Keeping Your Teeth Healthy This Bonfire Night

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy This Bonfire Night

Go slow with the sweet treats!

This time of year, no sooner than we carve our pumpkins does Bonfire Night arrive, and we’re wellied up, tucked into our big winter coats ready to safely enjoy a firework display or two and perhaps even some mushy peas and mint sauce.

The problem is, no sooner have we finished one set of sweet indulgences then another set of different temptations turns up, and before we know it, our teeth are under attack again by the sugars and acids found in all these holiday sweeties.

Bonfire Night is not a celebration traditionally associated with indulgence, as when we think about it we immediately consider the bonfire, and the fireworks, not what we will be consuming on the night. However, the foods that are usually on offer at this time of year, could be of concern. From jacket potatoes and heavy fillings, to meat and stuffing cobs, the calorie count of these comforting favourites are certainly high enough to make your waistline quiver at the thought of a tight black party dress.

Indulging too much could be a real problem so it is important to try and practice at least a bit of restraint when you’re presented with all of these tasty autumnal offerings. Bonfire toffee and sweet stalls are a real temptation for all of us, and it is easy to get carried away with the atmosphere and indulge in sugary treats while the displays get under way. But it is really important to try and keep dental hygiene in mind, because this is the season of indulgence and your teeth might struggle to get through it unscathed. Here are some tips to help:

Try To Consume Sweet Treats At Mealtimes

This might be at home before you go out to enjoy the display, in which case you will hopefully avoid temptation, or it might be whilst you have your evening meal at the fireworks later on. Either way, consuming your sweet treats when you have your meal is a good idea rather than spreading them out over a long period of time and prolonging the presence of the “nasties” which harm our teeth.

Try And Avoid Sticky Sweets Altogether

Chewy, sticky toffee is something to avoid altogether if you can. It sticks to the nooks and crannies of our teeth and the acids and sugars hang around doing their damage. At least try to pick sweets which don’t stick to your teeth, it will be better for you, and every little helps. Your fillings will thank you too!

Drink Water After You Consume Sweets

This will help rinse away the sugars and acids that are attacking your teeth. If you don’t have water, sugar free chewing gum will help you create more saliva which will also help rinse away the sugars and acids in the mouth.

Pay Extra Attention To Dental Hygiene In Autumn & Winter

Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas all combine to make a pretty tough season for health. It is colder so we don’t want to move as much, and there are an abundance of seasonal treats around to test us. So, with that in mind it is extra important to pay attention to your dental health at this time of year. Here at Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood we have all the latest dental technology, treatments and information to provide you with the best possible dental care.

When you visit our local north London dental practice, our team will help you maintain excellent oral health, and hopefully catch any issues that might arise if you have overindulged. Please call us on 02076241603 and we will happily register you, or make you an appointment for a checkup if you are already a patient. Happy Bonfire Night!

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