How Much Is A Smile Worth?

How Much Is A Smile Worth?

We think quite a lot!

Here at Abbey Dental, NW8 we really value smiles – it’s our job to do so! We understand that a smile can be worth many different things to many different people. Perhaps a smile from a stranger on a really bad day you were having, made you feel that little bit happier, enough to stop you going back to bed and writing the rest of the week off.

Perhaps your smile was so big it was remembered by a potential employer who chose to hire you ahead of hundreds of other applicants? Perhaps you find people are naturally drawn to you because of your amazing smile and attitude to life?

So How Much Is A Smile Worth?

A Potential New Job

People who appear happier and more positive are apparently more likely to be employed than candidates who appear grumpy or dissatisfied. It’s really basic psychology if you think about it. If you know one person who is always happy and positive and another who always has a frown and comes across as negative – who are you most likely to want to be around?

It may also help you with job opportunities and promotions as people with healthy smiles who look like they take care of themselves are thought of as more successful by people who don’t know them. So a big smile automatically leads people to believe you’ve got it together, even if you haven’t.

A New Love Life

People with big smiles are much more approachable, which means you’re much more likely to get approached by that guy or gal at the bar you’ve been making eyes with since you walked in.

Happy Customers

Your smile makes you more approachable and makes you appear more friendly and kind to customers you serve. So if you serve customers in your job, your smile makes a big difference. It has also been proven that if you work in a call centre and smile while you talk, you naturally sound more upbeat and happy which in turn, makes the customer on the other end more receptive to your customer service. Get grinning – get happy customers!

Your Mental Well-being

Ever seen those laughing classes that start off kind of awkward where people are forcing out laughing and smiling and eventually end up in fits of laughter? Well there is some evidence to suggest that even faking a smile, makes your brain react with the smile muscles you are using, causing your brain to feel happier so the fake smile leads to a real one.

The Happiness Of Others

They say a smile is worth a thousand words, and it really can make a huge difference to other people. When you’re feeling a little sad, a little down and a little worse for wear, simply being around smiley happy people can boost your mood. A knowing smile, a cheeky smile, an excited smile – they all make other people feel good, so don’t be selfish with that beautiful grin – share it and make other people happy!

“When I look out at the people, and they look back at me and they’re smiling, then I know that I am loved.” – Etta James

Boost Your Smile With Abbey Road Dental

If you feel like your smile could do with a bit of a boost, why not visit us at Abbey Road Dental, NW8 and talk to us about some of our cosmetic dentistry treatments. We can help you get the smile you deserve, enabling you to confidently grin and spread happiness within yourself and to those around you. Call us on 02076241603 to book an appointment today.

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