Take These 10 Oral Health Tips Into The New Year

10 tips and tricks for 2020 to help make sure your smile is a happy and healthy one!

Oral health teeth brushingAfter Christmas there is a bit of a lull as we all try to relax and slowly digest all the food we have consumed! Most of us are also tired from all the running around, cooking and present buying that seems to happen in a whirlwind in the lead up to the big day.

Once all the turkey sandwiches have gone, and the decorations are down, most people start to look towards the New Year to think about their resolutions.

Instead of adding to your load when it comes to resolutions, Abbey Road Dental want to help you go into the New Year with a smile! Oral health can often get ignored as an important area to focus on, and yet, toothache can ruin everything when you are least expecting it. A lack of smile confidence can hinder us in life and certain oral health issues are known to affect other areas of our health too.

Oral health is actually a great area to focus on in the New Year because your smileĀ  actually represents broader health and confidence in many ways. So to help you head into the New Year able to smile without pain, and with confidence, here are 10 oral health tips we want you to take with you into 2020:

Come And See Us!

One of the most important things you can do for your oral health is to ensure you visit our St John’s Wood NW8 dental clinic every six months, or more if you need to. We’re always happy to see you, and those regular checkups help to ensure that any problems are quickly diagnosed and treated.

Brush Twice Every Single Day

Brushing twice every single day for two minutes is an essential part of self care that everybody should be doing. Two minutes of really great brushing will ensure the food debris and plaque is cleaned away and the bacteria that cause issues have nothing to feast on.

Cut Down On Sugar And Starchy Carbs

Sugar and starchy carbs are really bad for your oral health, and they aren’t great for your overall health either. Cutting down on these things can only benefit your health overall.

Quit Smoking

We know you have heard it all before, but the risk doesn’t change and we want you to cut the risk of all the nasty diseases and side effects you get from the habit. If you can do one thing for your health and bank balance in 2020, quit smoking.

Eat The Rainbow

Eating more fruit and vegetables can only benefit your oral health. There are increased risks with not eating enough fresh produce and, it is really easy to integrate more into your diet. Try a meat free day or vow to add at least one fruit or vegetable to one meal every day for a month. Eating the rainbow is essential to filling your body with nutrition.

Speak To Abbey Road Dental About A Change In Medication Or Medical Status

If you have a new medical diagnosis or medication change then please do let your dentist know. Many medical conditions and medications have side effects that can affect your oral health. As well as keeping an eye on those side effects we have suggestions to help you manage them better, for a more comfortable mouth.

Book In About That Nagging Symptom

Do you have a sore in your mouth that won’t go away? Do you have some tooth decay you’ve noticed? Struggling with a bit of a toothache? Bleeding when you brush? Any nagging symptoms in your mouth need checking out before your next checkup. Many issues can be treated quickly and easily before they develop into anything worse.

Get A Mouth Guard For Sports Or Tooth Grinding

If you play contact sports or you’re struggling with bruxism, it is a really good idea to get a custom mouth guard before any damage is done. Oral injuries in sports can be very nasty and are preventable with the right mouth protection from your dentist. Bruxism can also lead to all kinds of issues if it is not effectively treated. We can recommend ways to reduce your stress levels and create a special mouthguard that prevents you from grinding at night.

Improve Your Oral Hygiene Regime

Are you struggling with brushing effectively? Are you finding your toothpaste makes your mouth sore? Do you find that you aren’t getting into the little nooks and crannies between your teeth that seem to gather plaque? Our NW8 hygienist can help you create a better oral hygiene regime. As well as cleaning your teeth and gums professionally to ensure there isn’t a buildup, they can give you advice on techniques, tools, products and timings to ensure your oral hygiene regime works for you.

Beat That Phobia

If you have found that you have avoided the dentist because of a phobia then please get in touch. We are specially trained to help phobic patients get over their fear. We have all kinds of techniques to help ensure you have a good experience at the dentist, and most importantly, get the oral care you need. Make 2020 the year you finally face your fear of the dentist.

Hopefully you’ll take some of our handy tips onboard and straight into 2020 with you. We’re here to help all our patients get the happiest, healthiest smile they possibly can. We have hygienist services, restoration, general and cosmetic dentistry options covering the full range of oral health issues.

Please get in touch for further advice or to make an appointment; you can reach our helpful team on 02076241603. If you are experiencing an emergency dental issue and we are not open, please call 111 for more advice and to source your nearest emergency dental service. If you suspect a dental abscess has burst or there is excessive swelling that is affecting your breathing, seek emergency treatment straight away. We’re signing off now until the New Year so please enjoy the festivities and we’ll see you soon!

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