Month: August 2018

Top Tips For Caring For Your Teeth When You’re Out And About

Dr David Bloom of Abbey Road Dental

Looking after your teeth 9 to 5 whilst away from home. Whether you work 9-5, you’re always travelling around different cities for your job, or you’re literally just always on the go, there’s one thing you need to be pristine

Dental Care Away From Home

Dentist Dr Diana Spencer

Prepare well in advance to avoid a dental emergency! Going on holiday to somewhere in the UK or somewhere in Europe or an English speaking country like America, means that dental care is relatively easy. You know how to get

Sugar Free Chewing Gum

Should it be part of your personal oral health regimen? Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time is a standard part of oral health care. It is advised, along with eating a diet rich in fruit

Happy, Healthy Smiles For Children!

Family crowd

7 tips from Abbey Road Dental It seems like every week there is a new statistic on how children’s teeth across the country are becoming more unhealthy and decayed. The good news is, those issues are entirely preventable and you