Oral Health Maintenance And Wearing Braces

Oral Health Maintenance And Wearing Braces

All about brace care with Abbey Road Dental

A wide range of orthodontic systems (braces) are available at Abbey Road Dental and are an important part of dentistry focusing on aligning the teeth and jaw correctly so that the function of a person’s smile is healthy. Braces can also dramatically improve the way that a smile looks too.

If teeth are left misaligned, a person may struggle with confidence and they may struggle to maintain good oral hygiene. Teeth that are crooked are harder to keep clean. Jaw problems can also be a problem, slowly causing tooth damage and possible issues with the jawbone and jaw joint.

Prepare For Brace Care

When you have braces you should be prepared to put more effort into taking care of your teeth. With some types of braces, your teeth will be more difficult to care for because there are more crevices to catch bits of food which could lead to decay if left. So, your dental care has to be more applied than twice a day for two minutes, which can seem incredibly laborious; but without it, your oral health may suffer. You might even need to use braces for a longer period of time as a result. Getting braces at your local NW8 clinic is a positive move to a healthier and more beautiful smile but it does come with a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously.

Removable Brace Care

Removable braces are orthodontic appliances that are often used for specific dental issues, most often with the front teeth. They can also be used for bite correction.

One of the most important ways to take care of your smile throughout removable brace treatment is to continue to see and speak to your St John’s Wood dentist to ensure that your progress and oral health is being monitored.

In between visits you can take your brace out to brush your teeth, to do sports like rugby or swimming, and you might want to take your brace out when you eat. Your dentist might provide specific instructions on when you can and can’t take your brace out. Usually you will need to wear your brace when you sleep.

As well as cleaning your teeth with a removable brace you need to clean the brace with a toothbrush and water at the same times you brush your teeth. Sometimes depending on your location, it may be that you have to rinse your brace and won’t be able to brush it, which is OK occasionally.

Any specific instructions will be provided by your dentist at our Abbey Road clinic.

Fixed Brace Care

When you have fixed braces you have to get used to cleaning your teeth and the braces regularly whilst they are fixed in place, and this can take some getting used to. There might be some parts of the brace you can remove, like elastics, when cleaning the brace. When you are cleaning your braces hold your toothbrush at an angle to clean all the wires and pins. Clean from top to bottom and pay careful attention to how clean the braces are – it is really important to focus on the cleanliness of your braces when cleaning them!

To brush your teeth you will need to angle your toothbrush and gently clean your gums and teeth in tiny circles, reaching all areas of the mouth. Your dentist can show you how to do this. It may also be that flossing will help to support your oral health when you have your braces, but we can let you know if you specifically need to include that in your oral hygiene regime. After thorough cleaning, you will need to rinse your teeth, gums and braces with water. Check all the debris has gone and then repeat the cleaning process again if you have missed anything.

Food To Avoid With Braces

What you eat usually has to change when you have braces. Lots of foods can potentially break part of the brace, become stuck in the braces or cause your teeth to be exposed to sugar for long periods of time between brushing.

Avoiding popcorn, chewing gum, sticky sweets and hard bread are just some of the food you have to avoid with braces. You can speak to us about which foods to avoid with your braces and avoid any food you think might be a problem, as brace repairs can be expensive.

Always Visit Your Dentist

It is so important that you remain in touch with Abbey Road Dental during your brace treatment, visiting the dentist for regular appointments and getting in touch with any concerns. Any unusual pain, broken parts of the brace or issues with cleaning should be addressed quickly. If they are not addressed quickly you may find the pain worsens, or your treatment will be delayed as the brace will not be acting as it should be.

Visiting us regularly will also ensure that any problems with decay or gum disease brought on by brace hygiene issues are addressed quickly, before they cause any problems. Decay and gum problems with braces can progress extremely quickly so it is important to first work to prevent those issues; but if they do occur, get advice and diagnosis quickly.

Speak To Abbey Road Dental About Brace Care Today!

If you are interested in teeth straightening for your children or yourself, please get in touch. We have a wide range of traditional braces and invisible brace treatments to suit your needs and help you get a beautiful, healthy straight smile.

If you already have braces, please do get in touch for any advice and guidance on caring for your device. We are here to ensure your treatment is as effective and comfortable as possible, leading to a straight and healthy smile to be proud of.

Please call our friendly team on 02076241603 for more information. We’ll be pleased to help!

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