Month: April 2018

The Sugar Tax And You

Keeping you “in the know” Obesity is now at epidemic levels in the UK. Every week there is a new headline about the rising health issues related to obesity, and the problem seems to be getting worse. The recent sugar

Reducing Your Plastic Use

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Supporting International Mother Earth Day. International Mother Earth Day is held on the 22nd of April. But what does that have to do with Abbey Road Dental you might wonder? Well, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to talk

Family Dental Care in St John’s Wood

Help Your Family Avoid Being Part Of The Child Tooth Decay Crisis In the recent media, some scary headlines about child tooth decay have come to light, and we wanted to bring them to you. The more we all know,

Is It Time To Spring Clean Your Oral Health Regimen?

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Getting the basics right with Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood. Spring brings plenty of lovely things, including warmer weather (hopefully!) and the opportunity to freshen up different parts of your life. The term ‘spring clean’ usually refers to