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Facial Aesthetics

We are delighted to announce the opening of a Facial Aesthetic Clinic at the practice in St Johns Wood.

Initial Consultation

The process starts with an in-depth consultation to determine your needs and what facial features you would like to enhance.

During your consultation you will be asked to complete a questionnaire which ranges from any previous rejuvenation procedures to particular medical issues which may contra indicate any treatment.

The Doctor will discuss in depth all the benefits as well as the risks in any procedure proposed and will answer any questions you may have.

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Our Facial Aesthetics Services Include:


Anti-wrinkle injections have been safely used now for over 20 years to help reduce the signs of ageing. By relaxing muscles, anti-wrinkle injections can prevent these lines from getting worse as well as reducing and smoothing the skin.
Before and after photos will be taken to record the result. Please note that botulinum toxin  can only be prescribed by a doctor, dentist or nurse independent prescriber. (The treatment should not be carried out by beauty therapists who lack the necessary medical training.)

The product is injected through a fine needle and any discomfort experienced is minimal and temporary.
The treatment takes between 10-20 minutes depending upon the number of areas treated. The effects are usually noticeable 2-3 days after but it may take 14 days to see the full result. We can arrange a review to assess this with you.


Dermal fillers are reversible non-surgical products that are used to volumise and augment the lip, cheek and chin areas. Dermal fillers are also used for smoothing static wrinkles and facial creases.

Dermal fillers are essentially ‘Hyaluronic acid’ and they work simply by attracting water to these sites, plumping up and supporting the skin again to give it a younger look and feel.

Most manufacturers of dermal fillers recommend that treatments should only be carried out by medical professionals, although this is not currently a legal requirement.

During the procedure, the Doctor injects the filler in a series of small injections and gently massages the area. Some treatments require a local anaesthetic cream or injection. The treatment time can vary from 30 minutes to an hour.

The area may be a little swollen and tender for 24 hours and during that time you are advised to avoid certain items such as coffee, alcohol, hot drinks and the sun.

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Am I a Candidate for Treatment?

The following are some common reasons to consider facial rejuvenation:

  • Signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Looking tired and skin appears fatigued. Needing a healthier and more refreshed look.
  • Seeking a natural result for your face enhancement with virtually no downtime after treatment.
  • If you don’t want to undergo a surgical procedure to rejuvenate your face.
  • If you are a healthy person, have a positive attitude and want to enhance and maintain skin health

Facial Aesthetics Fees Guide

Treatment Fee
Initial Consultation* 65
Body contour consultation 70
Skin care consultations   From 95
Botulinum relaxant therapy
1 Zone 200
2 Zones 300
3 Zones £360
Dermal fillers   From £450
Lip fillers From £350
Other Treatments
Micro-needling (Face)       From £250
Body contour treatments  To discuss at consultation

*redeemable against treatment

We will discuss all options with your prior to any commitment to treatment and give you an inclusive price at your consultation.

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