Top 5 Oral Health Mistakes To Avoid

Top 5 Oral Health Mistakes To Avoid

Getting the basics right with Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood.

Oral hygiene is a priority for anybody who values their smile. However, even the most committed person can make mistakes when it comes to their oral hygiene regime; nobody is perfect.

Here are the top oral health mistakes to avoid in order to keep your regime working for you:

Brush Twice A Day

It seems obvious, but people can fall into the habit of missing one of their brushing sessions. For example; a student might be up partying every night and miss their evening brushing session several times a week. Or a teenager might get up with five minutes to spare before going to school and think chewing gum will suffice over a brush of the teeth. Missing brushing sessions can be detrimental to teeth, so make sure you are brushing twice a day!

Brush For Two Minutes

Just like forgetting to brush twice a day, not brushing for long enough can also be detrimental to the teeth. All sides and areas of all the teeth need to be brushed and if you’re not spending enough time brushing, then some areas of your teeth are getting neglected.

Brushing Correctly

Often we can get into the habit of brushing in an incorrect way. There are so many distractions these days it can be so easy to go through the motions without really thinking about how we are brushing our teeth. A visit to our Abbey Road hygienist can help with perfecting your brushing technique and spotting weak areas in how you brush your teeth.

Using The Wrong Type Of Toothbrush

Everybody has different needs and it might be that your toothbrush doesn’t meet the needs of your oral health. Perhaps the handle is uncomfortable for you to hold, or the head is too big to allow you to brush all areas of your mouth. The bristles might be too hard and cause irritation to your gums? Try out different brushes and use the one which allows you the easiest access to all areas of your mouth, comfortably.

Skipping Visits To Abbey Road Dental

Skipping visits to the dentist is a really bad idea for your teeth, but it is something that commonly happens for several reasons including:

  • A worry about being judged on how your teeth look
  • A fear of the dentist
  • Forgetting to book an appointment
  • Not making time in your schedule to visit the dentist
  • Worrying it will hurt or that an issue you have is going to be really painful or expensive

These are common reasons people avoid going to the dentist, but all of these issues can be resolved and should be resolved for the good of your smile. The longer you avoid visiting your handy St John’s Wood dentist, the worse any current dental issues will get; so the more likely those issues are to cause permanent damage, or to be more painful, or more expensive to treat. The earlier you can get treatment the better, or better still, preventing issues altogether is best. We are not judgemental at all here at our NW8 clinic, and we have the skills and facilities to help you overcome your dental anxiety.

If you are struggling for time to book an appointment or you keep forgetting, it is so important to prioritise your visit for the good of your oral health. Checkups are quick and convenient, and our helpful team will always do their best to get you an appointment at time that suits you. Please call us on 02076241603 and we will be more than happy to book you in for your next visit.

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