A Guide To Facial Aesthetics Treatments At Abbey Road Dental

Enhance Your Beauty With Our Complete Range Of Facial Treatments

Happy couple smilingHere at Abbey Road Dental the preservation of healthy teeth and gums is at the heart of what we do. However, we also pride ourselves on supporting the safe cosmetic enhancement needs of our patients.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments like teeth whitening, smile makeovers and cosmetic bonding are incredibly popular, helping patients build a beautiful smile on top of healthy, strong oral health. In addition, Abbey Road Dental is really proud to offer a range of rejuvenation treatments to enhance and restore your natural beauty.

Here’s an introduction to safe, high-quality beauty treatments at our trusted NW8 clinic:

What Are Facial Aesthetics Treatments?

All facial aesthetic treatments are considered to be non-invasive, or minimally invasive. This means that they are not surgical, but they can involve some surface work like injecting or abrasion.

Facial aesthetics are treatments you may associate with commonly known treatments like fillers and botulinum toxin. Whilst these kinds of treatments fall under the ‘facial aesthetic umbrella’, there are various additional options that you may not have heard of.

Many skin brightening options are available, as well as packages focused on certain areas where ageing may be more pronounced, such as the area surrounding the eyes.

Facial Aesthetics Treatments At Abbey Road Dental

Our treatments are provided by a skilled facial aesthetics team who are highly qualified, experienced and safe to complete the treatment(s) you’ve selected to rejuvenate and beautify your appearance.

The list of facial aesthetic treatments that we have on offer at our NW8 clinic is always growing as we continue to offer the most innovative options for patients. As it stands, the following is our complete list of NW8 facial aesthetics treatments:


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The Spotlight On ‘Turkey Teeth’

What Are ‘Turkey Teeth’ & Why Should They Be Avoided?

Dentist offers adviceHere at Abbey Road Dental we don’t shy away from acknowledging and learning about any trends that can impact our patients and their oral health. This is so that we can actively stay up to date and ensure that we, as a leading dental clinic in NW8, provide the most on-trend, safe and effective treatments for patients, including cosmetic dentistry treatments like veneers and whitening.

More importantly, it is so that we can provide accurate advice and support about trends that we know could be dangerous, or risky for our patients. Sadly we do treat patients who have had unsafe or unregulated dental treatments either here in the UK, or overseas. We see the consequences of inexperienced or illegitimate centres and clinics providing dangerous, rushed or badly applied treatments to patients who truly thought they were in good hands, and that thought they were getting a great deal.

One of the main trends we are seeing, and being asked about at the moment, is ‘Turkey teeth’. Because of the risks involved in Turkey teeth, we want to make sure you’re fully informed on the topic, particularly if you’ve been considering getting some cosmetic dentistry abroad yourself. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Turkey teeth’, what they are and why you should think twice, three times and more before considering any overseas dental work:

Turkey Teeth At A Glance

This is a broad term for veneers and/or crowns that are very white, very square and very artificial in the way they look. The term can sometimes be used in a positive light, as a phrase to describe cheap veneer treatment overseas in Turkey, or across Europe. However, more recently, the term has been used more negatively, describing very badly applied crowns and veneers that look very unappealing, and that either fall out, are placed on top of harshly prepared teeth. Worse, it could form part of very unskilled, unsafe treatment that results in temporary or permanent physical damage to a person’s teeth, gums and oral tissues.

The Worrying Details

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How Can Better Dental Habits Contribute To A Healthier Life?

Find out how enhanced dental habits can help you to build a healthier, happier life….

Healthy teethHave you ever wondered if your smile has anything to do with your happiness, beyond the expression of smiling when you’re happy? Actually, it can! Let’s take a closer look:

Self Esteem & Confidence

Lots of patients come to Abbey Road Dental struggling with their confidence in relation to their teeth.

For some patients it can be the loss of one or multiple teeth, which can, in turn, impact on confidence. Unfortunately there is still a social stigma attached to missing teeth, regardless of how far society has progressed.

Missing teeth can cause the misalignment and movement of the remaining healthy teeth, a change in the structure of the face, a change in speech and other consequences. So the journey only really begins when a tooth is lost and goes much further than that.

Furthermore, patients may struggle socially either because of the way their teeth look, or because replacements like dentures leave them feeling worried about their speech or denture shifting whilst they are socialising. Teeth implants are available from Abbey Road Dental which don’t have these issues, but for many people, taking the next step and getting implants is challenging, so they suffer with missing teeth or inadequate dentures for far too long.

Stained teeth, gummy teeth and gappy teeth are other dental issues patients may feel self conscious about. This is more acute than previous decades because cosmetic dentistry is so widespread and accessible now, so every celebrity seems to have the perfect teeth. Another common issue we hear about in St John’s from patients is bad breath, which can also cause insecurities and worry socially.

Whatever your reasons for feeling insecure about your smile, there is a solution. Whether it is more regular NW8 dental hygienist appointments, or cosmetic dentistry, there is something that can be done to improve your smile function and aesthetic. This can, in turn, help to enhance your mental health, self esteem and even physical health if you’ve been ignoring gum disease or your diet has suffered because of tooth loss.

Eating Habits

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9 Reasons Not To Delay Your Abbey Road Dental Hygiene Appointment

Keeping up with your hygienist appointments is very important, particularly if you have active gum disease

Hygienist working in St John's WoodHere at Abbey Road Dental we are proud to offer comprehensive hygienist services that help patients to maintain clean and healthy gums and teeth.

To support personal oral care at home, we offer lots of useful advice during your hygiene sessions with us.

Our hygienists have a lot to offer, but patients can sometimes put off hygienist appointments, considering them to be positive extras, rather than being part of an essential health routine. Today, we want to encourage you not to put off that hygienist appointment, as avoiding it could have negative and avoidable consequences. Here are 9 reasons not to delay your Abbey Road Dental hygienist appointment:

1.  It’s Quick & Convenient

You may have not attended a hygienist appointment before and may be under the impression that the sessions are very lengthy. Whilst you do get plenty of time in the chair with our NW8 hygienists, the appointments are usually no longer than 30-60 minutes apart from initial appointments which can be a little longer, depending on your case. They are also held at the same premises as your checkups, so there is no need to attend a special location to have your time with our hygienists.

2.  There’s No Need For Recovery Time

Dental appointments are essential but they can often be put off because of a worry that work will need to be done. We will never go ahead with any work without your say so, so if any issues diagnosed during your checkup can wait for treatment, we can arrange that with you. However, sometimes it is easier just to have certain treatments done whilst you are in to see us; but if you need some recovery time, you may choose to delay a little. Importantly, hygienist appointments don’t tend to require any recovery time at all. Even with some detailed cleaning work, you can still return to work afterwards with a clean and fresh smile and no need to take any time out.

3.  It Helps Prevent Gum Disease

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The Spotlight On Oral Cancer

Find out more about the signs and symptoms of oral cancer

Mouth inspection by a dentistIn the UK there are over 12,000 new cases of head and neck cancer every single year and around 4,000 deaths caused by this type of cancer. It’s important to stay aware of the signs and symptoms, as well as potential risk factors so that you can reduce your risk of getting it, and know how to spot the signs as early as possible, for the best possible treatment prognosis.

For that reason, Abbey Road Dental wants to give you an easy overview of this cancer type, as well as information to help ensure that you know what to look for, and when to get checked out.

What Is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is also known as mouth cancer and comes under the umbrella of all head and neck cancer types. It is where a cancerous tumour develops in any part of the mouth, which could be the gums, lips, hard or soft palates, cheeks, tongue and in any of the soft tissues. Oral cancers of the top of the throat can also be visible in the mouth depending on their location.

Main Types Of Oral Cancer: 

  • Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Oral malignant melanoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Adenocarcinoma
  • Sarcoma

What Are The Symptoms Of Oral Cancer?

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Eco-Friendly & Ethical Dental Products To Consider In 2022

Sustainable Alternatives To Traditional Dental Products

Flossing teeth for oral healthHere at Abbey Road Dental we’re more than aware of the issues with dental care products and plastic waste pollution.

Whilst oral care has to come first and there’s no getting away with the need to use items like toothbrushes, if you would like to try more eco-friendly options, there are some opportunities to make a positive change to what you buy. Let’s take a closer look at why and how you can take care of your smile whilst caring for the planet:


Unfortunately, we’re in a bit of a pickle when it comes to the environment and all kinds of non-degradable waste. No individual can fix all the problems, but collectively, we can all do a little bit more to support the earth and to try not to contribute to landfill and pollution. As a consumer, one of the biggest impacts you can have is to make different choices when you shop, opting for more sustainable products and indicating to big brands that you want eco-friendly options.

Different Planet-friendly Oral Care Options

Here are some of the different eco-friendly oral care products and services to consider when you’re thinking about making a change to your buying habits:

Zero Waste Shops

Zero waste shops are a great place to start when it comes to being more eco-friendly with your oral health care. They often have a variety of dental care products for you to try, often at a decreased price because you bring your own refillable packaging. So, if you are unfamiliar with different options for leading a plastic-free life, start here and have a browse.

Non-Plastic/ Low Plastic Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are highly impactful to the environment, with the UK alone disposing of over 2 million annually. The good news is that you can try alternative toothbrush materials that are better for the environment in some way. There are bamboo brushes, brushes that use pig bristles instead of nylon bristles (not suitable for veggies or vegans) and recycled plastic brushes to consider too. In addition, some people also choose to move to electric toothbrushes which do require the head replacing, but the amount of plastic for that is less, and so it is better for the environment overall.

Natural Floss

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Boost Your Confidence This Summer With Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking to enhance your smile ready for summer 2022? This guide could help you get ‘selfie ready’ in time!

Smiling coupleAbbey Road Dental has preventative dentistry right at the heart of what we do.

However, we also help our patients feel wonderful about their smiles using the latest cosmetic dentistry treatments and techniques.

We know that summer is a common time for everybody to think about making improvements to the way they look, which is why we want to tell you all about our transformational smile treatments in our latest blog.

Cosmetic Dentistry For Enhanced Smiles

Cosmetic dentistry is any treatment or combination of treatments provided to enhance the way your teeth look. Of course, it may sometimes be that a dental treatment enhances both the function and the aesthetic of the smile too.

Cosmetic dentistry is something that patients choose to have with us at our NW8 clinic for many different reasons. Sometimes, it is to complete a smile restoration plan which has included lots of different treatments. Sometimes it is simply as a pick me up for a boost in confidence. This is especially common before a big event like a wedding or a big holiday where you expect to have lots of photos taken and you want to look your best. Many people also tend to naturally want to slim down, start skin maintenance and generally look their best for summer, usually because of the showing of more skin and lots of happy selfies out in the sunshine.

Here at Abbey Road Dental, we offer a range of cosmetic treatments that could help perfect your special day, or enhance your smile for summer and beyond. Here are our current cosmetic dentistry treatments on offer in St John’s Wood:

Smile Makeovers

Our skilled teams offer a smile makeover treatment which often involves the use of high-quality veneers to change the shape, size and shade of your most visible teeth. Veneers are relatively quick and require minimal preparation, so they’re a great choice if you want a breathtaking transformation with minimal time in the dentist’s chair. As a complete smile makeover we may to compliment the treatment with whitening and cosmetic bonding as well, just to ensure the entire look is complete.


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Did You Know That Abbey Road Dental Provides The Latest Implant Treatment?

Innovative Smile Restoration – Teeth Implants In St John’s Wood

Dental implantAbbey Road Dental offers leading family dentistry that helps the whole family enjoy healthy, happy smiles day to day. We provide excellent check-up services, general treatments like hygiene cleans, fillings and extractions. We also offer more detailed maintenance and preservation work like root canal therapy.

What you may not know about Abbey Road Dental is that we also offer dental implant treatment, one of the most innovative smile restoration methods currently available. Whether you have a single missing tooth, or entire arches missing, we have the right implant treatment for you. It’s particularly useful if you struggle with missing teeth, dentures or bridges and you want to get back to very natural feeling teeth once again.

Read on to find out more about our implant treatment options:

Dental Implants – Why Are They Different?

Teeth implants are perhaps the most innovative solution to replacing missing teeth currently available within modern dentistry. You may have heard of them before, but it’s good to know how they work if it is something you might consider in the future. A common misconception is that they are only replacing the tooth above the gum line, when in fact the restoration is much more complete.

The implant is a small medical grade metal device that actually replaces the tooth root, which is everything underneath the gum line. This is really important because the bone around the missing tooth gets absorbed by the body over time. It is that bone which keeps your facial structure strong and youthful. It’s the reason elderly people with lots of missing teeth lose a lot of visible facial structure when they remove their dentures.

By replacing the root with a dental implant the natural missing tooth bone absorption is slowed. The remaining teeth also stay in place and aren’t likely to move, as they would with a missing tooth that isn’t replaced. This avoids issues with misalignment and the further problems that can cause long-term.

As well as the titanium implant replacing the tooth root, it also has a little extra on top which enables the attachment of a part which connects to a fake tooth (a crown), a bridge or an implant-attached denture. This complete restoration is what makes implants so different from dentures, bridges and other dental replacements. It replaces the entire natural tooth, preventing bone resorption and also providing a strong, secure and very natural feeling tooth. With an implant, you get no wiggling or worry about the tooth falling out. It is the nearest thing to your natural teeth, which is why it’s so transformational and why here at Abbey Road Dental we are so proud to offer this option to our patients.

Why Not Bridges Or Dentures?

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7 Ways To Support Better Oral Health For Your Baby

If you have a baby and you want to help them maintain healthy teeth and gums, these 7 handy tips will help you do just that….

Dentist Dr Diana SpencerBabies are adorable little beings with gummy smiles which you only need to keep clean with moist, clean gauze or a soft washcloth. This will also help your baby get used to that kind of care from you. When their teeth come through however, things change a little and those adorable little baby teeth require a different approach to help keep them in great condition whilst baby still relies on you for complete care.

Abbey Road Dental are your local family friendly dentist and we want to help the whole family maintain beautiful, healthy, happy smiles, and that begins right from the emergence of the very first tooth. In fact, the sooner we can encourage a good attitude to oral health the better, so your baby can grow up knowing how to take care of their teeth for a strong, beautiful smile right through to adulthood.

Today, we want to help you with some essential baby dental care tips that we know will boost their smile health. We can offer you a lot more support and advice in our NW8 clinic, but for now, here are 7 tips to keep your baby’s teeth healthy:

1.  Use The Right Amount Of Toothpaste

The right amount of toothpaste for a baby up to the age of three is a small smear of a baby-specific product. This kind of toothpaste uses the right amount of fluoride for this age group and it might be flavoured in a way that the baby likes, too. If you are unsure which toothpaste is best, please ask at your next Abbey Road Dental appointment and we will be more than happy to provide you with advice. It’s usually a case of choosing a safe toothpaste your baby tolerates best.

2. Bring Them To Our St John’s Wood Clinic

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Thinking About Dentistry Abroad?

Think again – professional treatment for brighter smiles is cost-effective and safe here in the UK

Considering dentistryIf you’re thinking of going overseas for cheaper teeth whitening and veneer treatment, please read on to find out why you don’t need to and why safe, stunning white smiles are available right here in the UK!

Whiter teeth is something that many of us would like because it enhances the smile and elevates the overall aesthetic of the face.

We’re also aspiring to have the kind of smiles that all the celebrities have these days, which is especially achievable now that cosmetic dentistry is so accessible at many modern dental clinics.

One way to achieve a white smile is with teeth whitening and/or veneers, which you can sometimes get at very cheap prices abroad. Abbey Road Dental is not here to dispute the low prices compared to the prices in the UK, but it is important, as a professional clinic, that we help you to not only understand the risks of going overseas for teeth whitening and veneers, but also that you know about the great, safe alternatives right here in the UK.

There are some simple ways to get whiter, straigher teeth without having to leave the country or potentially put your health at risk. Let’s take a closer look:

The Risk With Whitening & Veneer Treatment Abroad

The problem with getting whitening and veneer treatment overseas is that it involves a lot of personal risk. Even with a really professional looking clinic, it’s difficult to know whether or not they are a legitimate company. There could also be issues with the cleanliness or service levels in that country compared to the UK, plus a real lack of aftercare too. One of the most common problems is the treatment being performed without any due care or even attention to the dental status of the patient. So veneers might be fitted with gum disease present, or whitening might be performed on top of tooth decay. When this is done, it’s like building a house on unsteady foundations and eventually it can lead to all kinds of issues.

Whether it is an issue with an unsafe treatment itself, or no help available if things go wrong, the risk of veneer and whitening treatment causing you future pain, aesthetic damage or even infection, just isn’t worth the financial savings in our opinion.

The Problem With Online Ordered At-Home Whitening & Postal Veneer Kits

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