Month: June 2018

Help Your Children To Keep The Tooth Fairy Happy!

Family crowd

Family tips and tricks from Abbey Road Dental Here at Abbey Road Dental, we have lots of tricks and fun ways to help children feel more positive about their oral health. We are also totally in support of fun, lighthearted

Your Top Tips For Summer Sports And Dental Protection

Dentist offers advice

Protect your teeth and gums! The World Cup is well and truly underway, and regardless of who you’re supporting (and who you think will actually win!) it is a great sports event to celebrate. Although you won’t actively be taking

The Hidden Risks Of Dental Tourism

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Let’s take a closer look to see what you may not have realised! Dental tourism is where a person goes on holiday to a different country and has dental work completed as part of that holiday. For example, a person

Your Oral Health….

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And the link to your general health…. Here at Abbey Road Dental, our focus is on ensuring patients have healthy teeth and gums; but we also play a part in the general health of our patients too. Many people don’t