Dental Care Away From Home

Prepare well in advance to avoid a dental emergency!

Going on holiday to somewhere in the UK or somewhere in Europe or an English speaking country like America, means that dental care is relatively easy. You know how to get medical attention for an emergency, you know supermarkets will have appropriate supplies, and you’re comfortable with your own oral care routine on the trip.

However, when a more exotic holiday comes along, a little more preparation is needed. Dental care or supplies might not be guaranteed or easy to access, and your routine could even be widely disrupted. To keep your smile looking great wherever you go on holiday, take a look at Abbey Road Dental’s best exotic travel tips. Principal dentist Dr Diana Spencer, shares some basic advice below:

Before You Go

Before you go away, we would love to see you here at our NW8 clinic. We can give you personalised tips on keeping your teeth fresh on your holiday, and we can check there are no current issues which might cause you problems during your stay. Any irritated gums, broken fillings or signs of infection could easily start causing pain and problems. If we can treat any issues, or carry out preventative work like tartar removal before you go, your smile will be in the best possible shape for your far flung adventure.

We would also recommend that you be as diligent as possible with your ‘at-home’ regimen, so that your oral care is kept in good order day-to-day, before you travel.

During Your Holiday

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Sugar Free Chewing Gum

Should it be part of your personal oral health regimen?

Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time is a standard part of oral health care. It is advised, along with eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, visiting Abbey Road Dental regularly for checkups and avoiding damaging habits like smoking.

Did you know, there may also be an extra action you can take to help your teeth be even healthier? Chewing gum that is sugar-free could be an extra tool to use in keeping your oral health in great shape, here’s how:

Saliva Production

Chewing sugar free chewing gum after you have eaten helps to stimulate saliva. Naturally this rinses away food debris and particles which may otherwise stick to your teeth and form plaque. The chewing action also helps to physically break away some food debris from the gaps in the teeth. The acid in your mouth after a meal is also neutralised by saliva, again reducing potential damage to the teeth.

Fresh Breath

Although chewing gum will not combat deeper bad breath issues, or combat eating lots of onion and garlic which will cause an odour directly from the stomach, it can help with short term breath issues. It helps remove food debris which can smell once it starts to rot between the teeth. Natural mint flavouring in chewing gum also freshens the breath short term.

Xylitol Could Be Good For Your Teeth

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Happy, Healthy Smiles For Children!

7 tips from Abbey Road Dental

It seems like every week there is a new statistic on how children’s teeth across the country are becoming more unhealthy and decayed.

The good news is, those issues are entirely preventable and you can prevent your child becoming part of these scary statistics. With the firmly in mind, here are 7 fundamental tips from Abbey Road Dental to help you help your children have a healthy smile:

1. Get Started Early

You can start getting your child used to the dentist as early as you want to and ideally you will bring them with you to your appointments at Abbey Road Dental, so they get used to the environment. Once their first tooth comes through they can have their first checkup with us, and you can start brushing their tooth for them!

2. Keep It Light

Although tooth care is important, kids don’t really do ‘serious’ all that well. As they start brushing for themselves, consider using music and special themed brushes to keep them engaged in the process.

3. Let Them Feel Grown Up

Children like to feel grown up, so don’t be afraid to emphasis how big boys and girls care for their smiles. You could also let them choose their own toothbrushes, and when they are old enough trust them to brush without supervision (with occasional checks).

4. Get Your Routine In Check

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Plant Based Food Trends And Your Oral Health

The main facts from your St John’s Wood Dentist.

Here at Abbey Road Dental we are not here to tell anyone whether it is right or wrong to eat any kind of diet, but we do recognise that statistics show that 7% of the UK population now identify as vegan.

There are also many people who are cutting down on meat regularly, experimenting with things like juicing, and others who identify as ‘flexitarian’ which is where you dip in and out of different diet styles depending on what you fancy.

With a plant based lifestyle, you do not consume any animal ingredients at all. This includes meat, eggs, dairy and honey. Some people identify as vegans which is where you are plant based, but also follow a lifestyle which is free from animal products like leather. Here at Abbey Road Dental, we want our patients to have beautiful teeth alongside the lifestyle they follow. With that in mind, we wanted to give you some potential pros and cons of veganism in relation to your oral health, so that you can be aware of certain issues you could face without the relevant diet adjustments and support from your NW8 dentist, and healthcare providers:

Vitamin Deficiency

There is no evidence to suggest that a well balanced vegan diet will be particularly lower in any vitamins and minerals aside from B12 which comes from animals bred for meat; so meat eaters consume the vitamin indirectly this way. However, a change in diet for anyone could result in accidental vitamin and mineral deficiency and a lack of balance. With that in mind, it is a good idea to take general supplements like vegan multivitamins at least at the beginning of your diet change so you can feel confident your entire body, including your mouth and gums, are getting the nutrients they need to be healthy.

Tooth Decay

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Taking Care Of Oral Health At University Or College

Healthy smiles with minimal effort!

Going to University is so exciting, and so daunting at the same time. There is so much to get done, and so many new people to meet, and hopefully, so many parties to go to!

One thing that can fall by the wayside as uni life gets under weigh, is oral health. You might be using your smile to meet tons of new friends, and your teeth to try all the new local food, but you may well be letting your oral health standards drop a little.

Here at Abbey Road Dental, we wanted to give you some tips on taking care of your oral health a university with minimal effort so oral infections, tooth decay and pain are one less thing to worry about as deadlines approach:

Register With Your Local Dentist

Register with your local NW8 dentist, or nearest dentist to you, as soon as you start university. Here at Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood we have plenty of students coming to us for their university dental care, and we’re happy to provide that support during these important years. It will only take you a few minutes to fill out a form, or make a ‘phone call to your nearest dentist, and then you have the service there to use as and when you need it.

Maintain Good Daily Oral Hygiene

With disrupted bedtimes, and lots going on, it can be so easy to forget about basic oral hygiene. However, just keeping up a basic routine can save you a lot of time, money and potential pain in the future. Many inconvenient and sore dental infections can be prevented by caring for your teeth every day. Just brush twice, for two minutes each time, using the right toothbrush and toothpaste. You should also visit the dentist for checkups every six months or more regularly if you need to, that will ensure any issues are prevented or picked up quickly, avoiding extra costs and treatments.

Try To Keep A Balanced Diet

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What To Do In A Dental Emergency?

head and jaw pain

Make fast decisions to quell pain and prevent further damage

With lots of medical emergencies, we tend to know what to do. We either book in to see our GP if we think the issue can wait, or we go to A&E if we need to see someone quickly. If it is a life or death emergency, then obviously you call 999 and get an ambulance as quickly as you can.

When it comes to dental emergencies however, a lot of people aren’t sure about what to do and so, sometimes the wrong approach can occur. This means a person may be in pain, or may miss out on vital dental care quickly, when the correct action will mean quick and efficient pain relief and treatment where it is needed.

Here’s what to do in a dental emergency:

When The Problem Can Wait

If you have some pain or soreness that has come on that you can easily manage at home with over the counter painkillers and rest, then wait to book in with Abbey Road Dental at your next available opportunity. You can call us on 02076241603 any time during the hours listed on our contact us page. We will then take some details and book you in for a time that suits your needs.

When The Problem Can’t Wait But It Is Not A Medical Emergency

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Dental Care During Pregnancy

oral care

Important guidelines from Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood.

Being pregnant is meant to be a peaceful and relaxing time, only it never really ends up that way does it? Trips to your GP, to the hospital, to see your midwife, plus buying supplies, finishing off the nursery and well, just “being pregnant”. Mums will know this is hard enough work as it is, and it’s pretty heavy going.

Despite all of this, it is so important to stay vigilant with your oral health before, during and after pregnancy. It is important for you and your unborn child’s safety and health.

When To Let Abbey Road Dental Know You Are Pregnant

It is actually really important to let us know when you are trying for a baby. You may not think to share this knowledge but it gives us time to do any dental work that we can’t do when you are expecting. If you are already pregnant, then let your NW8 dentist know as soon as possible. We will ask about medications, about any high risk pregnancy factors you have been told about, and we will also discuss any previous dental issues that may have occurred. The more information we have, the more accurate and effective your pregnancy dental plan can be.

Pregnancy And Oral Health

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The Most Innovative Solution For Tooth Restoration?

Modern Dental Implants

A healthy set of teeth could and perhaps should be with you for life with the right dental care and daily habits. However, accidents can happen, certain lifestyle habits can be hard to break, and teeth can be lost.

Replacing missing teeth is something that you may wish to avoid, especially if your missing teeth sit at the back of the mouth and cannot be seen. However, it is so important to replace missing teeth because leaving the gaps can have a really negative effect on your oral health. Leaving missing teeth alone can cause:

  • The surrounding teeth to collapse in and then several of the teeth in the mouth move
  • An area of gum difficult to clean and potentially sore, dry or prone to infections
  • Issues with speech
  • Issues with eating
  • A change in the aesthetics of the face due to the bone degrading underneath where the tooth used to be

There are lots of solutions for tooth loss including dentures, crowns and bridges. However, there is a solution that is more advanced, innovative and realistic than any other option currently available in modern dentistry, and that is dental implants.

Implants For Tooth Restoration

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Help Your Children To Keep The Tooth Fairy Happy!

Family tips and tricks from Abbey Road Dental

Here at Abbey Road Dental, we have lots of tricks and fun ways to help children feel more positive about their oral health. We are also totally in support of fun, lighthearted ways you help your children feel positive about oral health at home.

One of those ways, is the story of the tooth fairy. Children have wonderful, wild imaginations and so the tooth fairy is the perfect way to help them feel excited about their oral health, to help them learn important oral health lessons, and to help them take care of their teeth into adulthood.

To aid your efforts in getting your children to happily help the tooth fairy out, why not consider the following:

Help The Tooth Fairy Destroy The Nasty Sugar Zombies

Brushing for two minutes is a lifetime to a child, especially when there seems to be no point in it. Which is why they have to be brushing to help the tooth fairy in the fight against the nasty sugar zombies which are so tiny you can’t see them! Those nasty sugar zombies are trying to steal and ruin the teeth so the tooth fairy can’t get them. Your child needs to brush every single tooth carefully and floss between them to get rid of those nasty zombies. It might sound silly but stores like this can work wonders for children.

Eat And Drink Correctly So Your Teeth Are Beautiful For The Tooth Fairy

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Your Top Tips For Summer Sports And Dental Protection

Protect your teeth and gums!

The World Cup is well and truly underway, and regardless of who you’re supporting (and who you think will actually win!) it is a great sports event to celebrate. Although you won’t actively be taking part in the World Cup this year, many of you will be playing football and other sports during these summer months.

Partaking in regular sports events means you may be more likely to eat a healthier diet and take care of your body so it performs at its best. Your oral health is a part of your body that also needs special attention when you take part in regular sports. Neglecting your oral health could leave you in pain or having to have dental treatment and potentially missing out on events in which you should be taking part!

Here at Abbey Road Dental we want you to feel like your oral health is absolutely ‘ship shape’ in relation to your sports hobbies, so you feel able to perform at your highest level without worrying about the condition of your teeth. So here are our top tips to ensure your smile is healthy and happy for every win:

Mouthguards Are Part Of Your Kit

Along with your socks, boots, racket, t-shirt, helmet, or any other bit of uniform you use for your sport, your mouthguard should be part of your kit too. They protect your teeth, tongue, jaw, face and gums against injuries sustained during sports. You can buy ‘one size fits all’ mouthguards and mouthguards you mould using hot water, but they aren’t as effective as custom mouthguards which are designed specifically to protect your mouth. Here at Abbey Road Dental we offer an effective and professional custom mouthguard service for our patients who play sports – please call us for more details.

Sports Drinks Could Be Damaging Your Teeth

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