Year: 2018

New Year Dental Health Resolutions

Keeping You Smiling All The Way Through 2019! New Year is approaching now, which is scary for some, but an opportunity for others. Here at Abbey Road Dental we like to think of it as an opportunity. New Year resolutions

Keeping Your Smile Happy And Healthy This Christmas!

Flossing teeth for oral health

10 Festive Tips From Abbey Road Dental Christmas seemed to be here at the end of August when the Christmas tins first went out. Then we blinked, Halloween happened and now it is nearly Christmas Day! It comes around so

Did You know Your Smile And Your Self Esteem Are Likely Linked?

confident white teeth smile

The link between smiles and confidence explained Having a big, beautiful white smile is typically an indication that the gums, teeth and surrounding tissues are healthy and working well. That means you can chew and speak well, and your facial

Sleep Apnoea & Your Dentist

We can help! Sleep apnoea is a condition a lot of people have heard of, perhaps through friends and family, through their own experiences with it, or through it being mentioned on the TV or online. However, what a lot

Your Consultation at Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood

dental treatment consultation

What we do and why it’s so important. At Abbey Road Dental when you speak to us about starting a new type of treatment, we typically request that you come in for an appointment to start the process. This first

Did You Know Your Dentures Can Now Be More Secure Than Ever?

Implant stabilised denture

Denture stabilisation at Abbey Road Dental Standard dentures can make such a huge difference in how your oral health functions and looks. Compared to having missing teeth, dentures can truly transform your smile, filling out the spaces that your natural

Cosmetic Dentistry In 2019?

Dentist Dr Diana Spencer

Now is the right time to start planning! Cosmetic dentistry is so much more accessible these days. The rise in social media and sharing, reality TV stars, influencer culture and advances in dental technology combine to provide a broad selection

Are you Ready To Become Smoke Free?

Abbey Road Dental in St John's Wood

A critical step to better general and oral health! According to NHS Smoke Free, smoking is the number 1 cause of preventable deaths in England, killing over 75,000 people annually. Out of two people who smoke, one of them will

Top Tips For Caring For Your Teeth When You’re Out And About

Dr David Bloom of Abbey Road Dental

Looking after your teeth 9 to 5 whilst away from home. Whether you work 9-5, you’re always travelling around different cities for your job, or you’re literally just always on the go, there’s one thing you need to be pristine

Dental Care Away From Home

Dentist Dr Diana Spencer

Prepare well in advance to avoid a dental emergency! Going on holiday to somewhere in the UK or somewhere in Europe or an English speaking country like America, means that dental care is relatively easy. You know how to get