Losing Multiple Teeth – Are Dentures The Only Replacement Option?

Multiple tooth loss need not lead to dentures. There’s another option here in St John’s Wood ….

Multiple dental implantsIn the best scenario possible, everybody would have a beautiful, strong, healthy smile for life. This is perfectly achievable with excellent oral hygiene, regular checkups at Abbey Road Dental, and with support from our NW8 hygienist.

Whether you have a life with all your teeth or not can also relate to genes, luck with accidents, and luck with certain medication or health conditions too.

With so many potential issues leading to tooth loss, despite your best efforts, it’s no wonder that many of us don’t live our entire lives with all 32 teeth. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a reality for many.

Single Tooth Loss

When you lose a single tooth you may choose to leave the tooth as missing. Maybe it is at the back of the mouth where it can’t be seen, or you don’t mind the way the missing tooth looks. Here at Abbey Road Dental, we respect your decision to keep your tooth as missing. We do, however, recommend all patients consider a replacement for a single tooth to avoid the surrounding teeth moving because of the loss. We can provide a single dental implant, partial denture, or a bridge that uses the strength of the teeth either side to support a replacement tooth in the gap.

Multiple Tooth Loss

When you lose multiple teeth, the loss is usually more substantial and more of an issue when it comes to the functionality of your teeth. You may also find the aesthetics a little more challenging.

When we lose teeth, the first option you may consider is high-quality dentures from your St John’s Wood dentist. Dentures have come a long way, and they are the most common solution for tooth replacement. They look very natural and they are much more comfortable and easy to use these days, compared to the rather stiff dentures available in previous years.

Whilst dentures work really well for multiple tooth loss, they can be problematic for some people. Here are some of the most common issues denture wearers can experience:

Expense – dentures are affordable for many people, they come with a range of budget options and they can often be offered on finance. However, for many people who are prone to breaking their dentures, or who have the roof of their mouth change shape regularly, it can be expensive to keep replacing them.

A Change In Speech – even the best fitting dentures can cause the speech to change. This is usually if a plate is present on the roof of the mouth. Some people can hate how different it makes them sound with their dentures in.

Denture Slipping – Dentures can slip out whilst you are speaking, or they may move around whilst you speak. This can be embarrassing, and annoying.

Discomfort – Wearing dentures can be really uncomfortable. They can rub against the gums causing them to feel sore and this soreness can then make wearing them uncomfortable. This problem only gets worse as the mouth shape changes and dentures begin to change in how they fit.

Diet Limitations – You may well limit what you eat when you wear dentures because they may be more liable to slip with certain types of food. Steak, crunchy fruit, crusty bread – these can all be food types that struggle with dentures. This can cause you to eat a diet that isn’t inclusive of what you love. It can also be restrictive when you go and eat out.

Of course not everybody has the issues listed above with dentures, but some people do. Those who do struggle with these issues may find their confidence affected. They may also feel frustrated by the problems they have with the functionality of the dentures, causing annoying problems in everyday life.

If you relate to these frustrations and struggles with dentures, you might wonder if there’s another way to restore your smile that’s better….

Dental Implants – The Most Natural Way To Replace Multiple Missing Teeth

Here at your Abbey Road dentist, we are very happy to offer patients the most innovative way to replace missing teeth currently available – dental implants.

Implants have been around for quite some time (since around the 1960’s), but it is only within the last decade that they have become as evolved and affordable (compared to a lifetime of replacement dentures).

They work by replacing the tooth root with a mixed metal implant that is placed using a sophisticated implantation procedure. The implant is then left to bond with the jawbone over a period of months. Once it has bonded with the bone it is incredibly strong. It is able to hold one crown at the top as strong as a natural tooth would be able to. Multiple implants can also be used to replace missing teeth. These could be multiple single implants, or well-placed implants that support a bridge in the middle, or implant-supported dentures.

There are many incredible benefits to using dental implants instead of dentures including:

  • No need for repeated denture replacements
  • No tooth replacement slippage
  • A strong and natural feeling tooth replacement
  • The ability to eat whatever you want
  • No change in speech
  • Slowed bone loss in the jaw, preserving youthful looks and facial structure
  • A beautiful smile

Book A Dental Implant Consultation With Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood

If you are tired of your dentures and would love an innovative alternative that restores the functionality and feel of your smile, please speak to us about dental implants. We are so excited to help you replace multiple teeth with this ‘gold standard’ treatment!

The first step is a detailed consultation at our NW8 clinic. We can discuss the various aspects of the implant process, answer your questions and discuss your eligibility for the treatment. We’re here to ensure that any treatment you choose is transparent, and you feel empowered and comfortable about your treatment choices moving forward.

Please give us a call on 02076241603 and we will be more than happy to discuss a dental implant consultation with you. Alternatively, please use our online enquiry form. We’re excited to help you get your smile back, without functional or aesthetic compromise.

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