All Your School Holiday Teeth & Gum Questions Answered In One Go!

To help keep the whole family smiling this summer we’ve answered the most common school holiday oral health questions for you.

Smiling peopleThe school holidays are a fantastic time for families. The kids get to let off some steam after a hard year at school, and we all know that this last school year and half of the one before, have been particularly challenging for all of us. We all deserve a break!

Abbey Road Dental here in St John’s Wood, knows that there is a lot of reason to smile this summer, and we want to help keep the whole family smiling with some Q&A’s that commonly come our way around this time of year. So sit back, sip on some ice water and enjoy reading all your school holiday teeth and gum questions answered in one go:

How Do I Help My Child Protect Their Teeth And Gums During Summer Sports Camps?

Summer sports camps are a fantastic idea for kids who love to play football or rugby. They help them get better at the sport, making new friends and keep them entertained too. You are right to be concerned about their teeth and gums though, as they are at risk during sports, especially contact sports.

The good news is that Abbey Road Dental can make your child a bespoke mouthguard to help protect their teeth and gums during sports. These guards are important because they protect the sensitive gums and teeth of your child, which can be permanently damaged by the impact of a sporting injury.

Are Internet Whitening Kits OK To Use Pre-Holiday?

Here at your friendly St John’s Wood dentist we strongly recommend that you do not use any internet whitening kit for your holiday, or any other occasion. These kits are not proven to work, and they can even damage your teeth and gums.

Instead, please do speak to us about our whitening options. We are qualified, experienced and we only use safe, effective whitening systems. You can get a white smile at an affordable price without risking the health of your smile for your holiday.

How Much Sugar Is Too Much Sugar?

During the school holidays it is tempting to consume sugary drinks, have lots of ice creams and lollies and treat the kids to sweeties and other things they can’t have day to day.

We understand that there will be the odd treat, however, too much sugar can really build up and start to decay the teeth of children and adults. We recommend keeping any sweet treats to mealtimes, following sugary treats with water and for adults, to chew sugar-free gum after a sugary treat. Overall though, avoiding lots of sugar is always a good idea for both your oral health, and your general health.

What Are The Best Types Of Refreshment In Summer That Won’t Rot My Teeth?

The best refreshment you can have in summer is water because it hydrates your whole body and has no ill effects on your body. Boring, but true! Try adding some ice and fruit slices to enjoy a tasty twist to this hydrating drink during a hot summer’s day.

Can I Still Call For Oral Health Advice When I Am On Holiday?

If you have a general oral health issue on holiday and you are one of our NW8 patients please do get in touch to see if we can offer you advice to help. If you have a dental emergency with lots of pain, signs of infection or obvious damage, please do call 111 to get an appointment with your nearest emergency dentist (if you are in the UK). You may need to call 999 if there is a lot of bleeding and it is an urgent medical emergency.

Do I Need To Use My Retainer On Holiday?

If you have a retainer from Abbey Road Dental please do continue to use it on holiday. Retainers are most effective when they are used every night, or as often as recommended by the dentist. It is also important to continue to keep the retainer clean when you aren’t using it, even if you’re out of routine.

What Is The Best Way To Help My Child Stick To A Good Tooth Brushing Routine During The School Holidays?

The best way to help your child stick to a good tooth brushing routine during the school holidays is to have those two minutes of brushing twice a day no matter what. Even if you get in late, or you are up super early, that quick bedtime routine is essential.

It can also help to have a special song you play that is two minutes long that gets them into that routine regardless of where they are.

Should I Have A Checkup Before Or After My Summer Holiday?

Here at Abbey Road Dental we recommend you do come in for a checkup before you go on holiday. This helps us to diagnose any issues quickly and get them treated, hopefully before you go away. The last thing we want is for you to be in pain during your holiday because of a dental issue that hasn’t been resolved.

How Can I Balance Out All The Naughty Food We Will Eat During The Holidays? Will It Damage My Family’s Teeth?

Unfortunately there is no way to balance out the consumption of lots and lots of sugary, acidic and starchy foods. Will the odd treat harm your teeth or your family’s teeth? It probably won’t be an issue. Will six weeks of eating lots of bad food cause an issue with your oral health? It may well do. We want to encourage all families to practise balance during the holidays, enjoying the odd treat along with plenty of healthy food that is good for your smile, and your overall health.

Can Dehydration Cause Damage To My Smile?

Dehydration can actually damage your smile, so it is important to keep sipping that water throughout the summer, especially during heatwaves. Water in your body helps you produce saliva which keeps everything working well in your mouth, rinsing away bacteria and debris. Without saliva you are more prone to tooth decay and other dental issues.

We recommend you drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, and more if you have exercised or it is really hot. If you do struggle with dry mouth because of medication or medical issues please do speak to your NW8 dentist or hygienist for product recommendations that can help ease the problem.

Will A Hygienist Visit Brighten My Smile Before My Holiday? Or Should I Get Teeth Whitening?

This is a personal choice as both are effective in different ways. A hygienist clean will brighten the smile and remove surface stains, but our whitening system will offer a more impactful result, sometimes taking the teeth up to six shades lighter. Please do speak to us about our whitening options to see which one would work best for your upcoming holiday.

If You Have Any More School Holiday Questions About Oral Health, Please Do Get In Touch!

We hope our Q&A’s above have helped you gain some insight into keeping your whole family smiling this summer. If you have further questions, please do get in touch with us on 02076241603 and we will be more than happy to help. If you are hoping to see us before you go on holiday, please contact us as early as possible in case you need to come into the clinic.

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