Month: March 2018

5 Tips – An Oral Health Friendly Easter Weekend To Smile About!

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Happy Easter From Abbey Road Dental! Spring has finally sprung, and the lighter nights are well on the way, along with warmer weather, gorgeous spring plants and of course, Easter! Easter is a wonderful time when the whole family gets

Happy World Oral Health Day From Abbey Road Dental!

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Promoting healthier teeth and gums worldwide Our teeth and gums help us to eat, talk, they hold our face shape and they enable us to smile. So they deserve a day of awareness and celebration! World Oral Health Day is

Have You Kept Up With Your Dry January Resolution?

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Moderating alcohol intake and the benefit of a healthier mouth. For the New Year, plenty of us brought in new resolutions for January. Doing more exercise, cutting out sugar, quitting smoking – the whole country united to become healthier. Since

Struggling With Your Bite?

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It’s time to see your dentist here in St John’s Wood! Your bite or ‘occlusion’ refers to how your teeth align as they close together. It should really be a simple mechanism that helps you talk and chew food, however