Teeth Whitening – A Focus On This Popular Treatment

Find out about teeth whitening and how to ensure you get it done safely.

Whitened teethThe headlines are currently filled with the details of a study completed by WHICH, highlighting the dangers of budget teeth whitening kits.

The study by the consumer Watchdog showed that 21 out of 36 teeth whitening products sold online had over the legal limit of hydrogen peroxide allowed for use at home when not prescribed by a certified distributor, like a dentist.

The levels allowed in six products were more than 300 times over the legal allowed amount of hydrogen peroxide, which is quite terrifying.

Many of these products were available in the UK through legal sites, despite the product actively breaking hydrogen peroxide product laws in this country. Interestingly, the study also showed that many products claiming to contain the whitening ingredient hydrogen peroxide, didn’t even contain any at all.

So what does this mean for you, when it comes to buying DIY teeth whitening kits online?

WHICH have recommended that you simply don’t bother buying any DIY kits for teeth whitening at all. Whilst there are some kits available that are considered safe, the fact is that there are so many available that are considered unsafe or ineffective, so it is better just to steer clear altogether. The BDA (British Dental Association) have commented on the study and ask consumers to be wary of over-the-counter products.

The Dangers Of DIY Teeth Whitening

Here at Abbey Road Dental, we know that a lot of patients feel tempted by the extremely low prices of seemingly phenomenal whitening products you can use at home. We have also seen patients either at our NW8 clinic, or in other clinics, where these kits have done some real damage. The hydrogen peroxide at a high level can burn your gums, leaving you with a painful chemical burn. This could damage your gums and cause them to recede.

In addition, your tooth structure can be weakened, which could then lead to other treatments being needed.

All of these risks just aren’t worth it, especially for results that might not even be that impressive anyway. In addition, we want patients to know that there are affordable ways to get a gorgeous white smile, without having to turn to non-reputable sources.

Getting Brighter, Whiter Teeth – Safely

Here at our St John’s Wood dental clinic we know that healthy teeth and gums is the priority for our patients, which is why preventative education, treatments and support is at the heart of what we do. Part of that prevention can actually help stop the teeth dulling and staining long-term. Dental injury and decay can change the colour of teeth. With the right tooth guards, oral protection and care, you can often avoid your teeth getting stained and discoloured.

Life though, does go on, and things happen. Teeth can become stained through the things we eat, and the things we do. We may even have it in our genes to get teeth that dull. With that in mind, it is important to acknowledge that prevention won’t always stop the teeth looking a different shade.

So what can you do to get brighter, whiter teeth safely?

Here at Abbey Road Dental we recommend you only ever get any teeth whitening treatment from a reputable, qualified clinic. Also that they use clinical-grade products that are safe and suitable for patients. In addition, you will never be offered a treatment at our local clinic that is unsuitable for you. We will ensure there are no risk factors present that could mean you have any kind of adverse reaction from a whitening treatment. If there are any oral health issues outstanding, we will also recommend the correct treatment plan to ensure they are rectified before a cosmetic treatment takes place.

When it comes to getting teeth whitening, it can be absolutely excellent in terms of results, considering the short time that it takes. We offer two safe and approved methods of teeth whitening for patients as follows:


Enlighten Whitening is a home treatment that is verified as safe and effective. It is also very convenient and easy for patients to complete, taking just two weeks following the initial consultation. We simply take accurate impressions of your teeth so that you can have bespoke whitening trays to wear at home. We will then provide you with tooth serum and desensitisers that you will wear for a set amount of time every day for the two weeks. You’ll have full directions from us, and at the end, a fantastic boost in the whiteness of your smile!


Zoom is the ultra-fast, convenient in-surgery whitening treatment offered at our NW8 clinic. It is a simple, and effective treatment perfect if you want near-instant results.

You simply have your consultation with us and we then book you in for treatment. On treatment day you’ll be in the chair for an hour, having repeated safe applications of the tooth serum and light exposure to whiten your teeth up to six shades lighter. You can even opt for a home whitening kit to use afterwards so you have full control over topping up that brighter smile.

Hygienist Treatments For Brighter Teeth

Did you know that hygienist visits at Abbey Road Dental can help you maintain brighter teeth? Whilst our hygienist helps you prevent/manage gum disease and maintain your oral hygiene, they also clean your teeth and gums during your visit. This professional clean removes any plaque and tartar buildup, as well as any surface stains. Although the difference isn’t as dramatic as with Zoom or Enlighten, it certainly is noticeable and helps maintain a clean and beautiful smile aesthetic.

We recommend hygienist visits around every 3-6 months, depending on the recommendations of your dentist, and your personal preference.

If In Doubt, Speak To Your Dentist

If you would like to discuss home whitening kits, please don’t be afraid to reach out to your dentist. All we want to do is help you stay safe and maintain healthy teeth and gums. We always have the latest information on studies, advice and guidance with whitening products too, so you can feel assured we are on top of the topic.

If you want to discuss professional teeth whitening or hygienist services with us, please get in touch. You can call our friendly team on 020 76241603 and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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