Watch out for tooth havoc this Halloween!

Watch out for tooth havoc this Halloween!

Are Your Little Monster’s Teeth in For A Fright This Halloween?

Annually, we spend a lot of money on sweets in the UK which is no surprise seeing as we invented old fashioned delights like sherbet lemons and cough candy that are still being made today. So it is no surprise that this Halloween, sweeties of all shapes and sizes will end up causing havoc for children’s teeth. It might be a surprise however, to know that not all sweets damage teeth the same amount, or in the same way. In fact, a key issue is not necessarily what is consumed, but how long it is consumed for.

You can have at least some control over the damage done to your children’s teeth by sweets, simply be limiting the amount of time the sugar comes into contact with them.

Sugar Is Still Bad

We’re not suggesting that sugar is OK to be consumed as long as it is in short bursts. Sugar has long been identified as being a top cause of tooth decay. Bacteria that are around naturally in our mouths feast on sugar and produce acidic waste which in turn attacks the teeth and causes decay.  Consequently, a sticky sweet or a hard boiled sweet which is in the mouth for a longer period of time than say a quickly chewed sweet, can cause more damage. When your child enjoys a chewy caramel, the sweet is likely to get stuck in between the teeth, causing even more prolonged exposure to the sugars and acids within it. Whilst this may all sound a bit extreme, this is what actually happens and when sweets are eaten in excess, decay can quickly result.

Limiting The Effects Of Sugar On Your Children’s Teeth This Halloween

Clearly sweets will be consumed this Halloween, a lot of them! However, there are ways to limit the amount consumed and the damage the sweets do as well:

●     Try and encourage children to eat sweets that are consumed quickly so the exposure to the teeth isn’t as long

●     Consider limiting chewy sweets that will stick to the teeth

●     Consider letting your child enjoy the sweets over a set period of time and then put them away to be given out as treats at other times.

●     Consider limiting very acidic sweets as the acid will contribute to erosion

●     Try and encourage water being consumed after the sweets to help wash away the residue

●     Feed your children a big meal before trick or treating so they aren’t eating sweets through hunger

●     Offer alternative ‘treats’ to take the focus off sweets, like colouring books and little toys and activities

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Happy Halloween!

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