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Smilefast Veneers at Abbey Road Dental in St Johns Wood NW8

SmileFast is the ground-breaking new development in Smile Design, Trial Smile preview, Refinement of the smile and Provision of Smile Makeovers that deals with the top front six teeth

An examination would be carried out initially to ascertain suitability for the procedure. If the treatment plan is agreed with both patient and clinician, impressions and photographs are taken (If whitening is also required it must be carried out two weeks beforehand)

Then using the latest 3D-planning technology, the SmileFast team will design the perfect patient smile and outline possible treatment options.

Once approved by both Patient and Dentist, all the materials required to achieve the perfect smile are sent directly to the practice.

Using the innovative SmileFast stent and careful planning, we can now place a custom-designed composite veneer smile makeover for the front 6 teeth in just one application.  With a pre-separating mechanism for individual teeth placement, perfect anatomy and texture can be simply transferred to the final result, meaning the final finishing time is drastically reduced and much easier.

Most SmileFast Direct composite smile makeovers can be completed in less than an hour!

This a less costly option than Porcelain veneers and has a longevity 5-7 years instead 10-15 years

Cost: approximately £3000 for 6 composite veneers plus whitening £500

Call us today on 020 7624 1603 to see how Smilefast can help!

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