Month: June 2016

Orthodontics: Different Types Of Braces

A closer look at modern dental braces for straightening teeth. Here at Abbey Road Dental we offer a broad range of general and cosmetic dentistry for our patients, all conveniently available from our friendly and well equipped clinic in St

Your Denture Problems Solved

Implant stabilised denture

Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood discuss modern dentures Dentures are tried and trusted tooth loss solutions and the dentures of today are much more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing compared to those offered in the past. Here at Abbey

Make Your Child A Positive Statistic When It Comes To Tooth Decay

Keeping up the good work with your child’s dental health. The team at Abbey Road Dental was delighted to see the headline last week announcing that the number of 5 year olds in the UK with tooth decay has reduced

Handy Tips For Eating Whilst Wearing Braces

adult braces

Avoid sticky and hard foods where possible. Getting braces is definitely a big deal for most people. Whether you’re excited, wary, worried, or completely happy to have your new braces, they are most certainly a big change and do take