Lockdown Weight Gain? 10 Great Reasons To Lose The Extra Pounds

Ten ways to a healthier lifestyle after lockdown

Healthy teethThe average weight gain in the UK during lockdown was around half a stone! Add that to all the yummy treats we consume during the summer holidays and winter 2021 is set to leave us all with more curves than we might like moving forward.

There’s no need to feel bad about gaining weight during such a traumatic time for the world. Things have been hard and not everybody sought solace in Joe Wicks’s PE videos on Instagram. That being said, here at Abbey Road Dental, we know the importance of good general health for your whole body, including your oral health.

Now that we’re socialising again and things are getting back to normal, it’s a really good time to think about losing those extra pounds for better health. If you need a little bit more inspiration to boost your health, here are 10 reasons to lose weight after lockdown:

Boosting Heart Health

The British Heart Foundation tells us that 28% of adults in the UK are obese, and obesity increases the risk of heart and circulatory diseases. Luckily, getting to a healthy BMI and boosting your health boosts your heart health, keeping your heart strong and healthy. You can boost your heart health by:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight for your age and height
  • Eating low-fat foods like fish, poultry, beans, nuts and low-fat cheese
  • Minimising your processed sugar consumption
  • Eating colourful fruits and veggies
  • Eating lots of whole grains
  • Eating less salt
  • Exercising at least 30 minutes a day to a point where you get breathless

Avoiding A Risk To Your Oral Health

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Back To School – Helping Your Child Back Into A Term-Time Routine

As school starts again, these tips can help you get your child back into their daily routine.

Family with kidsSummer soon comes to an end and the school term starts again. It’s a particularly challenging time as a parent because there have been weeks of fun, and plenty of time out of a routine. Getting the kids back into a school schedule after all this making hay can be tricky and it can take time to get them settled.

To help you, we have some tips to help you get your child back into caring for their teeth and gums everyday, as well as getting into the swing of a great daily routine overall:

Starting Your Routine Early Helps

It can be tempting to make the most of every second of the school holidays right up until the day before school starts again. However, this can make it really jarring for you and for your child when it comes to starting school again. Instead, starting to go to bed on time, and up at the time you have to when school starts a week or so before the first day back can make a huge difference.

Support Good Dental Hygiene Habits Everyday

In the holidays it might be that your child has their first tooth brushing session of the day later than when they are at school. They might have had a few late night before-bed brushes too. The good news is, that even though the brushing has taken place at a different time, it is still taking place. By emphasising that dental hygiene habits are important everyday whether you are on holiday, you have had a lay-in, or you’re tired, your child will understand why brushing is an important part of their school routine.

If they do seem hesitant about brushing along with everything else that has to happen when getting ready for school, it can be challenging because you don’t have the time to endlessly ask them to get the job done. Luckily, there are a few methods you can try to make it easier including:

  • Let your child choose a new age-appropriate toothpaste and toothbrush for term time
  • Buy a few flavours of age-appropriate toothpaste so your child looks forward to choosing the flavour for the day
  • Use a two minute brushing song they brush to (and dance to!)
  • Brush your teeth with them

If the challenge continues please do speak to us here at Abbey Road Dental during your next appointment. We have a wealth of tips and tricks to help kids get enthused about their oral health regime.

Keep Treats As Treats

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10 Staycation Tips For A Healthy, Happy Smile

Find out how to care for your teeth and gums for a happy, healthy staycation with a smile to be proud of.

A dentist explainsThis year, the staycation is the main option for a family holiday because going abroad is still a little complex.

That being said, the UK is a stunning place and a staycation is a fantastic way to appreciate the Great Britain that you call home.

With so much to smile about on your staycation you don’t want to have those selfies ruined with dental issues. Nobody wants to be in pain when they’re meant to be enjoying fish and chips on the beach or a barbecue at the campsite!

To help you keep your oral health happy and pain-free on your staycation adventure, follow these 10 helpful tips:

1. Locate The Local Emergency Dental Services

Just like you would check where the local hospital is, or the local walk-in centre on any holiday, it is also important to check where the local emergency dental services are. If you have a dental emergency and call 111 they should be able to tell you where the nearest place is and help to book you in.

But if you will be particularly rural or off the beaten track, knowing it may take you a couple of hours to drive to the emergency services is really important to know ahead of time.

2. Maintain Your Usual Brushing And Flossing Regime

It is so important to keep flossing and brushing like you usually do, even when you’re on holiday. It is really easy to have lie-ins, late nights and being off routine, and letting your oral routine follow suit. The problem with doing this is that it can damage your gums and teeth really quickly.

Brushing as you usually do – two minutes in the morning, two minutes in the evening plus flossing – will keep your smile looking and feeling great during your holiday.

3. Try And Get A Checkup Before Your Holiday

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All Your School Holiday Teeth & Gum Questions Answered In One Go!

To help keep the whole family smiling this summer we’ve answered the most common school holiday oral health questions for you.

Smiling peopleThe school holidays are a fantastic time for families. The kids get to let off some steam after a hard year at school, and we all know that this last school year and half of the one before, have been particularly challenging for all of us. We all deserve a break!

Abbey Road Dental here in St John’s Wood, knows that there is a lot of reason to smile this summer, and we want to help keep the whole family smiling with some Q&A’s that commonly come our way around this time of year. So sit back, sip on some ice water and enjoy reading all your school holiday teeth and gum questions answered in one go:

How Do I Help My Child Protect Their Teeth And Gums During Summer Sports Camps?

Summer sports camps are a fantastic idea for kids who love to play football or rugby. They help them get better at the sport, making new friends and keep them entertained too. You are right to be concerned about their teeth and gums though, as they are at risk during sports, especially contact sports.

The good news is that Abbey Road Dental can make your child a bespoke mouthguard to help protect their teeth and gums during sports. These guards are important because they protect the sensitive gums and teeth of your child, which can be permanently damaged by the impact of a sporting injury.

Are Internet Whitening Kits OK To Use Pre-Holiday?

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Love Your Smile? Avoid These Selfie & Social Media Trends….

Thinking of risking your health for social media reach? Think again…

Worried dental patientThese days over 3.5 billion people use social media, and that number is predicted to be more like 4 billion by 2025. It can help us make friends, share happy memories and even earn you money so there’s a lot to appreciate about it.

Of course, there are downsides to social media, including certain trends that can affect your safety, and the health of your smile.

Abbey Road Dental want to put a spotlight on some of the most well-known risky trends and social media habits to help you avoid them, and keep your oral health and overall wellbeing in great shape!

Risky Selfies

As more and more people get onto social media and try to compete with posting more and more incredible selfies, the risks go up. There are many heartbreaking stories about selfie-takers falling off cliffs, bridges and even falling down waterfalls because risks were taken for the photo.

Of course, this is the worst case scenario and it goes without saying – it isn’t worth risking your life to take a good selfie.

Less advertised are the various accidents that can happen when risky selfies are taken. Many people have been robbed as they are so focused on their selfie, they ignore their surroundings.

More people than you might think trip and fall when they walk, filming a video or getting the right selfie light, breaking bones, spraining wrists or even breaking teeth! Whilst your NW8 clinic is here with all kinds of innovative treatments to help you if you do damage your teeth, we’d rather you kept your natural teeth safe, rather than risking them for a selfie.

If you want to take a nice selfie, check your surroundings are safe, don’t walk around whilst looking at your phone and never take unnecessary risks to take a picture.

Unsafe Aesthetics & Teeth Whitening To Keep Up With Others

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Sick Of Dentures & Missing Teeth? It’s Time To Consider Implants

Permanent alternatives to dentures can give you a secure, beautiful smile you can be proud of.

full arch implantsDo you struggle with your dentures? Are you tired of struggling with one, or multiple missing teeth? If so, there is another solution for you to consider – dental implants.

As part of Abbey Road Dental’s selection of restorative treatments, teeth implants are by far the most innovative and advanced of them all. They are truly life-changing for our patients, and we want you to know more about them and how they could transform your life:

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are, as it stands, the ‘gold standard’ treatment for replacing missing teeth. There isn’t another treatment that provides such a strong, secure and long-lasting alternative to natural teeth.

The way they work is by replacing the tooth root with a mixed surgical metal implant that is placed into the jawbone where the tooth root once was. It then bonds with the bone strongly over a period of months. Once this process is complete, an abutment is added, which allows a new tooth, implant supported dentures or an implant supported bridge to be attached.

There are slightly different variations for when an abutment or crown is added, depending on the type of implant treatment you have.

Why Not Dentures?

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Teeth Whitening – A Focus On This Popular Treatment

Find out about teeth whitening and how to ensure you get it done safely.

Whitened teethThe headlines are currently filled with the details of a study completed by WHICH, highlighting the dangers of budget teeth whitening kits.

The study by the consumer Watchdog showed that 21 out of 36 teeth whitening products sold online had over the legal limit of hydrogen peroxide allowed for use at home when not prescribed by a certified distributor, like a dentist.

The levels allowed in six products were more than 300 times over the legal allowed amount of hydrogen peroxide, which is quite terrifying.

Many of these products were available in the UK through legal sites, despite the product actively breaking hydrogen peroxide product laws in this country. Interestingly, the study also showed that many products claiming to contain the whitening ingredient hydrogen peroxide, didn’t even contain any at all.

So what does this mean for you, when it comes to buying DIY teeth whitening kits online?

WHICH have recommended that you simply don’t bother buying any DIY kits for teeth whitening at all. Whilst there are some kits available that are considered safe, the fact is that there are so many available that are considered unsafe or ineffective, so it is better just to steer clear altogether. The BDA (British Dental Association) have commented on the study and ask consumers to be wary of over-the-counter products.

The Dangers Of DIY Teeth Whitening

Here at Abbey Road Dental, we know that a lot of patients feel tempted by the extremely low prices of seemingly phenomenal whitening products you can use at home. We have also seen patients either at our NW8 clinic, or in other clinics, where these kits have done some real damage. The hydrogen peroxide at a high level can burn your gums, leaving you with a painful chemical burn. This could damage your gums and cause them to recede.

In addition, your tooth structure can be weakened, which could then lead to other treatments being needed.

All of these risks just aren’t worth it, especially for results that might not even be that impressive anyway. In addition, we want patients to know that there are affordable ways to get a gorgeous white smile, without having to turn to non-reputable sources.

Getting Brighter, Whiter Teeth – Safely

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Can You Go Too Far With Oral Hygiene Habits?

Could you be damaging your teeth with over brushing? Find out how to protect your teeth and gums from this common mistake.

Oral health teeth brushingOral hygiene is the cornerstone of healthy, happy teeth and gums. It is so important, and helps to prevent a myriad of issues with the teeth and gums.

What Is A Good Oral Hygiene Regime?

A good oral hygiene regime includes a few different factors to ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy. It includes:

  • Brushing twice a day for two minutes each time, using the right tools and ensuring your brushing technique is effective
  • Flossing at least once a day gently and precisely to remove plaque and bacteria under the gum line and between the teeth
  • Visiting Abbey Road Dental every six months for a checkup, or as often as is advised to you by your dentist
  • Avoiding unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, which can be very harmful to your oral health, and overall health

We also recommend you limit consuming lots of processed sugars, starchy carbs and acidic foods regularly. We may also advise you to consider using a special mouthguard if you have issues with bruxism, or you take part in contact sports.

Those with active gum disease or challenging health conditions that have an impact on oral health can also benefit from visiting our handy local hygienist for help with oral hygiene advice and professional cleaning.

Can Oral Hygiene Habits Go Too Far?

You can actually have too much of a good thing when it comes to oral hygiene, which can be incredibly harmful to your teeth.

Harm From Of Over Brushing

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How To Find A Great Local Dentist – An Easy Guide

Are you looking for a reliable dentist? This user-friendly guide will help you get started.

Abbey Road Dental in St John's WoodHere at Abbey Road Dental, we pride ourselves on being a user-friendly dentist with great staff and a wide-range of treatments.

However, as an individual, you should always feel confident that you have chosen the very best dental clinic for your family.

It should always be your choice where you have treatment, especially with detailed procedures like smile makeovers and root canal to name but a few.

To help you tick all the boxes when it comes to your family’s dental clinic, here’s an easy guide to finding a great local dentist:


Your dental clinic should be within easy reach of where you live, if possible. If you use public transport, it shouldn’t be too hard to get to it. If you park, it should have some parking facilities, or parking nearby. It could also be near your child’s school, or near your workplace if those are areas you think would be helpful to have your dentist in.


When is the dental clinic open? Some dentists are only open at specific times of the day, and some might close on a certain day too. If that time happens to be when you are unable to get to the dentist, there really is no point in becoming a patient at that clinic unfortunately.

Are They Legal?

Clinics, dentists and dental staff tend to be very proud to display all their credentials so that patients can see their legitimacy. If you can’t see licensing and other qualifications displayed, don’t be afraid to ask about them. You could also take a look on the GDC website, which is really helpful when you want to search official registers.

It’s a standard expectation from patients that their dentist is qualified to practise dentistry, so if there is any hesitancy in showing you credentials, move on to looking at other clinics.

Do They Offer What You Need?

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10 Tips To Help You Become More Photogenic

Would you love to feel more confident about how you appear in photos? These 10 tips will help…

Healthy white smileWe say this with everything crossed, but it appears we may well be at the tail end of the Covid-19 pandemic locally. At the very least, we do have an easing of many restrictions over the coming months which means we can do so many normal things again.

Seeing friends, going out for a drink, going on staycations – there are going to be lots of lovely memories, and of course, lots of photos.

With that in mind, Abbey Road Dental wants to help you feel more photogenic and confident when you strike a pose. We all deserve happy memories this summer, and plenty of gorgeous photos to look back on.

Here are 10 tips to help you become more photogenic:

1. Practice Makes Perfect!

Learning how to take a better photograph comes down to practice. Even models start off looking a bit goofy and lacking confidence in the beginning, because they don’t know how to get the job done right.

Use a mirror, use your phone, relax your shoulders and play around. Get used to how it feels when the photos look good so you can replicate that feeling when others are taking photos of you. Just make sure you’re practising alone because your housemates or family will definitely find amusement seeing your session!

2.  What Is Your Angle?

Everybody has a side they don’t like or, a particular angle they know does not suit them in photographs. Maybe you prefer your left side on photos, or you know that you prefer how your body looks side on. Knowing your angle means not only having an instant pose or side to get into when a photo is being taken, but feeling confident that a particular angle will 9/10 times look great.

3.  Prepare

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