Month: August 2016

Prepare Your Smile Ready For That Winter Sun Holiday!

Planning a winter break? Don’t forget your smile! Although summer is on its way out, there’s still plenty of opportunity for a holiday and if you’re thinking of jetting off for some winter sun, you will have plenty to smile

Top Tips To Keep Your Smile Bright On Your Wedding Day

confident white teeth smile

Looking your best on the special day! No doubt your plan is to look stunning on your wedding day and here at Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood we’re sure you’re going to look absolutely beautiful and have an

When Bad Breath Is A Sign You Need More Than A Mint

Some causes of Halitosis. Bad breath is not very nice to experience, whether you’re the one on the receiving end of it, or the one taking a mint to try and curb it. It is always important to check your

Wisdom Teeth Explained

Just what are your wisdom teeth for? When we are in pain with those pesky third molars at the back of the mouth, otherwise known as wisdom teeth, it is easy to question why they are even there in the

The Different Types Of Teeth And The Roles They Play

Flossing teeth for oral health

What do you know about your teeth? A St John’s Wood dentist explains more…. The different teeth in your mouth have different jobs, all of which are very important. They help you eat, digest, speak and contribute to your overall