Make Your Child A Positive Statistic When It Comes To Tooth Decay

Make Your Child A Positive Statistic When It Comes To Tooth Decay

Keeping up the good work with your child’s dental health.

The team at Abbey Road Dental was delighted to see the headline last week announcing that the number of 5 year olds in the UK with tooth decay has reduced to the lowest it has been in nearly 10 years.

The article was published by BBC News and discussed statistics released by Public Health England. The figures released in 2008 were truly shocking, with almost one third of all 5 year olds struggling with tooth decay at the time. By last year, this figure has dropped by a quarter which is fantastic. The article suggested that the reason for such a vast improvement was down to our awareness as a society, of how bad sugar is for our teeth and overall health. Unfortunately, over 166,000 5 year olds currently have tooth decay, and figures show that overall, children are still consuming 3 times more sugar than they should be.

Here at Abbey Road Dental, we want to help parents win the fight against tooth decay when it comes to their children’s oral health. Nobody wants their 5 year old to be a negative statistic, and nobody wants their child to get tooth decay. Our NW8 clinic is welcoming and friendly, and staff are trained to ensure children visiting have a positive experience with us. Diana Spencer, our principal dentist, is especially passionate about working with children and has many fun tricks and techniques to engage children in their own dental care!

Outside of your visits to the dentist, the majority of your child’s dental care revolves around their dental hygiene habits, and what they eat and drink. All of this is guided by you, the parent, and there are lots of easy things you can do to help your child not only have healthy teeth, but help them feel really positive about having and keeping healthy teeth.

Education, Openness & Fun

Don’t be afraid to talk to your child about their teeth and why they are important. We will help by making their visits to the dentist positive and fun. If your child is anxious about the dentist at all, please let us know when you call us to book them in so we can help them get over any negative feelings. We have lots of tricks up our sleeve to turn any frown upside down after a dental appointment.

Away from the dentist, make sure you continue that positivity. Be open about the risks of not caring for your teeth, talk about how nice big healthy smiles are. Make brushing time fun, and encourage your child to eat calcium rich foods and to enjoy low sugar treats. It is tricky in a world where big companies advertise sugary treats so brazenly to our children, and where much food and drink appears to be healthy when it isn’t. Don’t worry, we are here to support you and help your family keep the brightest, healthiest smiles.

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