Month: June 2017

Keep Smiling All Summer!

Without Worrying About What You look Like In Swimwear! Summer is a time when both men and women become more aware of their bodies, in the lead up to that ‘swimwear moment’ when you go on holiday and let it

The Balance Between Loving Your Smile ….

whitened smile

…. And Enhancing Your Smile Loving your smile is never, ever a bad thing. You can love your smile if it has gaps, if you have no teeth, if you have the whitest teeth, if you have gold teeth –

Dental Flossing In The UK

Flossing teeth for oral health

Why we’re not much good at it and why we need to change…. We all know that America loves flossing. Movies, TV series, reality TV, TV adverts: if they’re set in the USA you’re likely to see references for flossing

Pulpitis: What It Is, And What To Do About It

Ongoing dental education from your St John’s Wood dentist When plaque starts to build up on your teeth, the associated bacteria emit an acid which begins to degrade the tooth and erode the enamel; the toughest, strongest layer of the