20 Fun Facts & Figures About Teeth And Gums To Make You Smile

The news is a little glum, but these 20 fun facts and figures about teeth and gums might just cheer you up!

Smiling groupHere at Abbey Road Dental we are no stranger to the fact that the news is a little bit glum at the moment. Limiting your time reading the news may help and whilst staying informed is important, you don’t need every update every hour to do so.

Instead, indulge yourself in plenty of movement, fun, digital social interaction and lots and lots of brain breaks.

To help give you just the smallest piece of escapism, we’ve got a collection of 20 fun facts and figures about yes, you’ve guessed it, teeth and gums!

Lets go….

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Dental Device Care – Your ‘At Home’ Guide

A guide to dental devices and how to care for them properly at home between visits to Abbey Road Dental.

Dental bracesThe team here at Abbey Road Dental is working hard to provide as much support for patients as possible during this challenging time.

Unfortunately the advice still stands that we are unable to complete appointments face to face, but we still have lots of knowledge to offer which we hope you will find useful.

In this blog we want to talk about different dental devices and how you can care for them well at home. Caring for these devices is more important than ever at a time when adjustments and replacements may not be readily available.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at different dental devices and how to care for them at home:


One of the biggest adjustments you have to make when you get braces is taking care of your teeth with this device in place. During lockdown, it is so important that you continue to take care of your teeth well whilst you are wearing braces. There are so many tiny little gaps to trap food, which can lead to problems if it is not removed. Because of this risk we recommend that you brush your teeth after every single thing that you eat, not just every meal. We also recommend you floss and and use the equipment provided to you by the dentist to clean your braces once a day.

By maintaining this routine you have a better chance to avoid teeth staining, cavities, gum disease and extra time wearing your braces.

Here’s an at a glance rundown of how your daily brace care should look:

  • Prepare the braces for brushing as explained by the orthodontist. That may mean removing the elastics or removing the entire device depending on your individual situation.
  • Hold your brush at a 45 degree angle to clean the wires and different parts of your braces. Clean the entirety of each individual wire and ensure each and every bit of food and debris is taken off.
  • Clean each tooth carefully, tilting the brush to clean all the way down to the gum line. Take care to switch the order you clean teeth to ensure there aren’t areas that get less attention regularly.
  • Floss and/or use the cleaning apparatus recommended by the orthodontist or hygienist here at our dental practice in NW8.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly and check your teeth and braces to ensure everywhere is clean. If you have missed anything, go back to those areas and ensure that they are clean.

As well as cleaning your braces and teeth properly, you can also do a lot to protect your device from damage. Namely, this means avoiding certain foods. Here are some of the worst offenders for breaking or damaging braces:

  • Crusty bread
  • Sticky toffees and sweets
  • Large chunks of very hard vegetables or fruits
  • Popcorn
  • Any food you have to bite into
  • Any hard foods like nuts

In addition to avoiding these foods you should also be avoiding very sugary food and drink as your teeth are more at risk of cavities.


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Stories Of Hope From Around The World….

Helping you to keep smiling!

Smiling peopleWhilst we continue to try and support our lovely patients safely, and remotely, we wanted to give you something to smile about.

We have found that one of the positives to come out of an awful situation, has been hope and human kindness. Stories of hope and human kindness across the globe remind us all that, it isn’t all bad. The news is scary and the situation, a daily unknown. But human kindness and hope is all around is, which is something amazing to hold on to.

To help you smile today, we wanted to retell some of these incredible stories of kindness across the globe here on our blog. Make a brew, take a moment, turn the news off, and enjoy some of these beautiful stories of people doing great things during a time of crisis:

Worldwide Healthcare Workers Applause

Those on the very front line of this crisis, are those working tirelessly in the most dangerous places of all, the hospitals, doctors surgeries and emergency dental centres. These people are exposing themselves daily to potential infection, many, separating themselves from their family members in order to help patients.

In a display of solidarity, appreciation and support, many countries have applauded their healthcare workers at a planned time, from their windows and doorsteps.

In the UK, we too clapped for our healthcare workers on the doorstep. Cities, towns and villages across the country were filled with applause and appreciation, letting those on the frontline know that we appreciate all they are doing.

A Paramedic Gets An Applause From Her Neighbours

In a story of a neighbourhood who notices, a paramedic got in her car to go to work at her normal time and found a box of chocolate on her car. She was then applauded by the entire neighbourhood as thanks for her services. She cried of course, as did we when we read the story!

A Husband Sends A Message Of Love Everyday

A husband who has a wife in hospital having their baby, has left a message of love every morning on the pavement so she can read it from her hospital room.

Starbucks Send Gifts To NHS Workers

Starbucks, who has closed all of its coffee shops across the UK, has sent lots of chocolates and gifts to NHS workers in hospitals.

A Self Isolating Boy Gets An Amazing Birthday Parade

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Oral Health During Quarantine

We’re Still Here For You – If Only Virtually!

Abbey Road Dental in St John's WoodWe are all experiencing difficult and challenging times, and here at Abbey Road Dental we have continued to provide face-to-face treatment for as long as it has been safe to do so. However, we have now had to take the right actions needed to minimise the spread of the virus, and to keep our patients and staff as safe as possible.

Following recommendations from the British Dental Association released on the 22nd of March, our St John’s Wood dental practice is unfortunately closed for all routine dental care. This includes dental hygiene appointments, including routine cleanings and periodontal treatments.

We made the decision to do this based on the latest advice, and we will continue to act on guidance based on the best interests of our practice, our patients and our staff.

The team at Abbey Road Dental wants you to know that despite these temporary measures, we are very much still here to support you. We’ll be providing as much guidance as we can on the blog and via our regular newsletters. We’ll also be there on the phone and email in the event of an emergency and we will try to help you as best as we can during these very challenging times.

As a start to our online and remote guidance and help, we want to give you some advice on keeping your bathroom and oral health equipment in good shape. When routine appointments are not available, it is even more important for us all to take care of our teeth as much as we can at home and providing the right environment for oral health is a really good start.

Here are our top tips for keeping your oral hygiene equipment and environment healthy and in good condition:

Your Bathroom & Oral Hygiene Equipment

Keep Toothbrushes Seperate & Never Share Them

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Smile Makeover?

6 Quirky Ways To Get A Better Smile That You Want To Show Off More!

White teethThere’s a lot on our blog about improving your smile with various tips and treatments. We like to write about those topics because we are highly experienced in our field here at Abbey Road Dental, and we want to ensure our patients get the latest, useful information.

Today, we wanted to provide you with some handy tips that might be a little more of a surprise. Quirky tips that could help you get a better smile, and that could help you smile more often too. Who knows, something strange could be exactly what you need to get that grin ship shape!

Here are 6 quirky ways to get a better smile that you want to show off more:

1. Plant Power

Going vegan probably isn’t the way to get a better smile, but eating more veggies and fruits is definitely great for your mouth. Not eating enough fruits and veggies is actually a proven risk factor when it comes to how likely you are to get oral cancers. Whilst you’re at it, you might want to get munching on some cruciferous vegetables or crunchy vegetables, like kale, carrots and celery. Not only are they jam-packed full of vitamins and minerals but they can help to naturally clean your teeth just through the action of chewing. That in turn creates more saliva which also helps clean the teeth.

2. Fake It Till You Make It

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Is It Time To Spring Clean Your Dental Regime For 2020?

Put a spring in your step and a fresh smile on your face!

Oral health teeth brushingAs the weather begins to improve, new growth begins on trees and flowers, and we all enjoy the evenings getting lighter, it’s clear that spring is in the air.

This is the time of year that many of us look to blow the cobwebs away, perhaps starting with the home and garden benefitting from a deep spring clean ready for summer. It can also be a case of freshening up anything from your diet, to your exercise regime and even your career if you fancy it. It is a great time for change!

Today, Abbey Road Dental chips in by helping you spring clean your dental regime for the rest of 2020 ahead. We want to help you make easy changes and improvements that help you get healthier, happier smiles and then keep them.

Here’s how to kick-start your dental regime:

Good foundations are key

Before we start referencing the many things that you can do as part of your oral health regime, it is important to think about the foundations of good dental health. No amount of treatment or brushing can eradicate certain habits that can destroy your teeth so let’s take a look at some of the lifestyle habits to avoid or moderate:

Smoking – We all know smoking is bad for your health, and your mouth doesn’t escape the negative effects. Smoking can cause staining on your teeth, which is quite drastic if you have been smoking for a while. Brown streaks and overall yellowing of the teeth are common with smokers. You are also more likely to suffer from gum disease and cavities as a smoker. Lastly, your breath is affected by stale smoke and the dry mouth smoking can cause.

A Bad Diet – A diet filled with sugar and starchy foods will damage the teeth regardless of how much you brush your teeth. There’s only so much that your saliva and your brushing can defend your teeth against relentless exposure to sugar and acidic foods.

Drinking A Lot Of Alcohol – Drinking more than the recommended daily amount of alcohol is very bad for your health, and of course your oral health. It can leave you prone to gum disease and cavities.

Stress – Stress and anxiety can actually lower your immune system’s ability to fight diseases like gum disease. So if you have uncontrolled stress and anxiety you may find it showing itself in your oral health.

The above are just some of the key issues that can affect oral health. So, if you know that you have some habits like the above that could do with a change, seek some support from your GP, pharmacist, therapist or friends and family as a first step.

Your Daily Regime Matters

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Sedation Dentistry At Abbey Road Dental, St John’s Wood

Sedation : feel fully relaxed at the dentist

nervous of dental fillingIf you feel cold and slightly clammy at the thought of going to the dentist you aren’t alone. Many people have a true dental phobia, or at the very least enough anxiety to cause a visit to feel really unpleasant.

In some instances patients may simply avoid the dentist altogether because they have anxiety at such a level that it’s enough to stop them getting treatment at all.

For patients who truly struggle with dental anxiety, where perhaps positive exposure therapy has failed in the past, sedation dentistry could be the answer. Sedation can be used for any procedure, from routine examinations to more detailed procedures like placing implants.

At Abbey Road Dental we want our patients to know that they do have options if they struggle with anxiety.

What Causes Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety can be caused by a wide range of incidents, thought processes or issues. Each and every patient is unique in their individual reasons for feeling this way.

However, there are common root causes of dental fear such as:

  • A traumatic early dental experience
  • An idea that dentistry now is as it was a long time ago
  • A fear of pain
  • Embarrassment about judgement
  • Worry about cost
  • A phobia that it will be very painful
  • Dentist noise phobia
  • A fear of needles

Sometimes patients have learnt their phobia from a parent, which can become apparent when the person has no negative experience of the surgery themselves.

Often an anxiety turns into a phobia as the issue builds in the mind and it gets worse and worse, the longer the issue is not resolved. For some people, the issue is so strong that they simply avoid dental treatment for years and years. This not only makes the phobia worse but it can cause oral health to deteriorate and the treatment needed may be more extensive than if help had been sought at an earlier time.

Sedation Dentistry And What It Involves

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Celebrity Teeth

How do they get them so white and so straight? Abbey Road Dental takes a closer look….

Celebrity smileWhite teeth have always been desirable, but only within the last decade or so have they become so common. If you watch movies from the 80’s and 90’s you will notice that it isn’t uncommon for actors and actresses to have had discoloured teeth. So what changed?

At the start of the millennium, celebrities started to have teeth whitening to the point where the perfect teeth were something every ‘A lister’ had.

Within the last decade, perfectly white teeth became mainstream and are now something promoted by every type of celebrity. This promotion is either in films or TV programmes and is either passively or actively done via social media.

If you have noticed that every celebrity seems to have perfectly white teeth, you may be wondering how they get such a beautiful smile? Is it a special product only celebrities can get? Do they home whiten? Are they all using veneers?

To help you understand the types of products that celebrities use to get those pearly whites, and most importantly, how you too can have whiter teeth, we’re here to help!

Here are the most common teeth whitening methods celebrities use:

Veneers (Porcelain & Composite)

Veneers can be a completely transformative dental treatment and they are hot on the heels of teeth whitening when it comes to popularity. Whereas teeth whitening can only improve the shade of the teeth, veneers can also improve the shape, size, shade and overall appearance of the teeth.

A veneer is a very thin sheet of either composite or porcelain, applied to the teeth using strong dental adhesive. Porcelain veneers tend to cost more than composite veneers because they last longer, are more durable and less prone to staining. You can use one veneer to improve one tooth that is bothering you, or you can use veneers to transform your entire smile.  For example, many celebrities have them to create the perfect-looking smile, hence the phrase “celebrity smile makeover” or “Hollywood smile”.

These days veneers are very accessible to the general public, and not just celebrities. Even better, after your consultation at Abbey Road Dental, we can usually create and fit your bespoke veneers within a short space of time. Our SmileFast composite veneer treatment can even be completed in as little as an hour!

Teeth Whitening

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Dental Hygiene Products – Your Easy Guide

Which products are available and how can they help you perfect your oral hygiene regime?

Flossing teeth for oral healthAlthough trips to see us at Abbey Road Dental are important to ensure we catch any issues with your oral health quickly, what you do to help your teeth and gums stay healthy everyday is what is really important.

The habits that you abstain from, the things you eat and drink, the time you put into cleaning your teeth – these things really do count.

To help you get a little bit closer to perfecting your oral hygiene regime we wanted to give you an easy guide to some of the most common dental hygiene products on the market. They can help you have an easier time keeping those gums and teeth extremely healthy, and some can even help with additional oral issues like dry mouth. With all of that in mind, here is a user-friendly guide to oral hygiene products from your NW8 dentist:


Mouthwashes were commonly thought of as an extra item you can use to clean your teeth and gums even further, whereas they are actually quite far-reaching in what they can achieve.

As a basic level they are a liquid you swish in your mouth for about two minutes and either contain alcohol or are alcohol free. Some mouthwashes are designed to kill bacteria in the mouth that aggravate the gums. Some are designed to help the gums heal or to reduce gum inflammation. Some mouthwashes are more specific to helping the mouth produce more saliva, which can be very useful if you suffer from dry mouth. There are also specific mouthwashes designed to help gently numb painful and inflamed areas.

As a general rule, mouthwashes aren’t needed and certainly cannot replace brushing, but they can be helpful if you have specific needs. Some can even work against the type of toothpaste you are using and can actively cause you problems.

For specific advice on the best mouthwash to use, if any, please speak to your Abbey Road Dental hygienist.


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Do You Know The Quickest, Safest WayTo Whiten Your Teeth?

Latest smile enhancements at Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood

White teethAlthough the whole year is in front of us, we often want everything right now. Technology, social media and convenience-culture has left many of us wanting everything as quickly and easily as possible.

But for results like weight loss, muscle-building, careers and education, you simply have to think longer-term, as some things need to be done more slowly to be effective.

For example, when it comes to the teeth, straightening is always better when done slowly, gently and under professional supervision. When it comes to whitening the teeth, unfortunately it can be a different matter altogether, as there are many dangerous shortcuts advertised online. Those whitening shortcuts you see might not only be ineffective at whitening your teeth but they could even damage them and your gums too.

It is important to know that there is no need to opt for dangerous whitening options, especially if you want brighter, whiter teeth quickly. We want to help you avoid gum burns, disappointing results, money wastage and more, by letting you know about the quickest, safest teeth whitening options available here in NW8. So please take a look at our guide to find out how you can brighten your teeth quickly in a hygienic, professional environment local to you:

A Visit To The Hygienist

A visit to our Abbey Road Dental hygienist shouldn’t be discounted as a quick and effective teeth whitening option. The visit will not whiten your teeth in the traditional sense, but it will brighten your teeth. Using non-invasive tools, your hygienist will clean your teeth, removing any hardened tartar and surface stains.

This is a really positive starting point for better looking teeth and healthier teeth and gums, the foundation of a beautiful smile. You can book in with our Abbey Road Dental hygienist independently of the dentist by calling our team on 02076241603.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

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