Month: January 2016

Gum Disease: The Three Stages Explained

The main cause of tooth loss in the United Kingdom. These days it is easy to start improving your health with an amazing surge in healthier food and healthy eating recipe sharing. Exercise is also now very popular, as is

Tips To Keep Your Teeth White After Professional Whitening

whitened smile

Our latest dental “how to” looks at teeth whitening aftercare…. At our Abbey Road dentist we offer a wide variety of high quality general dentistry, but also a wide range of increasingly popular cosmetic dentistry services too. One of the

Healthier teeth in 2016!

Dr David Bloom of Abbey Road Dental

Follow these simple guidelines and keep on track with oral health. The New Year is in full swing; isn’t it hard to believe we are already halfway through January? Here at Abbey Road Dental we are all still perfecting our

New Year, New Smile?

cosmetic white teeth and smile

One of your New Year resolutions? As we welcome the New Year in with open arms, many of us will grab these entire 365 days in front of us and make the best of them with resolutions to get fit