Month: February 2018

The New UK Coffee Culture Boom

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Could Your Smile Be Affected? There are now so many coffee shops in the UK, you’re never really far from a cup of your frothy favourite, even when you’re in the countryside. This is great news if you like a

Are ‘Gappy’ Teeth Forever?

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Closing tooth gaps at Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood. Gappy teeth are quite common, and could be one gap in between the front two teeth, or gaps between several teeth. Many people embrace their gappy teeth as a

Lovely Lips & Teeth For Valentines Day!

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Top Tips From Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, whether that is the love of your partner, your pets, your family or your friends. It could even be a day you

Is This Cold Snap Hurting Your Teeth?

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Sensitivity and Pain – What  to Do? Weather reports keep letting us know that the weather is set to give us many more freezing temperatures before spring sets in – and this could be causing you problems if you suffer