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Children's Dentistry

Caring dentistry for children at Abbey Road Dental in St Johns Wood NW8

Our approach

Diana prides herself on relationship building with children.

Whilst it is ideal for children to let her look in their mouths Diana is very happy for little ones to just get used to the environment, follow in the footsteps of their siblings or just have a ride in the chair until they are comfortable enough to let her count their teeth and proceed from there.

Each child gets a goody bag with their first visit.


Childrens Dentist

Children's hygiene

We recommend that children over 3 also see the hygienist on a regular basis so their oral hygiene and brushing techniques can be monitored and preventive treatments such as sealants and fluoride can be applied.

We also offer:

Fluoride treatment - a known aid to protect against tooth decay.

Sealants - a protective coating for the biting surface of the tooth against decay. Usually applied to the permanent teeth as they come into the mouth

Gumshields (adult and children) - essential protection for the teeth for sports and high risk activities.

Children's Orthodontics - we can refer children for assessment and braces for over crowded teeth.

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