Month: October 2016

Enquire Now About A Brighter Smile For Christmas!

Plan ahead for a festive smile makeover. Christmas is coming, there is no getting away from it. Before you know it the Halloween aisle will be swiftly replaced with shelf upon shelf of tinsel, shiny baubles, wrapping paper and giant

Watch out for tooth havoc this Halloween!

Are Your Little Monster’s Teeth in For A Fright This Halloween? Annually, we spend a lot of money on sweets in the UK which is no surprise seeing as we invented old fashioned delights like sherbet lemons and cough candy

Dental Specialists: What The Title Means

Understanding speciality qualifications in dentistry. Within the dental industry there are many different job roles, levels of training, experience and areas of specialism and specialists form an important part of the overall dental family. A dental specialist is a person

Finding A New Dentist: Things To Look Out For

Dentist Dr Diana Spencer

Our modern practice in St John’s Wood fits the bill! Finding a new dentist isn’t always easy, and with increasing amounts of us not only caring about our general dentistry, but also investing in the latest cosmetic dentistry, the dentist