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Now Is The Time To Plan Your Wedding Day Smile!

Congratulations! You’re engaged! What an exciting time for you and your partner or rather, soon to be husband or wife. During this time, you’ll likely want to enjoy the excitement of it all, telling those you love and basking in how lovely it all feels.

When it comes to planning the wedding, it all depends when you plan to have it. If you’re waiting for a full year after engagement, as is traditional, then you’ll have to start planning fairly soon because lots of venues and services get booked up years in advance.

There’s so much to think about; like the dress, flowers, cake, venue, favours; it can quickly seem like a giant task. You might be eager to start planning because although there is a lot to do, the reward at the end of it is a fairy-tale day where you marry your one true love.

Whilst it is obvious that things like the wedding date, venue and accommodation need planning and booking well in advance, one thing that many people may not think about planning well in advance is their wedding day smile.

As central as your smile is to your wedding day photographs and overall look, it can sometimes be a last minute consideration, which can be detrimental to your experience of the day. Abbey Road Dental is here to help you ensure that your wedding day smile is planned and perfected well in advance of the big day, so you’ll have nothing but a perfect smile to flash at your partner and at the camera, capturing your happiness on this memorable day.

So, Why Now?

The reason you need to start thinking about your wedding day smile now is because it may take up to a year to achieve the look that you want. Depending on how your smile looks now, and how you want it to look, it may be that treatments require a full year to fully take effect. It may be that you need time to save up for treatment, or to make time for treatments that require some level of recovery.

Your Starting Point Is Unique

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Your Complete Guide To A Date-Worthy Smile

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Are you ready for Valentine’s Day 2019?

Valentine’s Day is an event that can be either very exciting, or a reminder that your love life isn’t quite where you would like it to be at this time.

If you are looking forward to it, the best thing is, it is a whole day to express how you feel to that special person in your life. If you’re dreading it, then fortunately it is just one day. Before you know it, Easter will be on route, and everyone loves egg shaped chocolate right?

If you do intend to take part in Valentines Day, you definitely need to read our guide. Smiling is synonymous with love, and here at Abbey Road Dental, we know exactly how to ensure you’re grinning with confidence this February the 14th. Read on for your complete guide to a date-worthy smile, you don’t want to miss these tips!

First Things First, What Has A Smile Got To Do With Love?

We don’t mean to be dramatic but… lots!

Attractiveness is known to be related to looking youthful because we are genetically predisposed to look for a ‘mate’ who has youthful eggs/sperm. Your smile has a huge effect on how youthful you look as missing teeth can cause the face to sag and look ‘hollow’ in the cheeks. A big, healthy, white smile helps keep you looking youthful and maintains your facial structure. A beautiful smile is also known to be an important part of your overall attractiveness to another person, and some people rate it as highly as nice eyes when it comes to initial impressions.

It makes sense though right? If you like somebody, you flash them a smile, you laugh at their jokes, you grin from ear to ear for no reason. Our smile is a key way that we communicate to others how we feel, so it makes a lot of sense that it relates to how attractive we might feel we look, or appear to others.

Your Smile And Your Dating Confidence Could Be Connected

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Your Smile And Your Career

Healthy white smile

How The Two Are Connected

Often at the beginning of a new year, we reflect on the year that has just passed which helps us to recognise how we want to progress moving ahead. Often health is the highest priority on everybody’s resolution list, with quitting alcohol, eating vegan and quitting smoking being popular goals all round. For some however, their New Year goals revolve more around their professional life, or to be more specific, their career.

We spend a huge amount of time at work so, it makes sense that you would want to feel happy whilst you are there. If your job has you feeling like you are not reaching your potential, your employer doesn’t align with your values in life, you find yourself dreading a workday, or you simply have designs on a more entrepreneurial way of life, then January is a wonderful time to start mapping out where you want to go, and how you are going to get there.

Your Smile And Your Career – The Link

Of course, Abbey Road Dental is not about to suggest that the one and only key to your career is going to be your smile. However, it could actually be a huge hindrance to you at present, at least, more than you realise. Here are some smile and career links you may not have recognised yet:

Low Smile Confidence Can Cause Lower Self Esteem

Plenty of people suffer from low smile confidence because of issues with their smile. It may be because you simply wish your smile was perfect, even though it is healthy already. It might be because you have neglected your smile and missing teeth, stained teeth or other visual issues causing you to cover your smile. This low smile confidence could well have caused you to have low self esteem, so you don’t go for that dream job when the opportunity arises, and you lose out because of how you feel about your smile.

Less Of A Smile Makes You Less Employable

According to research, a great smile makes an employer more likely to give you a job ahead of somebody who doesn’t smile. So if you’re not smiling because you don’t like your smile, you could be missing out on important career breaks.

Image Connects To Power

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Dry January & Your Oral Health

Dentist offers advice

Even More Reasons To Cut Down On The Demon Booze!

Everybody does something different for their New Year’s resolutions depending on their main vice or goal.

For some, food is the enemy which means certain food groups get cut out, or eating less altogether is on the cards. For others, they want to reduce their impact on the environment and so reducing single use plastic or doing Veganuary is ideal. Dry January though, where you don’t drink for a whole month, is by far the most popular New Year’s Resolution venture in the UK.

Alcohol & Your Body

14.2 million people were set to do Dry January in the UK this year, which is an amazing number of people making the effort to improve their lives in the way they feel they need to. There are many different reasons why people choose to ditch the alcohol for a whole month, including:

  • Wanting a detox after drinking a lot in December
  • Wanting to feel healthier overall
  • Seeking a challenge
  • Hoping to avoid hangovers that may have been affecting their life
  • Looking to drop a few pounds
  • Hoping to save money

Every single reason is valid for the individual and Abbey Road Dental commends anyone looking to reach personal goals.

For the health of your body, cutting down or quitting alcohol is likely to be beneficial, especially if you consume a lot of alcohol regularly. Just some of the known effects of drinking on the body include:

Sleep Issues

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New Year Dental Health Resolutions

Keeping You Smiling All The Way Through 2019!

New Year is approaching now, which is scary for some, but an opportunity for others. Here at Abbey Road Dental we like to think of it as an opportunity.

New Year resolutions are a fantastic way to grab the opportunity of a brand new year and make certain aspects of your life better in January, and all year round.

Lots of people choose to lose weight, to start a new hobby or even to go travelling or start ticking things off the bucket list. Of course, we support all our patients in making their life better in the way they feel is best and in today’s blog we want to provide some potential New Year resolutions to help with your oral health.

Your smile might not seem like an important enough feature to base any resolutions on. However, if you are in a highly social job or, you need a confidence boost with your love life, or even if you love a good selfie, then your smile is pretty important and there’s every reason you could base some New Year resolutions around it.

Here are Abbey Road Dental’s best New Year resolutions for oral health, to help you enjoy a beautiful smile in January, and all year round:

Eat A Full Range Of Fruits And Vegetables

Yes, excess fruit juice intake can damage the teeth, as can consuming endless acidic fruits. However, consuming lots of fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet will not affect your smile negatively, in fact you need to include them to maintain good oral health. Nutrients in fruits and vegetables help to boost your immune system and help you fight inflammation and conditions like gum disease. Crunchy veggies like celery or kale are excellent for naturally cleaning the teeth and fruits like apples and strawberries can naturally whiten the teeth. Lastly, not eating enough fruits and vegetables can contribute to your risk of oral cancer, which is a really, really good reason to include more in your diet. This works well as a resolution because it isn’t about cutting things out, it’s about including more of something in your life, which is much easier sometimes.

Quit Smoking

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Keeping Your Smile Happy And Healthy This Christmas!

Flossing teeth for oral health

10 Festive Tips From Abbey Road Dental

Christmas seemed to be here at the end of August when the Christmas tins first went out. Then we blinked, Halloween happened and now it is nearly Christmas Day!

It comes around so fast every year and there is always a sudden feeling of panic, because everybody else seems so much more prepared. We are only just giving the garden its final winter trim and everybody else seems to be picking out the perfect Nordic spruce to decorate.

Between choosing your perfect ‘works do’ Christmas party dress and trying to get the best deal on the must-have toys this year, hopefully you are also going to have plenty of time to relax and be merry. There are endless parties, buffets, family do’s, work do’s, cosy coffees and events at Christmas to enjoy spending time with those you love (and maybe plenty that you’re not so keen on too!) Lets not forget, there is also a seemingly endless conveyor belt of delicious food and drink at Christmas. Mince pies, chocolates, Christmas market German hot dogs, pretzels, Bucks Fizz, egg nog hot chocolate, sausage rolls, turkey sandwiches – there is no end to the excess.

Sadly, although a delight for your taste buds, Christmas food and drink is not a great time for your teeth. Our dental clinic in St John’s Wood sees a lot of post-Christmas patients who have developed oral health issues as a result of holiday over-indulgence. Or they may have exacerbated existing problems through their holiday habits.

Sadly for some, their oral health problems don’t wait until January and they find themselves utilising the NHS 111 service to get emergency dental care during the holidays.

Nobody wants to spend Christmas with a toothache, and nobody wants to go into 2019 with oral health issues that are avoidable. Luckily, these top tips from our dental team can help you keep your smile happy and healthy this Christmas:

Avoid Using Your Teeth As Tools!

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Did You know Your Smile And Your Self Esteem Are Likely Linked?

confident white teeth smile

The link between smiles and confidence explained

Having a big, beautiful white smile is typically an indication that the gums, teeth and surrounding tissues are healthy and working well.

That means you can chew and speak well, and your facial structure is maintained by your teeth and their roots.

As well as helping physical form, dental health also has a huge role to play when it comes to your self esteem and confidence. And it makes sense right?

We express ourselves with our smiles and our teeth are used in other processes too, not just eating. For example, our teeth also help to keep our faces free from premature hollowing due to ageing. If our teeth are not the way we want them to be, we won’t feel that great about how we interact with other people. Even something as simple as a bad breath problem can be enough to make a person self conscious and affect their social interactions with others. Your smile means so much more than a great selfie, or the ease of eating, and it is important to recognise its value in enhancing your confidence too.

Smiling Helps You Feel Good

Lots and lots of research shows that if you feel good about how you look, you feel good about who you are and who you are presenting to the world. When your teeth are clean and beautiful, you can smile and relax and laugh; you can be confident. Some studies even suggest that the simple physical act of smiling causes us to feel happy, and our smiles will then spread to others because smiling is actually contagious!

Smiling Helps You Look Good

Smiling is known to make you look more attractive to others and it is also known to help make you more employable. Having a big happy smile lets others around you know that you are feeling good, and that they should feel good around you. Smiling is also known to make people assume you are optimistic, outgoing and sociable. It can even suggest we are more intelligent and trustworthy! Many studies suggest that our smile really does have a huge part to play in our confidence and it really can hold the answer to making you look and feel good around other people.

How Poor Smile Confidence Could Affect You

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Sleep Apnoea & Your Dentist

We can help!

Sleep apnoea is a condition a lot of people have heard of, perhaps through friends and family, through their own experiences with it, or through it being mentioned on the TV or online.

However, what a lot of people don’t know is that their dentist can help to recognise sleep apnoea and help with treatment for it too.

Your dentist is in the perfect position to diagnose sleep apnoea because they likely see you more often than your family doctor and they know how to look for signs and symptoms of the condition. Often diagnosis is the most important step in a treatment plan because it means that you can start the road to recovery. No more feeling exhausted, no more snoring and keeping your partner awake, and importantly, no more damage to your teeth!

What Is Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep apnoea is a truly exhausting condition where the person has issues with their breathing as they sleep. They may breathe very short, shallow breaths. They may stop breathing completely for a few seconds, or even a few minutes. This can happen many times through the night, sometimes over 25 times every single hour. Often the person is ‘woken’ out of the breathing pause by choking or snorting that wakes them up. There are lots of reasons for it, and lots of potential symptoms. It can be very scary for the partner of the person experiencing it because of the pauses where breathing stops and overall, it tends to be exhausting for both parties because it causes disturbed/ lack of sleep.

The Different Types Of Sleep Apnoea

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Your Consultation at Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood

dental treatment consultation

What we do and why it’s so important.

At Abbey Road Dental when you speak to us about starting a new type of treatment, we typically request that you come in for an appointment to start the process.

This first appointment is called a consultation and will usually be necessary for many of our advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments.

A lot of our modern, transformational treatments are extremely popular. As such, patients just like you are eager to come in and get them started to gain the great results as quickly as possible. However, you need the consultation first so that your treatment plan gets off to the best possible start and you are fully informed. It really is the very first step in your transformation journey and it even has some benefits you might not know about.

A Consultation Is…..

An appointment at Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood that may be 15 minutes long, or even an hour long depending on the type of treatment that you require. It is often the very first step in a detailed treatment plan that is made just for you.

We can book you in at any time during our opening hours which are Monday to Thursday 9AM-5PM and then Saturdays 9.30AM-4.30PM. Over the ‘phone we need to know the treatment you are interested in so you can be booked in with the right member of our team. Our number is 02076241603 and we can also give you basic information about our services on this number if you need more information before booking your consultation.

A Consultation Occurs…

At the very beginning of your treatment plan and it is the very first thing we do before any treatment begins. This is so that the most appropriate treatment for you is selected. We can only offer the right dental treatment for you following a detailed consultation process, which involves diagnostics, conversation and information sharing. By performing a consultation first, we ensure you get the very best possible results for your needs.

A Consultation Involves…

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Did You Know Your Dentures Can Now Be More Secure Than Ever?

Implant stabilised denture

Denture stabilisation at Abbey Road Dental

Standard dentures can make such a huge difference in how your oral health functions and looks.

Compared to having missing teeth, dentures can truly transform your smile, filling out the spaces that your natural teeth once occupied. Dentures have many benefits including:

  • Enhancing your smile
  • Enhancing your smile-related confidence
  • Stopping remaining teeth from moving and collapsing into the gap
  • Improving speech
  • Improving eating habits
  • Maintaining facial structure that can be affected by missing teeth

However dentures can have many issues, regardless of whether they are partial or full, and whether or not they have been fitted really well.

Would you love to have secure dentures that feel completely natural? Now you can with implant retained dentures at Abbey Dental in St John’s Wood, NW8. Implant retained dentures are the ‘gold standard’ in denture treatment, providing you with a beautiful, functional smile without any of the mess and potential embarrassment associated with normal dentures.

Standard Dentures And Their Problems

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