Have Your Heard About Cfast Braces At Abbey Road Dental?

Have Your Heard About Cfast Braces At Abbey Road Dental?

Fast, affordable teeth straightening in St John’s Wood, NW8

Here at Abbey Road Dental, we take pride in offering affordable, modern dental treatments for the benefit of our patients. This includes general and cosmetic dentistry, and sometimes treatments that combine both areas of the profession, all depending on what each patient needs.

One treatment we’re very excited to talk to you about is Cfast. Have you heard about it yet?

What Is It?

Cfast is an adult orthodontic treatment, created to help you obtain a straight and beautiful smile, good enough to rival even the most perfect ‘A lister’. It is gentle, quick, and most importantly, discreet, so everybody doesn’t have to know you’re straightening your teeth, it can just be your exciting little secret. Although we can promise they will notice the difference when the treatment is finished!

How Does It Work?

Nickel titanium wires which are coloured the same shade as your teeth put pressure on brackets which are bonded to your teeth (the brackets are clear). This process aligns your teeth gently. It is also important to note that not all of your teeth are treated, because it is a cosmetic treatment. So your ‘social six’ teeth are straightened which are the most obvious ones at the top and bottom.

How Long Does It Take?

The process is different for everyone, but generally the treatment takes around 6 months.

Why Teeth Straightening?

People who tend to opt for professional teeth straightening might have mild gaps in the teeth, gummy smiles, moderately crooked teeth or other niggles or issues with their teeth that cause embarrassment when smiling or talking. Or perhaps they simply want to perfect an already great smile – so everybody is different.

Why Cfast?

Many people choose Cfast because it is so unobtrusive and fast. For adults, the thought of wearing traditional metal braces for two years is just too much and simply wouldn’t be worth the embarrassment. With Cfast there’s no need to go through that uncomfortable period; you can enjoy discreet, comfortable teeth straightening that is almost completely invisible to others unless they are close up. This all combines to give you a great smile in a very short space of time compared to other aligners.

The Benefits

If you’re considering cosmetic teeth straightening, Cfast could be ideal for you. Just some of the benefits are:

●     It is extremely fast compared to some other treatments

●     You can eat and drink as usual with Cfast

●     Your speech should not be affected

●     It is extremely discreet and isn’t noticeable unless someone is very close to you

●     The results are very predictable

●     Cfast is more affordable than more complex systems

Speak To Abbey Road Dental In NW8 About Cfast Braces

If you live in the NW8 area of north London and would love to gain the ‘perfect’ celebrity smile, please speak to us about Cfast. We provide a friendly, comfortable dentistry service enabling patients just like you to benefit from the most up-to-date dentistry systems, with all the information and no hidden costs or details. Please call us on 02076241603 for more information, we would love to talk to you about the benefits of Cfast braces.

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