Your Back To School Routine – Oral Health

Your Back To School Routine – Oral Health

Autumn’s here and it’s school time once again!

Your child may well have a great pencil case, have all their sports kit lined up and be super excited to meet new friends this term, but do they have everything in place to have healthy teeth to smile about it all?

Oral health is so important for your child, and the new school term is a great time to get them enthusiastic about it and used to the routine involved. To ensure that you have everything in place to help your child care for their teeth and have confident, beautiful smiles, we’ve created this easy checklist for you to use at the start of this busy school term:

Dental Appointments

This is the ideal time of year to book dental appointments for your child here at Abbey Road Dental, or to register them and the rest of your family if you’re not already registered with a local St John’s Wood dentist. Six monthly appointments check that everything is developing as it should, check the form of your child’s bite and teeth, assess the overall health of the mouth and if necessary, provide treatment, advice or a referral to an orthodontist if needed.


Your child should be brushing their teeth twice a day for two minutes, which is not easy to encourage when you’re trying to get everybody sorted in the morning in a short amount of time! There are lots of ways to make this easier, including providing them with a two minute song to brush to (ideally a song they love), letting them choose a toothbrush they love and praising them for doing a good job.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating needs to be something your entire family gets into now that the indulgence of summer is over, and to try and balance the indulgence of Christmas that is to come. Encourage healthy habits at home with minimal sugar and maximum nutrition, and pack them a healthy lunch for school which includes fruit and vegetables, yogurt, grains, calcium and protein sources, and plenty of water.


If they are taking part in contact sports then a mouthguard is a great idea. The types you can purchase from the shop are unfortunately designed to fit any mouth and so don’t offer the same protection you would get from a custom mouthguard for your child from Abbey Road Dental. To provide your child with the best possible oral protection if they do play a lot of contact sports, consider a custom mouthguard from your handy NW8 dentist.

Book An Appointment At Abbey Road Dental

In readiness for the busy new school term, why not book an appointment now with Abbey Road Dental? You can do this ahead of schedule as needed and we’ll drop you a quick reminder when your appointment is due, plus we’ll do our best to find you appointment times convenient for you and your family. We pride ourselves on being the family friendly dentist and we’re excited to welcome all members of your family into our clinic! Please call 02076241603 to speak to our friendly team and to get your next appointed booked.

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