Asking For A Toothbrush This Christmas?

Asking For A Toothbrush This Christmas?

Remember These Important Things!

What are you hoping to find in your stocking this Christmas? A new phone, some new makeup, something exciting and unexpected, or how about a toothbrush?

Unlike chocolates, the latest makeup or perfume, a toothbrush is a great present for all ages of the family and it keeps on delivering benefits all through the year.

No, a toothbrush isn’t perhaps the most exciting gift but, a really good electric toothbrush is a welcome addition because it helps with your smile and overall oral maintenance – and who doesn’t care about having a beautiful and healthy smile?

Christmas is a particularly great time to get a new toothbrush because it can be very challenging for teeth with all those chocolates, all that alcohol, plus what seems like endless buffet food.

If you’re buying a toothbrush for somebody else this Christmas or you are asking for one, please remember these important things:

Value For Money Is Always The Best Approach

You might want to buy the cheapest toothbrush on the market believing all models are the same, or you might want to pay ‘top dollar’ expecting to then get all bells and whistles. In reality, the most expensive models might be charging more for a brand name or advertising campaign when in reality, they only have minor differences to electric toothbrushes sitting in the mid-range section. Some cheaper models might be a little lower in value than those within the mid-range because they might use disposable batteries; meaning they are less consistent than toothbrushes with built in rechargeable batteries.

The Type Of Battery Matters

The type of battery your electric toothbrush uses makes a difference with its usage and batteries that run out without warning are annoying and inconvenient. Electric toothbrushes that take disposable batteries are the most likely to just run out without warning. The cheap to mid-range built in batteries are made from Ni-MH (nickel-metal hydride) and they work by running right down to nothing before you charge them. This makes them unpredictable. If you can invest in an electric toothbrush with lithium-ion batteries, these can be topped up regularly making them much more predictable.

Electric Has Its Advantages

You might be tempted to skip an electric toothbrush altogether and opt for a non-electric toothbrush. Although you can care for your teeth well with a standard toothbrush, there are advantages to an electric toothbrush which make it an excellent gift. You’re more likely to take the time to brush your teeth because the toothbrush is pleasurable to use and some electric models let you know when you have brushed for the full two minutes as well. Other types have pressure sensors which let you know when too much pressure is being applied to the gums. If you want a novelty aspect to your toothbrush, you could even get one with bluetooth connectivity enabling you to connect your brushing activity to an app.

Speak To Your St John’s Wood Dentist For More Advice

If you want to buy an electric toothbrush for yourself or as a gift, your Abbey Road dentist can tell you which types of product they recommend. We support any efforts to encourage regular tooth cleaning and good daily oral hygiene and will guide you in using the right tools in the right way to keep your smile beautiful all year round.

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