A Guide To Alternative Teeth Whitening Options

A Guide To Alternative Teeth Whitening Options

Do Any Of Them Work?

Within the last few decades, teeth whitening has seemingly been positively embraced by everyone and anyone looking to achieve the perfect ‘pearly whites’, previously only associated with celebrities.

Beautiful white teeth are no longer just for the rich and famous, and in some instances, some products claim you don’t even have to go to the dentist to get your teeth looking beautiful.

But how many marketing claims of the most recent whitening options are true? Are they all safe? Can any teeth whitening options away from the dentist actually properly whiten your teeth? Abbey Road Dental is here to take a look at all the latest teeth whitening options to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about the way you brighten your smile.

Please take a look at the latest whitening options currently available to you:

Coconut Oil Pulling

Coconut oil pulling is no longer the hottest health trend but it is still being heavily marketed as a way to whiten the teeth. It is an ancient technique where you take a teaspoon or so of edible coconut oil and swill it around the mouth for 20 minutes and then spit it into a tissue and throw it away. There are also branded versions that claim to have added whitening benefits. Does it work? Oil pulling cannot replace a good oral health regime, but lots of evidence suggests that it isn’t a harmful practice when using plain, edible coconut oil. It is unlikely to whiten the teeth, but it could actively clean the teeth and remove additional plaque and surface stains, brightening the teeth. Additional health claims like improving skin are currently unproven. However, it should be said that any product of this nature is no substitute for tried and tested oral care products.

Charcoal Products

Has everything got charcoal in at the moment? It seems like you can’t buy a face mask, toothpaste or smoothie without it being full of activated charcoal right now! Activated charcoal is carbon that has been treated to make it porous and it is those pores that then suck up all the debris and other things in the mouth (when using activated charcoal powder or toothpaste). When you rinse, all those particles are rinsed away too, leaving you with supposedly whiter teeth but, does it actually work? On the positive side, it could remove surface stains and clean the teeth as well as a standard whitening toothpaste. The negative of it is that it is an abrasive and it could harm the enamel of the teeth when used long term, depending on the product. In terms of whitening, it will clean the teeth but it can’t make the teeth any brighter than they are because there is no active whitening agent in there.

Standard Whitening Toothpaste

Your average whitening toothpaste, just like charcoal toothpaste, is unlikely to make any true difference to the teeth other than removing surface stains. Whitening toothpastes cannot change your natural teeth colour and so, the peroxide or natural abrasives within them are only likely to polish and clean the teeth. Abbey Road Dental recommends patients ask about the best toothpaste to use during a checkup as each patient has specific needs. We can suggest the best products we know of that are approved, safe and designed to be effective.

Non-registered Whitening Kits And Strips

Whitening kits and strips bought online and on the high street are not recommended by most dentists. They usually have hydrogen peroxide in them and it has been known they can actually damage the enamel on the teeth. Some have chemicals in them that aren’t even suitable for human consumption and there are some really nasty horror stories about these kits and strips. At the least, the kit is unlikely to be effective and it may provide unpredictable results, at the most you may find it causes damage to your teeth and gums.

Whitening Overseas

Dental holidays are really common now where you pair a lovely trip abroad with getting some dental work, like whitening done. Although some countries practice good clinical hygiene and there are of course qualified dentists overseas, the risk of being treated by somebody who isn’t qualified, in a place that isn’t hygienic is high. There are many backstreet clinics and dentists operating in every country and if something does go wrong, you’ll have no aftercare to rely on and the damage could be permanent and much more painful and expensive to fix. For a small financial difference, it is better to get treatment in your own country where you understand the standards that should be maintained and you can guarantee that you will have a safe and effective treatment.

If you want to ask about any whitening products or treatments that aren’t available at the dental clinic, please enquire at your next checkup. We will always provide our honest and professional opinion on dental products available to you in line with our experience, training and with the latest safety standards in dentistry.

Professional Teeth Whitening At Abbey Road Dental

For whitening results you can rely on to be safe and effective, choose professional teeth whitening with Abbey Road Dental. We offer both in-house and at-home whitening options for your complete convenience. The results can lighten your teeth by several shades and many patients can’t believe the huge difference in the appearance of their smile following treatment.


Our in-house whitening treatment is called Zoom! With Zoom! You can get brighter, whiter teeth in just one hour. On the day of treatment you will come in to us, where we will take a ‘before’ picture of your teeth. We then apply whitening gel to your teeth after protecting the gums, and place the smile under an activation light for about 10-15 minutes. We then ask you to rinse your teeth and we repeated the same process again twice. Your teeth will then be transformed and we love to compare to your ‘before’ pictures. If this is your first time getting teeth whitening, you will likely be shocked at the amazing transformation.


Enlighten is our at-home whitening treatment which is just as effective as Zoom! It is just conveniently available for you to complete at home instead of in-clinic. The way it works is so easy. You simply call in to see us where we take impressions of your smile which we use to make bespoke whitening trays for you to use at home. Once your trays are ready you can come and collect them and we will show you how to use them at home alongside the special Enlighten de-sensitisers and tooth serum for two weeks. After two weeks you’ll enjoy predictable, transformative results with a bright, beautiful white smile to be proud of.

Book A Teeth Whitening Consultation At Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood

If you would like safe, effective teeth whitening that leaves you with a beautiful new smile, please call our St John’s Wood clinic to ask about Zoom! or Enlighten. You can reach our team on 02076241603 to book a consultation at a time to suit you. Our professional whitening treatments will have your smile transformed safely and effectively at home in two weeks, or in as little as an hour in-clinic. Please call us today to get started!

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