Right Equipment

Your toothbrush is a valuable tool when it comes to removing the plaque and food debris from your teeth every day. You can choose electric toothbrushes which can have rotation, vibration and other useful features, and the most effective tend to combine most or all of these. You can also choose manual toothbrushes which come in lots of styles and sizes and the main difference lies with whether the brush part is soft, hard or medium.

You can get advice on the best type of brush for your needs from our Abbey Road Dental hygienist, who will also be pleased to provide guidance on how to use the brush effectively. They will also advise you on which type of toothpaste to use too. Regardless of the brush you choose we recommend you change it every 3 months or when the brush begins to wear (whichever happens first) and you keep it separate from other toothbrushes, protected from the bathroom environment where possible.

Start Flossing

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Smiling couple

Now Is The Time To Plan Your Wedding Day Smile!

Congratulations! You’re engaged! What an exciting time for you and your partner or rather, soon to be husband or wife. During this time, you’ll likely want to enjoy the excitement of it all, telling those you love and basking in how lovely it all feels.

When it comes to planning the wedding, it all depends when you plan to have it. If you’re waiting for a full year after engagement, as is traditional, then you’ll have to start planning fairly soon because lots of venues and services get booked up years in advance.

There’s so much to think about; like the dress, flowers, cake, venue, favours; it can quickly seem like a giant task. You might be eager to start planning because although there is a lot to do, the reward at the end of it is a fairy-tale day where you marry your one true love.

Whilst it is obvious that things like the wedding date, venue and accommodation need planning and booking well in advance, one thing that many people may not think about planning well in advance is their wedding day smile.

As central as your smile is to your wedding day photographs and overall look, it can sometimes be a last minute consideration, which can be detrimental to your experience of the day. Abbey Road Dental is here to help you ensure that your wedding day smile is planned and perfected well in advance of the big day, so you’ll have nothing but a perfect smile to flash at your partner and at the camera, capturing your happiness on this memorable day.

So, Why Now?

The reason you need to start thinking about your wedding day smile now is because it may take up to a year to achieve the look that you want. Depending on how your smile looks now, and how you want it to look, it may be that treatments require a full year to fully take effect. It may be that you need time to save up for treatment, or to make time for treatments that require some level of recovery.

Your Starting Point Is Unique

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Your Complete Guide To A Date-Worthy Smile

whitened smile

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day 2019?

Valentine’s Day is an event that can be either very exciting, or a reminder that your love life isn’t quite where you would like it to be at this time.

If you are looking forward to it, the best thing is, it is a whole day to express how you feel to that special person in your life. If you’re dreading it, then fortunately it is just one day. Before you know it, Easter will be on route, and everyone loves egg shaped chocolate right?

If you do intend to take part in Valentines Day, you definitely need to read our guide. Smiling is synonymous with love, and here at Abbey Road Dental, we know exactly how to ensure you’re grinning with confidence this February the 14th. Read on for your complete guide to a date-worthy smile, you don’t want to miss these tips!

First Things First, What Has A Smile Got To Do With Love?

We don’t mean to be dramatic but… lots!

Attractiveness is known to be related to looking youthful because we are genetically predisposed to look for a ‘mate’ who has youthful eggs/sperm. Your smile has a huge effect on how youthful you look as missing teeth can cause the face to sag and look ‘hollow’ in the cheeks. A big, healthy, white smile helps keep you looking youthful and maintains your facial structure. A beautiful smile is also known to be an important part of your overall attractiveness to another person, and some people rate it as highly as nice eyes when it comes to initial impressions.

It makes sense though right? If you like somebody, you flash them a smile, you laugh at their jokes, you grin from ear to ear for no reason. Our smile is a key way that we communicate to others how we feel, so it makes a lot of sense that it relates to how attractive we might feel we look, or appear to others.

Your Smile And Your Dating Confidence Could Be Connected

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