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Debbie Gale - Practice Co-ordinator
Debbie Gale - Practice Co-ordinator

Debbie has been in dentistry for 20 years and has been a Patient Co-ordinator in a cosmetic dental practice for the last 12 years. She has also got a qualification in dental practice management (Dip Cert).

As the Patient Co-ordinator, Debbie connects with patients on an intensely personal level. She is generally the first contact with the practice and the first voice you will hear.

Her aim is to look after you, put you at your ease, explain terminology and generally do everything to make your dental visit as pleasurable as possible.

The Patient Co-ordinator is there to answer the questions that some patients are uncomfortable asking the dentist or hygienist and she is able to explain the process simplistically to ensure you have a full understanding.

She will guide you through treatment plans, schedule your appointments, explain time spans and coordinate between the dentist, hygienist and dental specialists. As Patient Co-ordinator she is able to advise if you need help to spread the cost of treatment to make your dentistry affordable.

Debbie has two married daughters and became a 'Glam-ma' for the first time in December 2012 with a grandson James and welcomed a granddaughter Poppy Rose in May 2016. She has a passion for travel and she is fortunate to have a few holidays each year.

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