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Dental check-ups Abbey Road St John's Wood

The first appointment will include a full set of x rays and intra-oral photographs. Plus a full assessment of the teeth and gums, oral cancer screening and a medical and dental history review. You will also be provided with a written plan of any required treatment and associated cost after extensive discussion and examination of all available options

Adult Hygiene

A very high percentage of the adult population, approx 97%, suffer with some level of gum disease. Gum disease is the major cause of tooth loss in adult patients. Your gums are the foundations for healthy teeth. Healthy gums don’t bleed.

After your dental examination, we will refer you to our hygiene clinic for an Initial Hygiene Assessment. Your teeth will be assessed for levels of bacteria, infection, bleeding and plaque and a cleaning will be carried out. If necessary, further treatments will be recommended to bring your gums to optimal health. You will be advised on more effective cleaning techniques and interdental brushes. We recommend that you visit the hygienist every 3-6 months to maintain healthy gums.

Dental check-ups

Why is regular dental hygiene important?

Your Health is our priority.

Gum disease is the commonest reason for tooth loss. Over 95% of the population suffer from some degree of gum disease during their life.

Mel Prebble our senior dental hygienist and therapist at Abbey Road Dental is an expert in oral health care. There have been proven links between our overall health and the health of our mouth. Mel offers dental hygiene screening and treatments to adults and children and aims to prevent disease and maintain restorations (crowns, bridges, fillings etc.)

At our North London practice we use the most current screening techniques along with the most advanced therapeutic treatment methods. What this means for you is that you have your teeth cleaned in comfort and have a complete periodontal screening report to take home with you. We help you reduce the risk of systemic disease by reducing your risk of oral disease.

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