Year: 2019

Take These 10 Oral Health Tips Into The New Year

10 tips and tricks for 2020 to help make sure your smile is a happy and healthy one! After Christmas there is a bit of a lull as we all try to relax and slowly digest all the food we

The Ultimate Christmas Smile Survival Guide From Abbey Road Dental!

Keep your smile healthy over Christmas and avoid an emergency visit to the dentist Christmas is a wonderful time of year when all of us enjoy kicking back and enjoying parties and memory making with family and friends. Despite Christmas

SmileFast Dental Veneers

A spotlight on the latest treatments at Abbey Road Dental, St John’s Wood Abbey Road Dental is proud to offer the most up-to-date dental treatments for our patients and we offer restorative, general and cosmetic services, as well as a

Confused By Dental Jargon?

Common Dental Terms Explained By Your St John’s Wood Dentist Here at Abbey Road Dental in NW8 we make a huge effort to ensure that we explain any dental terms we use as well as we possibly can to all

Jaw Pain

What are the main causes? Jaw pain is a common issue for many and yet most people don’t associate it with dental issues and don’t think to mention it to the dentist. In fact, jaw pain and dental issues go

Dry Mouth

Dentist offers advice

How It Can Affect Your Oral Health Dry mouth is an oral condition that is often overlooked, despite the fact it can be extremely uncomfortable and cause a whole host of oral issues. At Abbey Road Dental in St John’s

Your First Hygienist Appointment

Hygienist working in St John's Wood

What to Expect At Abbey Road Dental In St John’s Wood Here at Abbey Road Dental we are proud to have an exceptional dental hygienist on our team who works with us to provide the complete range of oral health

Your Tongue And Oral Soft Tissues

Mouth inspection by a dentist

An Oral Health Spotlight From Abbey Road Dental Often when it comes to oral health, the spotlight from the general public is on the teeth and gums; at least for most of the time. This is understandable as the teeth

Understanding The 6 Stages Of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay

Get closer to your teeth with Abbey Road Dental! One of the main reasons teeth hurt is because of dental decay. This begins when enamel starts to break down and tiny areas of decay develop on the surface of the

Dental Phobia

Don’t Let It Stop You From Having A Comfortable And Beautiful Smile. Dental phobia is extremely common, and yet when you suffer from it yourself, it can feel like you’re the only person in the world absolutely paralysed with fear