Happy, Healthy Smiles For Children!

Happy, Healthy Smiles For Children!

7 tips from Abbey Road Dental

It seems like every week there is a new statistic on how children’s teeth across the country are becoming more unhealthy and decayed.

The good news is, those issues are entirely preventable and you can prevent your child becoming part of these scary statistics. With the firmly in mind, here are 7 fundamental tips from Abbey Road Dental to help you help your children have a healthy smile:

1. Get Started Early

You can start getting your child used to the dentist as early as you want to and ideally you will bring them with you to your appointments at Abbey Road Dental, so they get used to the environment. Once their first tooth comes through they can have their first checkup with us, and you can start brushing their tooth for them!

2. Keep It Light

Although tooth care is important, kids don’t really do ‘serious’ all that well. As they start brushing for themselves, consider using music and special themed brushes to keep them engaged in the process.

3. Let Them Feel Grown Up

Children like to feel grown up, so don’t be afraid to emphasis how big boys and girls care for their smiles. You could also let them choose their own toothbrushes, and when they are old enough trust them to brush without supervision (with occasional checks).

4. Get Your Routine In Check

Babies and young children will learn how to correctly brush and take care of their teeth by watching you. So make sure you are taking your time and brushing thoroughly and effectively, so they will copy what you’re doing when they learn to brush their own teeth.

5. Use The Tooth Fairy Story

The tooth fairy is a wonderful story for children to learn, and it is a useful story for parents to use. Your child can get to know how the nasty sugar monsters are attacking their teeth and how they can save their teeth by brushing. Remember that teeth need to be nice and shiny and without decay for the tooth fairy to take them for her castle!

6. Keep It A Current Topic

You should be mentioning dental health all the time, not just at dental checkups or brushing time. Talk about nice big smiles, healthy teeth and happy gums for pictures, and especially during mealtimes. Your children should have a sense of pride about their oral health and about having a lovely smile and the more you instill that in them, and talk about it, the more likely they are to see it as an important part of their life.

7. Take Advantage Of Abbey Road Dental’s Child-Friendly Appointments

Here at Abbey Road Dental we pride ourselves on being the family friendly dentist. We have lots of special tools and tricks to help children feel relaxed and even excited during their dental checkups. Do you need to register or book an appointment? If so then please call our friendly team on 02076241603 and we will be more than happy to help you. We are here to support all the family, from first tooth to later life tooth replacement!

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