Month: June 2015

10 Important Reasons To Visit Your Dentist

It really does make sense to keep dental visits in your schedule. Here at Abbey Road Dental, NW8, we take pride in providing a high standard of dental care, enabling our patients to leave our clinic smiling because their teeth

Gum Disease Guide

Gingivitis? Periodontitis? What you need to know…. Gum disease is something we often see, and get asked about here at our NW8 dental practice. Adverts for toothpaste often mention gum disease and how bad it is for our teeth, but

Replacing Missing Teeth

all on 4 implants

Modern tooth replacement options. Lots of people lose teeth, whether that’s through an injury, tooth decay, gum disease or old age. If you have a missing tooth, or a few missing teeth it can affect you in many ways. It

Are You Avoiding The Dentist Through Embarrassment?

nervous of dental filling

Don’t be put off – we’re here to help. If you have put off visiting the dentist through embarrassment, the first thing we need to tell you is – you do not need to be embarrassed! Here at Abbey Road

Kids Will Love Coming To The Dentist After A Visit To Abbey Road Dental

Abbey Road Dental in St John's Wood

Starting out properly with your child’s dental care. Here at Abbey Road Dental, we pride ourselves on not only providing a welcome and friendly environment for the children that visit our practice, but going out of the way to ensure

Root Canal Infections & Treatment

All about root canal therapy and its use to save pulp-infected teeth. If you’ve ever suffered from a root canal infection, you’ll know just how painful it can be. Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure which is performed