Back To School – Helping Your Child Back Into A Term-Time Routine

As school starts again, these tips can help you get your child back into their daily routine.

Family with kidsSummer soon comes to an end and the school term starts again. It’s a particularly challenging time as a parent because there have been weeks of fun, and plenty of time out of a routine. Getting the kids back into a school schedule after all this making hay can be tricky and it can take time to get them settled.

To help you, we have some tips to help you get your child back into caring for their teeth and gums everyday, as well as getting into the swing of a great daily routine overall:

Starting Your Routine Early Helps

It can be tempting to make the most of every second of the school holidays right up until the day before school starts again. However, this can make it really jarring for you and for your child when it comes to starting school again. Instead, starting to go to bed on time, and up at the time you have to when school starts a week or so before the first day back can make a huge difference.

Support Good Dental Hygiene Habits Everyday

In the holidays it might be that your child has their first tooth brushing session of the day later than when they are at school. They might have had a few late night before-bed brushes too. The good news is, that even though the brushing has taken place at a different time, it is still taking place. By emphasising that dental hygiene habits are important everyday whether you are on holiday, you have had a lay-in, or you’re tired, your child will understand why brushing is an important part of their school routine.

If they do seem hesitant about brushing along with everything else that has to happen when getting ready for school, it can be challenging because you don’t have the time to endlessly ask them to get the job done. Luckily, there are a few methods you can try to make it easier including:

  • Let your child choose a new age-appropriate toothpaste and toothbrush for term time
  • Buy a few flavours of age-appropriate toothpaste so your child looks forward to choosing the flavour for the day
  • Use a two minute brushing song they brush to (and dance to!)
  • Brush your teeth with them

If the challenge continues please do speak to us here at Abbey Road Dental during your next appointment. We have a wealth of tips and tricks to help kids get enthused about their oral health regime.

Keep Treats As Treats

It can be tempting to just kick back and let everybody just enjoy all kinds of different food types, in the name of fun and letting loose during the holidays.

The problem with doing this is that if you allow your children to eat whatever they want during the school holidays, they will build resentment towards term time when they need to eat healthy school meals and packed lunches. They may also get cranky when they don’t have those sugar highs, or they don’t get the sugary treat they have been used to in the morning.

Of course summer treats will happen, but if you can always emphasise that they are treats and try to encourage healthier eating, your child will be more open to eating well during term time. Eating well boosts oral hygiene, overall body health and a more level state of energy for an active, positive education and day to day life.

A really good thing to do is to get healthier treats on the family home menu during the summer. Fruit salads, veggie homemade pizzas, alcohol free fruit water cocktails – anything that is a bit of a novelty that gets your children enthused about healthy foods is good. You can then have those summer favourites during term time, ensuring your child is encouraged to eat healthy foods whilst also having a positive attitude towards what they are eating.

Get Appointments Made Before Term Starts

Doctors appointments and appointments at our NW8 clinic can cause extra disruption during the beginning of term when things are already up and down for your child. If you can, make your family dental appointments and doctors appointments before term time starts.

If that can’t be done, don’t worry, Abbey Road Dental will always do our best to fit you in during a time most convenient to you and your family.

Start Practising Relaxation Well Before Term Time

It is normal for children to feel nervous before school and letting them know that it is normal is a great way to validate their feelings and keep them opening up to you. Because children can also be stressed about social anxiety, pandemic issues and even climate change these days, school starting again could be more stressful than ever.

Getting relaxation and mindfulness techniques into your child’s routine well before term time is an excellent way to make sure going back to school isn’t a cause for alarm. You can find some really good methods for helping kids relax in this article.

Homework Completion Equals Lots Of Praise

It can be hard for kids to transition back to getting homework again. A really good way to help them get used to it is to encourage them to do it as soon as they get home from school. This means they still have time whilst it is light to play outside in these first autumnal months back. Plenty of praise from you for doing it will help motivate them into getting it done, doing a good job and feeling like they are doing well.

Looking Forward To Winter

A lot of kids have an amazing summer, and because school starts back when it starts getting colder, the nights draw in and the next summer holidays seem a million miles away, it can feel to them, like this is not a happy time. Helping your child look forward to winter and everything that is fun about this time of year will help them feel positive about this new school year. Talk about the fun things that you’ll be doing on the weekends, the exciting autumnal food and drink you’ll be enjoying, and of course, winter events like fireworks night, Halloween and Christmas.

Your Family Will Be Back To Term-Time Routine In No Time

Getting back into the school routine after summer is challenging, but much easier with a few tweaks and some preparation. Soon enough, you’ll all be back into the swing of things, making new happy memories as the nights draw in!

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