Year: 2016

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions With Abbey Road Dental

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Get your teeth and gums off to a healthy start for 2017 We hope you have had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying a well deserved break before New Year. It is usually this quiet time, after all the crazy

Banish smelly breath

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Socialise with confidence courtesy of Abbey Road Dental in St John’s Wood. The party season is here, which means lots of chatting, laughing and maybe even the odd smooch – lots of reasons to have fresh breath. One of the

Top Tips To Help You Keep Your Teeth In Great Shape This Christmas

Navigate the oral health onslaught this holiday season. There is going to be a lot of tasty food, alcohol and fizzy drinks this Christmas. One of the main reasons a lot of us love Christmas is because there are so

Top Tips For A Kissable Smile This Christmas!

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Xmas advice from your Abbey Road Dentist. Christmas is coming, and that means whether you are single, or coupled up, you could still be kissing lots of people, on the cheek at least! Thanking friends and relatives for Christmas presents,

Suffering With Acid Reflux? It Could Be Affecting Your Teeth

Dentist Dr Diana Spencer

How acid reflux can be detrimental for your oral health. Erosion of the teeth has always been a concern and has become progressively better understood in more recent times. Our teeth are essential for eating, helping to form our speech,

Diabetes & Your Oral Health

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Additional dental precautions for diabetics. Diabetes is an illness that affects many parts of the body like the heart, the nervous system and the eyes. What you may not know is that it can also affect the mouth. Anyone suffering

Emotional Upset and Your Teeth

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How stress can adversely affect our oral health. All of us have stress in our lives. Everybody gets stressed about something or other from time to time; personal issues, work overload, family problems – there’s always something to get stressed

Cold Weather & Your Teeth

How the cold affects sensitivity. As we see the first frosts of winter coming in, our bodies can certainly feel the difference in temperature and cosy scarfs and hats, big jumpers and winter coats become the uniform of the season.

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy This Bonfire Night

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Go slow with the sweet treats! This time of year, no sooner than we carve our pumpkins does Bonfire Night arrive, and we’re wellied up, tucked into our big winter coats ready to safely enjoy a firework display or two

Enquire Now About A Brighter Smile For Christmas!

Plan ahead for a festive smile makeover. Christmas is coming, there is no getting away from it. Before you know it the Halloween aisle will be swiftly replaced with shelf upon shelf of tinsel, shiny baubles, wrapping paper and giant