10 Tips To Help You Become More Photogenic

Would you love to feel more confident about how you appear in photos? These 10 tips will help…

Healthy white smileWe say this with everything crossed, but it appears we may well be at the tail end of the Covid-19 pandemic locally. At the very least, we do have an easing of many restrictions over the coming months which means we can do so many normal things again.

Seeing friends, going out for a drink, going on staycations – there are going to be lots of lovely memories, and of course, lots of photos.

With that in mind, Abbey Road Dental wants to help you feel more photogenic and confident when you strike a pose. We all deserve happy memories this summer, and plenty of gorgeous photos to look back on.

Here are 10 tips to help you become more photogenic:

1. Practice Makes Perfect!

Learning how to take a better photograph comes down to practice. Even models start off looking a bit goofy and lacking confidence in the beginning, because they don’t know how to get the job done right.

Use a mirror, use your phone, relax your shoulders and play around. Get used to how it feels when the photos look good so you can replicate that feeling when others are taking photos of you. Just make sure you’re practising alone because your housemates or family will definitely find amusement seeing your session!

2.  What Is Your Angle?

Everybody has a side they don’t like or, a particular angle they know does not suit them in photographs. Maybe you prefer your left side on photos, or you know that you prefer how your body looks side on. Knowing your angle means not only having an instant pose or side to get into when a photo is being taken, but feeling confident that a particular angle will 9/10 times look great.

3.  Prepare

There is no need to run off and get a full face of makeup on or change clothes before you take a photograph. However, preparing just a little can save the day when it comes to taking a nice photo. A wipe of runaway eyeliner or, removing the herbs from your teeth – those minor adjustments can save an otherwise gorgeous photograph.

Before more extensive events where photographs are more official, like a wedding, you might want to do a bit more prep. A facial, teeth whitening at your NW8 dentist or a professional teeth clean will help you feel more prepared when the photographs can’t be so easily replicated.

4.  Show Some Emotion

Showing a little emotion in a photograph makes it more interesting, attractive and less robotic and cold. Whether you ‘smise’ (smile with your eyes), soften your smile or even show more of a grin, that emotion will help to make you more photogenic, because ultimately it is more ‘real’.

5.  Practice More Than Facial Selfies

With smartphones we are all used to doing facial selfies. You raise your arm up, you smile, you take the picture. But what happens when somebody else takes a picture of you? Or you want a full picture of you, body and all? Practising all different types of photograph means you are prepared for any eventuality. Sure, there will still be photo tags you swiftly remove, but overall, you get a wider selection of nice photos this way.

6. Make Personal Adjustments Regardless Of Photos

Sometimes the easiest way to be more photogenic is to love yourself more. We naturally smile less, make ourselves small and photograph badly when we don’t love ourselves enough.

If there is a physical issue getting you down, like your smile, speak to your dentist here in St John’s Wood about it, there are solutions for everyone.

If it is an emotional confidence problem, try following some body positive accounts and learn to love yourself more. Don’t forget that a truly happy, beautiful photograph often features a person who is truly happy, and beautiful from within.

7. Look At Photos Of Yourself

Take lots of photos of you doing selfies and having your photograph taken with just your face, and then your full body. Look for patterns of what really works well for you, and start to recreate those poses. It could be something minor like shrugging one shoulder forward, or something major like a killer smile. If you can spot what works for you you can recreate those angles and shots again.

8. Try Some Photography Hacks

There are some tried and tested ways to look better in photographs such as:

  • Lengthening your neck and pushing your face slightly forward to avoid a double chin
  • Closing your eyes then opening them slowly and fully just as the picture is taken
  • Apply lip balm first
  • Lick your teeth before you smile
  • Think about a happy memory

Not everything will work but, trying these hacks could be a game-changer in your next selfie set, so they are worth a shot.

9. Always Use The Best Lighting

In general, natural, diffused light is the best for selfies. Try taking selfies at different times of the day, in different weather patterns and you will see how your face looks different. There are light rings and light boxes you can buy but, those are really only for people truly wanting to invest in more high-quality images of themselves, like influencers.

10.  Master The ‘Perfect’ Smile

The smile is at the centre of the photograph, so it makes sense that smiling well, makes for a better picture.

If you have had a smile makeover with Abbey Road Dental, or other work done to improve your smile, it is particularly important you show it off. Here are some top tips for mastering the perfect smile on a photograph:

  • Don’t touch teeth – if you press your bottom and top teeth together you clench and grimace, rather than smile. Keeping some space between the arches is a great way to soften your smile.
  • Smile, don’t grin – smiling and showing all of your teeth (unless you are laughing) can look more aggressive than flattering. Try to avoid making your smile larger than it is naturally.
  • Keep the camera high – as well as getting rid of any double chins, keeping the camera high ensures that your whole face, including your smile, is at a flattering angle.
  • Relax – when we don’t relax and we smile, we can look strained, and you may even overwork your top lip, leading to a gummy smile. Relax and try to imagine you are smiling at somebody you care about.
  • Wear lipstick – lip balm and exfoliation is a great idea for keeping your lips looking great. To frame your teeth even more, try a bright lipstick that contrasts against your teeth, making them look even whiter. Just be sure to check your teeth for lipstick before the picture!

Would You Like Help With Smile Confidence?

If you struggle with photographs because you have low smile confidence, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Abbey Road Dental has a huge selection of treatments available to give you the smile you deserve. Please call us on 02076241603 and our friendly team can talk you through the consultation process.

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