Is It Time To Spring Clean Your Oral Health Regimen?

Is It Time To Spring Clean Your Oral Health Regimen?

Getting the basics right with Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood.

Spring brings plenty of lovely things, including warmer weather (hopefully!) and the opportunity to freshen up different parts of your life. The term ‘spring clean’ usually refers to cleaning up your home but it can be applied to all kinds of things if you want it to.

In this blog post, we want to help you ‘spring clean’ your oral health regimen. You spend a lot of time in your home, but you spend all of your time with your smile, so it really matters that it is healthy and happy! Follow these easy tips from Abbey Road Dental to freshen up your smile this spring:

Book Your Dental Checkup

Your dental checkup is important because it checks the health of your teeth, gums and oral tissues. Early discovery and diagnosis of any issue, whether it is tooth decay or oral cancer, is so important to assist successful treatment. Please call Abbey Road Dental on 02076241603 and we will be more than happy to make you an appointment at a time to suit you.

Checking In With Bad Habits

We all have our bad habits, whether they are drinking, chewing nails, smoking or overeating. Checking in with those habits regularly will remind you that there is always opportunity for change. You might not be ready to change them yet, but accepting they don’t have to be forever is a great start. Bad habits like smoking and drinking to excess are particularly bad for your oral health, so if you can work towards cutting back on those, your whole body, including your smile, will benefit hugely.

Check Your Brushing Technique

There is always room for improvement with the way we care for our teeth and we have to adapt as our body and circumstances change. If you want advice on your brushing technique and caring for your teeth at home, please book in to see the Abbey Road Dental hygienist who will be happy to help you.

Reboot Your Eating & Drinking

What you consume has a huge impact on your oral health. Drinking lots of coffee and wine can stain the teeth, eating lots of sugar and starch can rot the teeth, consuming high acid food and drink can damage enamel. Our teeth and gums can even be damaged by not eating enough of certain foods, like fruit and vegetables. So a balanced diet including lots of fruit, vegetables, water, lean protein, healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates is key for good oral health and overall physical vitality.

Deal With Those Niggles

Sometimes, life can be so busy that we ignore little niggles with our health we really should get seen to. With oral health, getting a quick diagnosis is key to getting less invasive, less expensive and less painful treatment. So if you’ve had some toothache, new sensitivity, sore patches or anything out of the ordinary you know needs sorting out, just contact our NW8 clinic and book an appointment, so we get get to the bottom of the problem early on.

Please call our team today to book in!

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