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Icon - White Spot Treatment

White spot removal at Abbey Road Dental in St Johns Wood NW8

What causes white spots on your teeth?

White spots on teeth are more common than you might think and can be caused in a variety of ways as follows:

  • White spots following teeth trauma in early years
  • Decalcification – this is where minerals are lost from the tooth enamel and can occurs following lapses in personal oral hygiene or following fixed brace treatments
  • Fluorosis – caused following high fluoride intake when the teeth are developing
  • Molar Incisor Hypoplasia – where the enamel layer is non-uniform and defective
Icon white spot removal

What treatments are available?

White spots on the teeth are often mistaken for stains along with the thought that the problem can be addressed by teeth whitening. Unfortunately however, this is not the case as whitening would simply leave the spots a lighter shade than the rest of the teeth.

Historically, composite bonding or veneers were used to cover up these types of spots but this type of treatment can be invasive and not really favoured in modern dentistry.

Fortunately there is another solution which we are pleased to offer here at Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood.
This solution is called ‘Icon’ whereby a process of infiltration is used to blend the white spots with the rest of the tooth. The treatment is minimally invasive and does not require any drilling or other significant tooth preparation.

If you suffer with white spots on your teeth and need treatment to help, the team at Abbey Road Dental will be pleased to assist. Call us today on 020 7624 1603 to see how Icon can help!

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