Month: May 2016

Refreshing Summer Drinks – Best For Your Teeth

Low sugar options which won’t damage your smile…. Summer is finally here (well sort of anyway…) which is really exciting! Plenty of tasty food and drink to enjoy, lots of smiles, lots of laughter and lots of wonderful memories. There’s

Causes Of Bad Breath And How To Combat Them

Flossing teeth for oral health

Your local St John’s Wood dentist discusses this common problem. We all know that certain foods and habits can give us smelly breath. A cheese and onion sandwich, garlic pasta, a cigarette – none of these things make for the

Prioritise Your Toothbrush Hygiene Today

oral care

Easy to forget but keep that humble toothbrush in tip-top condition! Here at Abbey Road Dental we care about all aspects of dentistry – general and cosmetic treatments are both prioritised and important to us here. However, at our core,

Have Your Heard About Cfast Braces At Abbey Road Dental?

Dental braces

Fast, affordable teeth straightening in St John’s Wood, NW8 Here at Abbey Road Dental, we take pride in offering affordable, modern dental treatments for the benefit of our patients. This includes general and cosmetic dentistry, and sometimes treatments that combine

Overcoming Your Fear Of The Dentist

fear of dental visit

The Abbey Road Dental Team are here to help. Abbey Road Dental are known to be a family orientated and friendly dentist. We are trained to work with patients in an empathetic way, and we have a lot of experience