Month: November 2017

Eating Patterns

Do They Affect Your Smile? Paying a visit to Abbey Road Dental regularly is important, but the way you care for your teeth at home matters just as much, if not more. Brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a

Vaping & Your Oral Health

Dr David Bloom of Abbey Road Dental

What is this alternative to smoking? Whatever your opinion is of it, vaping has certainly taken the world by storm. There are vaping shops on every corner, and it is more common to see somebody vaping than smoking. Here at

Revenge Face!

Whitened teeth

The Latest Way To Show Your Ex Partner What They’re Missing? ‘Revenge face’ is a term being banded around the media as a description for seeking aesthetic enhancements like Botox to create a much younger look in order to seek

Is The Cold Weather Making Your Teeth Hurt?

Tooth sensitivity? Call Abbey Road Dental for advice. Many people experience sensitive teeth and often the pain can be so bad that it causes us to feel really miserable whenever it happens. Some people are so badly affected by sensitive