Month: May 2018

National Smile Month 2018

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A Reminder To Focus On Preventative Oral Hygiene National Smile Month runs this year, between the 14th of May and the 14th of June. It is a campaign that has been running for a long time and serves to remind

Your Dentist Wants To Save Your Tooth!

How we try to avoid extractions at Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood Abbey Road Dental is proud of the professional services and treatments provided to patients in order to prevent as much dental damage and disease as possible.

National Vegetarian Week

Dentist Dr Diana Spencer

Which meat-free foods are best for your teeth? A well-balanced diet is best for all-round nutrition, but most of us could do with a few more fruit and vegetables in our diet. They provide us with plenty of nutrients and

Losing Weight And Your Smile

Dentist at 81 Abbey Road

The Link You Possibly Didn’t Know About Until Now! Here at Abbey Road Dental, we support all of our patients in their endeavours to become healthier. The health trend in general seems to have taken the whole nation by storm,

How Dentists Save Root-Infected Tooth

Endodontics In St John’s Wood NW8 Although there are many excellent tooth replacement techniques within modern dentistry, nothing quite compares to a natural tooth which has been designed to look, feel and function in the perfect way. Brushing every day