Month: January 2018

Two New Dental Trends

Flossing teeth for oral health

A good idea or best avoided? Dental trends come and go just like trends come and go in fashion and music. The ill-advised tooth gems for example, were a huge trend in the 90’s, but luckily the two trends we

Avoid Teeth Whitening At A Beauty Clinic!

It isn’t legal and could cause you real problems. Within the last decade there has been a huge increase in the availability of cosmetic dentistry for the general public. Celebrities have spoken about the treatments they used to get the

No Need To Wait For The Perfect Smile!

Speedy Cosmetic Dentistry in St John’s Wood. Here at Abbey Road Dental we understand that not everybody wants to wait a long time to get the ‘perfect’ smile. Sometimes an important occasion is coming up quickly and fast smile adjustments

3 Healthy Habits To Encourage

Get your New Year off to the best start! Here at Abbey Road Dental we love supporting healthy changes that help towards your physical and mental health. The New Year is a great time to make those healthy changes, to