Help Your Children To Keep The Tooth Fairy Happy!

Help Your Children To Keep The Tooth Fairy Happy!

Family tips and tricks from Abbey Road Dental

Here at Abbey Road Dental, we have lots of tricks and fun ways to help children feel more positive about their oral health. We are also totally in support of fun, lighthearted ways you help your children feel positive about oral health at home.

One of those ways, is the story of the tooth fairy. Children have wonderful, wild imaginations and so the tooth fairy is the perfect way to help them feel excited about their oral health, to help them learn important oral health lessons, and to help them take care of their teeth into adulthood.

To aid your efforts in getting your children to happily help the tooth fairy out, why not consider the following:

Help The Tooth Fairy Destroy The Nasty Sugar Zombies

Brushing for two minutes is a lifetime to a child, especially when there seems to be no point in it. Which is why they have to be brushing to help the tooth fairy in the fight against the nasty sugar zombies which are so tiny you can’t see them! Those nasty sugar zombies are trying to steal and ruin the teeth so the tooth fairy can’t get them. Your child needs to brush every single tooth carefully and floss between them to get rid of those nasty zombies. It might sound silly but stores like this can work wonders for children.

Eat And Drink Correctly So Your Teeth Are Beautiful For The Tooth Fairy

The shiny, healthy, bright teeth get the biggest reward from the tooth fairy, and she will only take the healthiest teeth with her. As well as brushing, your child needs to eat healthy foods to help keep their teeth shiny. Eating the ‘bad foods’ like sugar and starch will only draw the nasty sugar zombies back to the teeth. Even worse, if you drink sugary drinks, the tiny zombies will get straight to work on damaging the teeth, whereas drinking lots of water and eating healthy foods will help keep the sugar zombies away. You get the idea?

Listen To Your Abbey Road Dentist, Who Works With The Tooth Fairy Every Day!

Here at Abbey Road Dental, we want your teeth to be healthy and beautiful so that the tooth fairy can use them when they eventually fall out. Impressing the dentist is important so they pass on a good report to the tooth fairy about your teeth.

Look After The Teeth Underneath

Your children will put a large focus on their baby teeth because that is what they can see, and what is falling out (and what the tooth fairy wants!) To ensure that good dental care continues past the last baby tooth falling out, it is important to get the right messages across. So promote messages from the tooth fairy such as the fact that she loves it when you show a big healthy and happy smile. That means caring for your teeth and gums now so not only does the fairy get your shiny baby teeth, but you also have the healthiest adult teeth when they do eventually come through!

Need More Help Getting Your Kids Into Tooth Care?

If your child is scared about the dentist, struggling to feel positive about their oral health, or they just don’t seem to care about their teeth yet, please do get in touch. We have lots of tips and tricks to help children feel really positive about their dental care. Your St John’s Wood dentist is very family friendly and we are here to support all ages with their oral health; so please call us on 02076241603 and we can book you an appointment at a time to suit you.

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