Searching For A New Dentist In St John’s Wood?

Searching For A New Dentist In St John’s Wood?

Complete family care – what to look out for

As part of the natural course of life, we move house or have different needs, and that causes us to change essential services we use, such as doctors, banks and of course dentists.

These essential services are really important because we use them for important parts of our lives, like health and finances. That means it isn’t a case of just picking the first one we find, but instead doing the research to ensure it is the right fit for the whole family.

When it comes to looking for a dentist for the entire family, there are lots of different things to consider and think about. Every dental surgery is different and it is important to think about all aspects of what they have to offer, against what you need. That way you can find the best dentist for you and your loved ones, ensuring you all keep smiling because you have the healthiest teeth, and you have the best possible experience during your dental visits.

Please consider the following when you look for a dentist for your whole family:


The location of the dentist is very important. Try to consider exactly where you are likely to be when taking your appointments. Are you likely to take them going to and from your home, or will you pick up the children from school and go straight from there? Will you pop in your lunch break? Try to consider from where you are most likely to use the dentist, rather than only your home address.


Most dentists will offer a wide range of general dentistry, but not all offer advanced procedures like dental implants, or cosmetic dentistry treatments like veneers or tooth whitening. Each dentist will likely have a preferred system within each treatment category as well. Like teeth whitening for example; here at Abbey Road Dental we use the professional whitening system ‘Enlighten’ which gives great results in just two weeks of use at home. So please consider what you actually visit the dentist for and make sure your new dentist provides that service.

Customer Service

This is where dental surgeries really differ, and where you need to think really carefully about your decision. Excellent treatment is one thing, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your overall dental experience for it. Expect friendly, helpful staff that go out of their way to help you. Expect staff who are proud of where they work, who provide transparent information and who genuinely want to put a smile on your face. Here at Abbey Road Dental we pride ourselves on being a real family friendly clinic, working hard to ensure all ages who visit us are happy during their time with us.

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If you would like to register with a professional, family-friendly, modern dental clinic based conveniently in St John’s Wood NW8, please give us a call on 02076241603 and we will be more than happy to help you. Alternatively please make a new patient appointment request with our handy online form.

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