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White fillings

White, cosmetic fillings at Abbey Road Dental in St John's Wood

White fillings are suitable for small fillings on the side of a tooth or on the biting surface.

They are directly placed tooth coloured restorations, artistically crafted to match the front teeth or to fill smaller cavities in the back teeth.

New areas of decay are most suitable for white fillings There is a limit to the strength of white fillings and larger cavities/fillings should be replaced with inlays/onlays.


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Why choose white fillings?

White fillings are now considered to be more appropriate than traditional amalgam 'silver' fillings for two main reasons:

  • They are much more aesthetically pleasing, particularly near the front of the mouth where they are likely to be visible.
  • Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, they do not contain mercury derivatives. Mercury is actually a poison and although it is tightly bound within the amalgam and has been declared safe by the BDA and other professional bodies, some people still have concerns and opt for the new-style amalgam free materials.

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